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Thurs 18 May 06 - " (Young) Women's Intuition "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " (Young) Women's Intuition "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 18 May 06 - Episode # 4189)

GARAGE - Ric can't believe that Ray is taking Dom's word without evidence about what Ric supposedly did, when ray didn't believe Ric when he came to him with the acid burns etc. Ric is also annoyed when ray says that Dom is prepared to forgive & forget so Ric can keep work here.

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth & Tony are talking bout Luke. Beth approaches Luke, trying t talk to him, but Luke all but ignores her, before he bails.

DINER - Tilly & Cassie are talk about Luke & his new friends. Tilly can't believe it when lee approaches the, asking where Luke is.

when lee is gone, Tilly insists to Cassie that Luke & lee DEF slept together the time where tony caught lee in Luke';s bed. Tilly tells Cassie that its a shame that she & Luke's relationship has "gone south" ... Tilly stops talking but you get the feeling that she thinking that maybe she & Luke would have perhaps got married.

NOAH'S - Luke's new friends "borrow" some more food. and tease Luke when he gets a text msg from lee.

Beth approaches, "suggesting" that they pay for the food .. one of l;uke's new friends says that the service here is lousy.

GARAGE - Dom tells Ric that he didn't get Ric fired as he likes having Ric around (to torment). Ray has a go at Ric & Dom because the garage is a mess. Ric begins to sweep, whilst Dom sees that there is a broken car jack in the trash that he was asked to take outside. this give Dom an idea.

SURF CLUB - lee arrives, and Luke's new friends suggest a party here at Noah's tonight (as its closing earlier that usual). Luke's friends suggests that he should go home and pretend to be a good boy again, and "borrow" the key to Noah';s when he has gained the others trust.

GARAGE - Dom tells Ric that ray has asked Ric to do an oil change on a car that Dom had been working on. Ric complies., and climbs under the car. Dom watches on with glee. The faulty jack then fails, and Ric is pinned under the car. ray & the others rush to free Ric - which they are able to do.

HUNTER HOUSE -Beth & tony are pleased that the old Luke appear to be back, as he sets that table for dinner etc. Tilly however is still suspicious.

GARAGE - as Ric is taken away in an ambulance. ray discovers that faulty jack under the car. he wonders who removed it from the trash - and Dom is forced to admit that he is responsible.

HUNTER HOUSE -whilst clearing the dishes away form the table after dinner, Luke "borrows" the key to Noah;s. Tilly then voices her opinion (*that this is an act) to Luke. Luke denies., and bails to his room.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Alf, sally etc have a go at Ric for not coming to them about Dom. Ric insist that he wanted to handle this himself.

Ray arrives, and cops an earful form Alf. Ric however let ray in. ray apologises for Dom's behaviour - and wishes that Ric should continue working at the garage. despite Alf & sally wanting otherwise, Ric agrees to keep work there (BTW, ray say that Dom has been fired).

HUNTER HOUSE -Tony & Beth discuss how peaceful things are again - with Luke back to normal. Tilly enters the room, and tells them that she think that this is just an act. she wonders if Luke is even in his room.

tony decides to investigate. Luke IS in bed, and tony thanks Luke for going back to his old self. however, seconds after tony leaves the room, Luke goes out the window,

DINER -belle & Ric are talk about Dom, when he approaches. Dom try to say sorry, but Ric not want to hear it, and he insists that Dom needs professional help BADLY.

NOAH'S -Luke , lee & their friends enter with the stolen key. they immediately start making a mess of the place, and doing things like sending up Alf. Luke however suggest that the other 2 boys don't deface the painting of Noah., they take no notice of him, whilst Lee PASHES Luke - after Luke admits that he is all screwed up because of his family.

HUNTER HOUSE - its;' late at night, and both tony ^ Beth can't sleep. both however seem pleased that Luke is back to his old self.

SURF CLUB - next morning, Beth approaches the door to Noah's and see that there is a door in the door. she enters, and finds the place a mess, incl. the defaced painting of Noah and worse still, Luke & lee sleeping arm in arm (end of ep)


The stalker is live next door to Peter, whilst Tilly regrets her actions re Luke.

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