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Have just sat through yet another amazing episode of hollyoaks. Since the storyline where baby Grace died the show in my opinion has picked itself up so much in terms of script and performance. We have recently had Claire and Max's wedding, where many people were screaming for Claire to get caught out, but oh no she had the tickets up her garter, the Valentines dramatic entry with the death of Diane, this family looks very promising, and a new era for Justin and Becca now that jake has finally found out the truth.

It seems to me that Hollyoaks is moving from a forced comical time to a place where we care about the characters and what happens to them, another example being Frankie's miscarriage, again brilliantly portrayed but also intense to watch.

One thing im not happy about though: Huge Spoiler (read at your peril)

Most people probably know but in September Sam Owen is going to start a fire at the Dog resulting in several cast members deaths. These include Mel and Sophie

:angry: , and possibly Jack, with rumors of Danielle Brent returning now she has left Bad Girls. Jake's fate is to be decided at the elventh hour with two endings having been filmed, and Joe watson is also due to depart soon concerning an armed robbery. Rumors have it many of the Owen's may also die, although this could be speculation as well. If Mel and Sophie do die, i will not be a happy bunny!

I think this shows that hollyoaks is really turning itself around again. Has anyone else been watching recently?

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Although they did ruin his character a bit. When he came into it he was meant to be the good guy who was wrongfully imprisoned. They then turned him into a date rapist and I feel it was unjustified in regards to the way they brought him. I suppose we all have the potenitial to turn, but i really didn't see that with his character!

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Yet another fantastic episode tonight. The girl who plays Nancy really convincingly pulled of the "strawberry" aftermath. The effects and the colour distortion were done really well as well.

Again I found it ironic that the police can mess up so spectacularly and tell the family that Sam is miles away when he was clearly either in or very close to the village. This is surely a ticking time bomb...

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I heard those who die are:

Joe Spencer

Olivia (Whats her face)

Mel Burton

Sophie Burton

Jack Osbourne


With Becca and Justin fighting for there lives. What about the baby!!!

But then I have also heard that some others aer involved:-

Nicole, Carrie and Rob as they are leaving too.

BUT then AGIAN I have heard that Mel Burton is the only twin that dies and Sophie leaves with Joe Spencer.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Its so exciting... It'll happen soon.

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Why kill so many good characters!!!

Sophie and Mel are awesome!!!

Jack Ozzy - Why??? Get rid of Darren.

Even Joe is pretty good... Where's Olivia gone anyway and Jessica???

And has anyone noticed Sarah's sister is missing???

I'm fed up with Becca and Justin. I hope the baby does turn out to be Jakes... Although isn't he leaving???

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I have heard the five to die are Sam Nicole Mel Sophie and Jake. Jack is currently only a rumour. I have also heard that Joe leaves later in the year because of something to do with an armed robbery. Personally i can't see why they are getting rid of the twins when there are far poorer characters on the show!

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