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Ritchie also fashion winner

Guest Andy

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Ritchie also fashion winner

The Courier-Mail

8 May 2006

RIBBON bows, vintage chiffon, Aussie designers, diamantes, coffee hues, stacks of goose-bumped flesh and flashing, gnashing teeth.

It was all there on, yes, you guessed it, TV's night of nights where keen fashionistas would not have been disappointed.

TV Week Logies fashion winner on the night was quickly awarded to Home and Away's Kate Ritchie in a rib-crushing Alex Perry gown.

A nervous Ritchie was one of the last on the carpet with rugby star partner, Chris Walker, and said she left the twisted white bow bodice and black train gown up to Perry.

"Alex is amazing and I went to his show in Sydney and it put me at ease," Ritchie said.

With her brunette hair swept up into a large bun a la Princess Mary, Ritchie said it had taken all afternoon to perfect.

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From what I saw (which was the last 30 minutes) Bec did win best dressed, as she was talking backstage with Catriona Rowntree (I think that's her name). They were talking about Bec and Mia's matching dresses. Maybe the article was talking about a different award, by a different company maybe?

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