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Grey's Anatomy

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I feel in love with Greys Anatomy too. I'm so annoyed they haven't shown us the second half of second season... they left us hanging big time with Alex and Izzie, whom I adore!

Seven promised to bring it back, but I hope it isn't one of those shows the bring back for Summer than take away again! A lot of the shows I love are treated like that, and it makes me so angry!

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Second season returns next Monday night. I cant wait. Wish channel 7 would show to beginning of the season so we could catch up on what happened so far. It looks like it should be really good from the ads I have see so far.

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The last one we had in Aus, I think, was 'Into you like a train'... so sad, sweet... everything. I loved watching over Summer, with two episodes every Monday night, it gave me a chance to watch from the beginning of first season.

I'm so excited, two of my favourite shows are coming back soon!! Yay for Aussie TV channels being nice for once!

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