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Avatar contest #207

Theme: Summer


Inspired by the fact that we're officially in a heatwave over here (and it's unbearable). *is melting away*

You have to make an icon that reminds you of summer. The characters can be at the beach, wearing summer clothes etc.

It shouldn't be too hard to find pictures as it's almost always summer in Summer Bay, right? :P 

If you have any questions, either PM me or post them in this thread.



• Avatars must be 120 x 120 in size.

• Any colouring, cropping, textures and text is permitted.

• All avatars submitted as entries should remain anonymous until voting for the contest has ended.

• Therefore do not use or post your entry in your individual artwork threads, or anywhere else until after the contest has finished.

• Any icons that are found posted somewhere else prior to the results of the contest being announced will be disqualified.

• No posts of any kind that may identify the creators of avatars should be posted in the Avatar Discussion thread before the judging.


Please PM your entries to me by 18th July 2015 10 pm GMT :)

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I only received one entry.


Thank you BethFaye for entering! 


Due to the lack of interest in the avatar contest in recent months, we've decided to put the avatar contest on hiatus for the time being. Thank you for understanding!

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