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Avatar Contest Rules/Guidelines

- All avatars entered into the contest must be 120 x 120 pixels in size.

- Only one entry is permitted for every member to each new contest.

- The winner of the previous contest gets to host the next contest, including choosing the theme/topic for the next one as well as selecting a closing date for the entries to be received by. Once they select a closing date & time the host must stick to it. They must only post the new contest up for voting after this point in time, once the deadline has been reached.

- All avatars submitted as entries in the Avatar Contest should remain anonymous until voting for the contest has ended. Entrants must not use or publish their avatar contest entry anywhere else prior to the results being announced. This includes their own artwork thread, the random artwork thread, in any other thread on BttB, as well as on other sites/forums on the Internet. Any icons/avatars that are found used or posted somewhere else prior to the results of the contest being announced will be disqualified.

- After receiving all entries, hosts must re-upload all the icons/avatars to your own image hosting site (Photobucket, Imageshack etc), before posting the contest up for voting. Copying the links people send to you still counts as hotlinking. Therefore don’t do it. It also leads to loss of the anonymity of the entries as a lot of members that enter will have uploaded their entries to their own Photobucket account where they also post all their other artwork.

- Members that have entered the contest are still able to vote for other entries, but obviously they cannot vote for their own entry. If an entrant does so then the host must discount that vote.

- Only votes that have been clearly stated, with reasoning, in the individual thread opened for each new contest will be counted. Members must vote for the entry they think is best artistically/creatively and not for the character(s) that feature on the icon/avatar. Votes via PM’s, emails, MSN etc. are not permitted. This ensures that no doubt can be cast on the fairness of the voting within each contest.

- No posts of any kind that may identify the creators of avatars should be posted in the Avatar Discussion thread before the judging.


Well I thought this could be fun.. :D So if you have any questions, feel free to ask ;)


1. Must be Home & Away.

2. Must be 100x100 px.

3. No stealing!

4. No Flashing Images (Bttb rules)


FOR THE WINNERS / Maker of a new contest

Remember, no HOTLINKING! If you don't upload the avatars to your own photobucket/imageshack people can find out who made them!

If you are unsure about something, you can pm me or Mercury_Girl, but please, please, please do If you don't want to upload to your own hosting-account, or don't have one, you can use one we've made for the contest.

www. photobucket.com

Username: avatarcontest_photos

current password: login

The account is registered on Mercury_Girl's e-mail. Winners who will upload to that account can change the password to ensure that no one tampers with the entries. The new password will then have to be sent to the next winner, and so on.

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Who will be judging the competition?

Well, we could have a voting system, or I/the creator of the contest every week [the winner wil make a new contest and so on]..

What do you think is the best.?

Are you aloud to use flashing images?

The entries are to be entered in this thread then?

Yes =)..

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