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Model moves

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Model moves

The Gold Coast Bulletin

4 May 2006


Weeknights, 7pm

Seven, Prime

IT'S just a year since Queenslander Jodi Gordon landed in Summer Bay but audiences like what they see.

The Mackay model-turned-actress vies for a coveted silver statuette in the Most Popular New Female Talent category at the TV Week Logies Awards on Sunday.

Her rivals are Home and Away co-star Sharni Vinson, Neighbours star Pippa Black, Headland's Rachael Taylor and Great Outdoors reporter Jennifer Hawkins.

Gordon doubts she can win the title but she's `stoked' to make the cut.

Gordon had never acted before she landed her role on Home and Away.

"I'm still learning. I work hard with the tutor but there's more I need to know," she says. " I'm happy to be included at all."

So who does she think will win the category?

"Jen (Hawkins), of course. I mean here I am up against the most beautiful woman in the world. As if I can win. Give me a break."

Gordon could be wrong.

One internet poll names her the hottest star on TV for the month of May. The same poll ranks Hawkins at No.18.

Gordon says she has her Home and Away character to thank for her nomination.

She plays Martha, the long-lost grand-daughter of Bay veteran Alf (Ray Meagher).

"She's a great character - fun, outgoing, a bit of a tomboy, although she's become a bit more feminine than she was when I started the role," Gordon laughs.

"Like all of the kids who land in Summer Bay, when she arrived she was a bit rough around the edges but after a few months she started to clean herself up."

It's been a big year professionally for Gordon, who has watched her character Martha develop a relationship with her grandfather, make friends, fall in love and become a suspect in a murder case.

Gordon debuted on the series working mainly opposite veteran Meagher, whose colourful Alf amounts to an elder statesman of Home and Away.

"I was lucky," says Gordon. "He's witty, funny, really cool. You can go to him with any question and he's prepared to help you out."

Not that Gordon was shy. She landed her first modelling job at age 13 and worked in Britain, Europe and Japan over the next seven years while she juggled schoolwork.

So Gordon is not often star-struck. Still it was strange starting work on a show she'd watched growing up.

"As a kid I'd watch people like Kate Ritchie (nominated for a Gold Logie this year) and Ray. To meet them was awesome," she says.

"My first day on the set I was so nervous I could barely speak. But they welcomed me and since I work with them every day, they've all become pretty much the main people in my life."

It has also been a big year personally for Gordon who has moved to Sydney and just turned 21. About 200 people attended her birthday bash.

"Everyone came. It was great fun," she laughs.

"Old friends, new friends, work friends, family . . . they all mixed in.

"It was a funny night. I come from a big family. Dad has 11 brothers and sisters and six of them came with their partners and my cousins.

"Some turned up with cameras and carried paper and pen to get autographs.

I'd catch them and say, `no, you can't do that here'," she laughs.

"They took no notice. And no-one seemed to mind.

"Every one from work had a story to tell. They come up to me and say things like `How good is your Uncle Bill' or `Gee, I liked your Aunty Lee'."

Family is important to Gordon. She's bringing Mum Bronwyn to the Gold Coast for Mother's Day.

"It will be a girlie weekend. I'll take her out for a nice dinner, we'll get massages and facials and I'll take her shopping for something nice. It's what she deserves."

* More Logies reports, Pages 10, 11

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