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Tues 2 May 06 - " Summer Bay's Motto - Don't Let Them &qu

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Summer Bay's Motto - Don't Let Them "Win" "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 2 May 06 - Episode # 4177)

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric is unconscious on the floor when his mobile rings.

DINER – belle is worried about the way Ric treated her. Irene suggests that belle should go and see Ric.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Belle enters via the back patio. She is shocked to find Ric on the floor. She revives him – and can’t believe the state of his legs. She also can’t believe that Ric wants to go to work – Ric says that if he doesn’t (and looses his job) that Dom “wins”. Belle is able to convince Ric to go to the hospital

POLICE STATION – Jack makes a phone cal – asking for a listing of all the #s rung form Peter’s phone

Jack then enters the detective’s office when no one else is in the main part of the station. He looks in Peter’s e-mail account … there’s LOTS of msgs from TT. Jack hears that peter is in the main part of the station now, but jack is able to exit the office without peter noticing (as peter is distracted by a query form another of the uniform officer.

Jack then enquires about the Stone Creek file … and Peter insist that the files ARE back at HQ

HOSPITAL – Dr Green can’t believe that Ric took as long as he did to go to the hospital. He treats Ric (with belle at Ric’s side) and wants to keep Ric in for observation. Ric insists on go to work. Belle & the doctor are really annoyed when Ric decides to bail.

BACHELOR PAD – martha is talking to Jack. She is disgusted a the sate of the house – and that ppl in town are deeming this place “The Pits”. She also thinks its waaaay gross when she finds a piece of cooked steak behind the fridge.

Jack however has other things on his mind – peter. Jack tells martha of his suspicions, but insists that he will need proof (or risk another transfer).

VAN PARK HOUSE – Belle won’t let up. She tries to convince Ric to either satay home today, or at least confront dom. She suggests that she’ll “chat” to dom herself – but Ric “suggest” that she doesn’t

GARAGE – Ric arrives, and Dom has a go at him for arriving away late. Ric confronts dom … but dom insists that Ric not have proof. Dom adds to Ric’s misery by throwing a mag at his injured leges (before Dom head off for lunch).

DINER – Belle is there when dom enters to pick up the lunches. Belle launches into a fierce verbal attack – Irene hears that commotion and suggest that Dom should leave (she’s just hand him lunches) and that belle should calm down.

POLICE STATION – Jack accesses a case file on computer. He phones the person who the case involves (Jim Nesbith) and arranges a meeting,

BUSH – Jack drives to the arranged meeting spot, and Jim gets in jack’s car. Jack begins to asks Jim some questions.

GARAGE – just after dom returns from lunch, the boss tells everyone that a quite expensive fuel injection pump has “walked” form on his desk. He asked Ric (who locked up last night) if he saw everyone hanging around etc. Ric (still with the “I don’t want to dob” thing happening … tells that boos that he didn’t see anything.

Ric goes to his locker. He sees the missing item in there. The boss suggests that he needs a word with Ric.

When that finishes., dom suggests an old fashioned search of the lockers. Ric opens his … but the art is gone.

When they are alone, dom says that he just want to frighten Ric … he also suggests that Ric should keep his psycho g/f (belle) away form dom (who then throws another thing at Ric’s legs)

POLICE STATION – peter enters, and wonders who has been in his office. Jack says that he hasn’t, but one of the other male uniform officers says that he bumped some files off peter’s desk when he was in Peter’s office.

Jack then looks at the phone # list that have been rung form Peter’s pone

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric enters, and waaaaaay has a go at Belle for intervening.

POLICE STATION – Jack tries to ring the most frequently run # in that list (TT ?). there’s no answer when he tries to ring then number

when peter exits the station, jack goes into his petr;s office. He looks at the list of emials (with lots form TT).

Jack then looks at the files on Peter’s desk – and is shocked to read the info that THAT hair sample is Peter’s (end of ep)


Did Peter kill Josh ? Is Eve/Zoe involved?

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (May 3) last year, the ep where wediscoverd that identity of the stalker .... who was holding Sally haostage in abondoned warhouse, screened in Oz.

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