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Meant To Be

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Chapter One

Two Weeks After Martha and Jack Broke Up:

“I don’t think I can tell him, Tash” Martha said crying , her mascara had started to run “Maybe I should lie and say its Corey’s” she said wiping her face but her tears kept coming , deep down she knew that she wanted it to be Jacks, because she still loved him so much.

“That would never work and you know it” Tash said to Martha. She knew that it wouldn’t, she hadn’t slept with Corey. “OK, I will, later” Martha said laying down o her bed where she had been before she had called Tasha.

The next day Martha had plucked up enough courage to go see Jack.

Martha walked slowly to The Holden’s house. She knocked once she got to the door, she saw Tony walking towards the door.

“Hey, Martha” Tony said he looked a bit puzzled “Hi” Martha said in a small voice “Are you ok, Love you look terrible” Tony asked, she did look terrible, she had swollen eyes, her nose was red, her face was white and hair lanky “No, I have to talk to Jack, its really important” she said “Ok, he is in his room” Tony answered Martha walked through the door and knocked on Jacks door.

“Come in” Jack said, Martha reluctantly started to open the door.

She opened it and Jack looked at her, a surprised look on his face.

Next Chapter

-Martha tells Jack her news

-How will Jack react

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Hey this Fan Fiction is based on two weeks after Martha and Jack broke up, Martha has only been with Corey for 3 days.

Chapter Two

“Hey, what are you doing here, are you alright you look a bit of colour” he said to Martha, Jack was so shocked to see her there; he thought that she hated him.

“Umm hi” she said stepping into his room “Jack I need to tell you something, and its going to be hard for me to say this, and I don’t know how you will react” she said looking at him “Ok umm well here sit down” Jack said moving to let Martha sit, she sat down on the bed , she just looked at her hands , she could feel tears in her eyes so looked up to the ceiling “Martha you are scaring me , what’s wrong” he said moving towards her , he put his hand on her back, she sniffed, and looked at him, tears still in her eyes “Martha just tell me” Jack said “Jack , I’m” she started she started to cry again.

“What Martha, you are really scaring me now, what is wrong” Jack said he had a concerned look on his face

“Pregnant” Martha whispered, “What” Jack said looking shocked “I’m pregnant, and its yours” Martha said, she looked at him “Really, oh my god” he said as he put his hand on his mouth.

“Jack I don’t know what to do” she said crying “Your not going to get rid of it, are you” Jack asked Martha looked at him, with a surprised look on her face “I don’t know, its yours as well” she said “Well I don’t want you to get rid of it” Jack said “That’s good, because Jack, deep down I don’t want to” she said looking at him, Jack moved to Martha and Martha fell into his arms.

Martha stayed in Jacks arms for a long time, he was reassuring her that he would stay be there for her through her pregnancy, finally Martha pulled away, “Thankyou” she said “Martha, how did you find out” Jack asked , Martha wiped her face and looked at him “ I started getting sick , I was sure it was just a virus, but I would go away” Martha started “So I took the pregnancy tester, and yeah” she said looking at her hands “Have you told Corey” Jack asked “Who” Martha asked she had entirely forgotten about Corey “You know Corey, your boyfriend” Jack said , but when he said boyfriend he quietened the word , he couldn’t stand Martha being with another man, “Oh , we only had one date , I don’t think I would consider him my boyfriends” Martha said still looking at her hands , “Plus , just in case he dose , I will break up with him” she said “well dose anyone else know” he asked , his heart was secretly jumping , at the thought of Martha and Corey not being together “Well umm I better go and umm I don’t know, I better just go” she said as she stood up “Ok, well will you come tomorrow” Jack asked “Yeah sure, Thankyou again, I thought you were gonna, well I was just scared” she said , she as feeling better after she had told jack about the baby “Martha, can I tell anyone” Jack said “Not until I tell Corey , which I am going to do now” she said as they walked to the door “Thanks again” she said but he tears were swelling in her eyes again “Its gonna be ok, I promise, well will get through this, and your making it sound like a bad thing” Jack said rubbing her arm “Its not, Bye” she said and left The Holden’s house.

Jack spun around his head in a dither; he was going to be a dad, he looked up and saw his dad standing at the table and Lucas standing with a glass in his hand looking startled “what are you looking at” Jack said to his dad and brother “Umm what were you and Martha talking about, for, 1 hour, in your room, alone” Tony asked “None of your business” Jack said and walked to his room, “Dad, dose Jack think were stupid” Lucas asked “Obviously” Tony said.

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Great start! Looking forward to reading more! =)

Oh there is more! Wow, I feel quite psychic now.. lol I'll go read chapter 2! :)

Awww that was great! He was so nice to her. Bless. Lol.

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omg that was really really sweet! i hope this means that they have a chance of getting back together!! Aww Jack was so nice to her...lol what is she doing with Corey???? Please update ASAP!

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