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My Not-So-Secret Life

Guest xGlowingAngelx

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Story Description: A Martha/Jack centric.

Type of Story: S/M Fic - Longish 4 chapters.

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB Rating: T

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read? No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Martha's living a perfect lifestyle with a new boyfriend. Until Jack discovers the bitter reality....

"Today on Entertainment Night, we'll be talking to Martha McKenzie about her fabulous new lifestyle and what it's like being engaged to one of the most famous actors"

Jack picked up the television remote and switched the tv off. He didn't want to have to listen to how happy she is, and how she's living this fabulous life. He couldn't bear that right now. He just couldn't.


"You're on in 3 Miss Mckenzie" a voice hovered from behind Martha's dressing room door. "Thanks Bert" she smiled. She turned to look at her reflection in the mirror. No turning back now Martha she thought to herself. She was already tired of the endless interviews. Tired of having to get up at three oclock in the morning to go on some televsion program or another. Tired of her new lifestyle.


"Was that entertainment tonight I heard in the background?" Robbie asked, walking into Jack's apartment, where he was lay sparwled on the sofa. Jack nodded, glumly. "Yep." Robbie smiled. "OK". He didn't want to say anything else. He knew that, with one more word about 'Miss Martha Mckenzie', Jack would snap. He walked to the refrigerator and got 2 beers out, handing one of them to Jack. "Do you regret letting her go?" Robbie asked, finally making conversation. He knew Jack still loved Martha. He just didn't know if Jack knew he still loved her. Jack sat up and buried his head in his hands. "I don't know mate, I really don't know. And even if I did, there's no way she'd still love me. Not after all this time"


Martha approached Spencer Little, presenter of entertainment tonight. She shook his hand as he kissed both of her cheeks. She sat on the red chair that had been placed out for her to sit on. "We'll talk about you in a minute, but first you must show us that sparkler. Look at that!" screeched Spencer, holding Martha's hand towards the camera so the audience, and the whole country, got view of her engagement ring. Martha smiled for a few seconds, before politely snatching her hand away and tucking it safely between her knees.


"You're really prepared to give up on the love of your life?" asked Robbie, as Jack took another mouthful of beer, finishing off his bottle. "I've got no choice. Another beer?" he replied, heading for the fridge. Robbie nodded. "Erm...yeh, another beer would be...good" he mumbled. It was seven oclock in the evening, the night was still young, yet Jack seemed hell bent on getting drunk quickly.


"Now. Your love life. How is it going with mr Warren Showden?" Spencer asked, rather nosily. Martha smiled slightly. "It's really......great".

"It must be. Finally engaged to the love of your life, after dating for almost seven months. How does that feel?" the words spun round in Martha's head. Yes, she was engaged, yes they had been together for seven months, but he wasn't the love of her life. In actual fact the love of her life would be sat at home right now, probably not thinking about her at all. That was what hurt.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and prepared to tell the world of how great it was. Of how great he was. The question is, was she really talking about Warren?

What do you think upto now? Chapter 2 will be up soon.

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Thanks for the replies. Heres the next part:

The end of the interview, one of which had proved to be a difficult one, was a huge relief for Martha. She managed to answer all of Spencer Little's questions in a way that would make no body suspicious to her true feelings for her fiance.

She walked into her apartment. Calling out to Warren, she was glad there was no reply from him. She prayed he wouldn't want to watch the interview. He knew her so well, he would be able to tell she was lying. It scared her when she thought of his reaction. He'd already shown his pent up anger when he found the photo of her and Jack tucked away inside her purse. How would he feel if he knew she still loved him? She'd decided she didn't want to know the answer.


"Well thats enought beer for me. I'm going to bed" Jack said grumpily as he made his way to his room. "Night". Robbie looked at him, a concerned look on his face. "night".

Jack entered his bedroom and looked at the framed photo. It was of him and Martha. The same one she had in her purse.


That night, Warren had arrived home 3 hours after Martha after a night with his friends. He was plain drunk. "Martha?" he called out, but got no answer. He looked in each room until he found her. She was in the bedroom, a suitcase wide open on the bed infront of her, already half packed with clothes. "What are you doing?" he asked. Martha shook her head and zipped the suitcase closed. "You're drunk....again" she said. She was genuinly disappointed. Why couldn't he control himself. He didn't need to drink, yet it seemed like an obsession. And he'd took it out on her one too many times. "I'm leaving" she simply replied. She tried to move past him to exit the room. He grabbed her wrist. Memoried flashed in her mind of the other timed he had grabbed her wrists. of the times he hadn't stopped at hurting her wrists.....


"Let go of me!" she winced. "You're hurting me". She tried to pull her wrist free, but his grip was so tight it was impossible. "You're not going anywhere....." he replied as he closed the door, a cruel smile on his face..........

what do you think? sorry it's short x x x

next part up soon x x x

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heres the next part:

"Martha, you awake?" a voice whispered into her ear. She lay still, not saying a word. She could feel a deep pain in her side, where a dark bruise lay embedded into her skin. She let a soft tear fall from her eyes. She remained silent until she evetually heard him climb out of bed and exit the bedroom. She listened as he went into the bathroom, she could hear the running shower. She closed her eyes. Memories of the previous evening flashed into her head. The way he had pushed her against the wall, the way he told her hated her. The way he hit her.

She listened until she heard him exit the house, going off to work. She climbed out of bed and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Bruises scattered over her face. She felt tears sting her soft cheeks. Right Martha she told herself enough is enough she grabbed the suitcase from under the bed and frantically began packing her things. At the same time she was trying to reach Jack on his mobile. "Answer Jack please" she repeated.


Jack, meanwhile, awoke from the previous night. Hungover yet again. He rolled onto his side. A shocking view as he saw someone lay opposite him. He tried desperatly to see who it was, but he had no luck. He just knew he didn't know this girl that had ended up in his bed, and worst of all, he knew it wasn't Martha....


"Jack Holden speaking" he said, as his mobile phone rang. "Jack. Thank god!"

"Martha?" he asked, unsure of whether the person on the other end was actually his ex girlfriend. The ex girlfriend he had not seen or spoken to in 7 months.

"Yes" she began. "Look Jack I can't explain now, but I need help. I can't owww!" she cried.

"Martha? MARTHA?!" jack called down the phone. No answer. Jack cut the call off and grabbed his jacket. He didn't know what was wrong, but he knew something was. Piling into his car he pulled out his leather back address book and searched. "Molly, Matthew, Mike... Martha!" he read aloud. He looked at the address and began to head in Martha's direction.


"Where are you?" Martha said to herself as she paced infront of the window, waiting for Jack to rescue her.

"I'm right here" a voice called from the doorway. Martha spun round. "Warren" she said with unease. He carefully approached her. "It is me you're waiting for isn't it?" he asked. Martha nodded. "y-yes of course it is" she said uneasy.

She could hear footsteps approaching and knew Jack was there. She watched as he entered he house. He stayed silent, shocked at seeing Martha in such a state but even more shocked that Warren was there. He didn't understand what was happening. He signalled for Martha to stay quiet. Then he noticed them. The bruises. His heart sunk. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened. Martha watched as Jack hid behind the door and listened to Warren and Martha's conversation. "Did you miss me last night?" Warren asked, running his hand over Martha's cheek. She said nothing. Warren grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. "That too hard to answer? Well I missed you" he said, forcing a kiss on her lips. "Get off her now!" Jack called emerging into the room and pinning Warren to the floor. "Jack stop!" Martha called. Warren rolled over and pinned Jack onto the floor. He grabbed the vase from the table in the middle of the room. "Now then, what do we have here?" he asked slyly. Martha tried grabbing him and pulling him off, but he pushed her away. All she could do was sit back and watch, praying Jack would be alright. She looked at the cruel expression on Warren's face, the same he wore when he attacked her, and knew they were in for a rough night............................................

Will Jack and Martha escape Warren's grasp?

Will they escape alive?

Can they get through it together?

find out in the next part soon....

what do you think upto now?

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again thank you for the replies, heres the final part:

Jack sat against the radiator by the window of Martha and Warrens house and stared at Warren who was stood infront of them, pacing up and down. "Let her go" Jack said, breaking the tense silent. Warren looked at him coldly "What did you just say?"

"Let Martha go. You can do whatever you want to me but please just let...."

"Jack what are you doing? This is my mess, why would he..."

"SHUT UP!" snapped Warren "Both of you. Just shut up!". Martha closed her eyes. She prayed it wasn't happening. That it was some bad dream and she would wake up any minute.

The sound of sirens distracted Warren. He looked coldly at Martha, who was gazing at Jack, knowing it was him who had called them. "Who called them?" snapped Warren. Jack and Martha stayed silent. Warren walked over to Martha and grabbed her face. "Who called them?"

"It was me!" Jack cried. Martha stared as Warren walked to Jack and punched him hard in the face, before running from the house.

Jack jumped up, grabbed some tape from the side and began tying Martha's hands behind her back. "Jack what are uou doing? are you crazy?"

"No. Ive seen this happen one too many times. The bad guy gets away because there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. If I tie your arms behind your back it will give you a better case."

Martha's head was spinning. She was terrified by what was happening. Jack finished tying her arms. He kissed her cheek softly. "I'm sorry" he cried before tying himself to the radiator just in time for the police to enter the flat.


As Martha and Jack exited the police station after hours of questioning, Jack wrapped his jacket around Martha's shoulders. "What's going to happen to Warren?" she asked. Jack looked at her. "Don't worry about him. From what it says in our statements, he'll be locked up"

"For how long?"

"Don't worry" said Jack wrapping his arm around her. "He won't hurt you now". Martha looked into his eyes. "Can I stay with you tonight?" she asked. Jack hesitated, he didn't want things to become wierd with them. "Look Martha, I dont know...."

"Please Jack!" cried Martha. He looked into her eyes. He could see how much she was hurting. "OK" he nodded, as they began to walk to his flat.


"Here, drink this" said Jack as he handed Martha a cup of coffee. "It might help you sleep". Martha smiled gratefully. Jack sat beside her. "How long was it going on for?" he asked. "The beatings. When did they start?"

Martha looked at him. "About a month after I moved in. He came in one night. Drunk. I thought that was all it was, but it carried on"

"That was three months ago" said Jack. Martha nodded and began to cry, Jack placed his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. She looked up slightly as their eyes met. Martha leant in for a kiss, but Jack pulled away.

"What's wrong?" asked Martha, confused. Jack stroked her cheek. "Nothing. You've had a rough night. Maybe you should go to bed"

"no" said Martha "Jack, Im not confused. I know what I'm doing. I want this. I want you"

"Please don't do this Martha"

"Jack, tell me you don't feel anything for me. Tell me that the 2 years we were together meant nothing".

Jack shook his head. "I can't. Because I do have feelings for you. I never stopped but I don't want to do ths and then regret it tomorrow"

Martha kissed him tenderely. "Who said anything about regrets?". He eventually smiled at her. They began kissing passionatly as Martha led him to the bedroom...........


Martha lay quietly in Jacks arms. He was gently stroking his fingers along her arm. "Any regrets?" he asked. Martha looked at him and shook her head. "No. You?"

"What do you think?" he replied. kissing her. Martha pulled away. "Jack?"


"I-I love you". Jack looked at her. "I don't expect you to say it back I just...."

"I love you too" he replied. They kissed again. "And is it for good this time?" she asked. Jack smiled at her and wrapped her in his arms. "Forever"

~~The End~~

what do you think? I hope you enjoyed it. x x x


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