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The Truth?

Guest Love_peter_Baker

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Chapter 1


Jack has returned to work after being suspended.

What is Peter up to?

(Bachelor pad)

Martha and Jack head into the kitchen holding hands.

‘Hey love birds’ said Dan as he walked through the front door.

‘When did they discharge you’ asked Martha.

‘This morning I have just dropped by to collect my things, I’m staying at Leah’s for a while until I am feeling better’ replied Dan.

Dan walks in his bedroom and gathers his belongings.

‘Well babe I had better get to work, I don’t want to be late on my first day now do I’ said Jack.

‘Ok babe’ replied Martha then she kisses him and heads of the house.

Jack puts his walks in to his bedroom to get ready for work.

(Peter’s house)

Peter walks out from his bedroom and goes over to the fridge.

As Peter is about to get a drink his laptop bleeps.

He then walks over and looks at his laptop to see an e-mail from ‘TT’.

Peter opens up the e-mail and it say’s ‘I so hope you have got things under control because if people get suspicious………’

Peter closes his laptop and goes over to get his coat and heads out the door.

(Police station)

Jack drives in to the police station car park when he notices a women looking suspicious in a silver car on the other side of the car park.

Jack gets out of his car and walks towards the women in the car.

‘Can I help you love?’ asked Jack.

‘No its ok I was just about to leave’ replied the women in the car.

Peter is walking towards the entrance of the police station when he notices Jack talking to a woman with blonde hair.

‘No she wouldn’t it would be too risky’ Peter thought to himself.

He decides to go and look to see if it is her for himself.

As peter is walking up to where Jack is standing he says ‘Hey constable is their problem?’

‘Peter’ said the women from the car.

‘Do you two know each other?’ asked Jack?

‘Yeah we sure do this is my cousin, Peter Baker’ said the women as she got out of her car to hug Peter.

‘Claire what are you doing here, this is a shock’ replied peter.

‘I thought I would surprise you!’ said Claire.

‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ said Jack.

‘No its ok I have got things to do!’ said Claire.

‘Please I insist I want gossip on my good friend Peter’ said Jack.

‘No... Its ok mate she…’ said Peter.

‘Its ok my other things can wait they have been lacking my colleagues attention recently any way, why not!’

As Jack and Claire walk in to the station Peter follows and glares at Claire as she turns around looking at him.

Jack, Peter and Claire head into Peter office for a cup of tea before Jack has to start work.

‘So Claire, what can you tell me about our mysterious detective Peter Baker?’

‘Yeah he is very mysterious that’s all I know’ said Claire whilst being stared at by Peter who is looking agitated.

‘Looks like I better go and start my shift, we will have to catch up sometime’ said Jack.

‘Yeah that would be really good ill be seeing you later constable’ said Claire.

Jack leaves Peter office and goes to pick up his mail from the front desk.

‘Was that senior detective Claire broody who I just seen with you and Pete?’ asked Laura?

‘Senior detective you sure’ asked Jack?

‘Yeah she worked on ‘the stalker’ case with Pete last year that is why he left the bay so he could be near to Claire because they got together after ‘the stalker’ died said Laura.

Jack starts to get suspicious of why Peter and Claire lied to him.

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Chapter 2

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ peter shouted.

‘If you were taking this case serious maybe I would not have to come and get you to concentrate more’ said Claire.

‘Well you are putting this case in jeopardy coming here like this’ said Peter.

‘Peter if you wouldn’t of f***** things up last time none of this would be happening’ said Claire.

‘I couldn’t help that we didn’t have enough man power to stop it then’ said Peter.

‘I’m going but Peter I’m warning you I want it dealt with soon’ said Claire.

‘Hold on one minute Claire you come down here talking about the case but you have not mentioned one thing about why I left but you had the cheek to send Sam to Leah house’ said Peter.

‘Look Pete the case is more important when the case is closed we will talk’ said Claire.

Claire then leaves Peters office.

Peter turns on his computer and starts to write an e-mail saying ‘everything is ok no one will find out’ then he sends it to TT.

Peter leaves his office and exits the police station.

Jack sees Peter leave and walks into Peter’s office to look for files about ‘The drugs raid’ Peter told him about. As Jack is looking through Peters coat pocket he finds a picture of a woman with blonde/brown hair.

Jack takes the photo and leaves the station.

(Caravan Park)

Sally and Martha are eating when Jack knocks on the door.

‘Hey babe come inn’ said Martha.

‘Hey Jack’ said Sally.

‘Hey’ replied Jack.

‘Babe what’s the matter’ asked Martha.

‘Nothing I’m ok’ replied Jack.

‘You wanna go for a walk’ asked Jack?

‘Sure let me just tell Sally’ said Martha.

Martha and Jack are holding hands walking near Stewarts point when Martha spots Alf.

‘Hey granddad you ok’ asked Martha

‘Yeah I’m good Martha I will see u at home and we can talk then got to go cya’ said Alf.

Jack bends over to tie his shoelace when she spots something in his back pocket.

Martha reaches for it and glimpses at the photo.

Martha drops the photo to the ground.

Jack gets up and says ‘Martha what’s wrong’

‘What are you doing with a picture of Zoë?’

‘Zoe who is she?’ asked Jack.

‘The Summer Bay stalker Zoe Macalister’ said Martha in shock.

‘Owe my god’ said Jack

‘Sorry darling I have got to go’ said Jack as he raced in the direction of Peter’s house.

‘Peter I know you are in there opens the door now!!’ shouted Jack whilst banging on his front door.

Peter opens his door. ‘What the hell you think you are doing I was in the shower’.

‘Let me in now’ demanded Jack.

‘I don’t know who you think you are but I’m a senior office and I do not appreciate you coming round here shouting your mouth off’ shouted Peter.

‘I don’t know how you keep up the act, lying all the time’ said Jack.

‘I don’t know what you are talking about so could you please..’ said Peter.

‘so why do you have pictures of a dead women’ shouted Jack.

Jack shows Peter the photo of Zoe.

‘How did you get that?’ asked Peter?

Jack gets up in Peters face and says ‘I want the truth now!’


Is it the time for Peter to come clean?

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Chapter 3

Peter just looks at Jack.

‘Tell me now’ Jack shouted over and over again but Peter was just looking at him.

‘Well come on then detective….’Said Jack.

Peter pushes Jack and tries to walk out the door but jack pushes the door shut and stands firmly in front of Peter’s front door.

‘Constable Move now’ shouted Peter but Jack was not budging.

Jack pushes Peter and peter shoves him up against the door pushing his arm in to Jack’s neck.

‘I warning you, if you don’t move you will regret it’ said Peter.

‘Come on then Baker try your hardest’ shouted Jack.

Peter goes to swing for Jack but Jack ducks and shoves peter on to a desk that is near the front door.

As Peter lands on the desk he knocks over case files which fall on the floor.

Jack walks over and picks up one of the pictures that has landed on the floor.

‘What, why….. Why have you got pictures of me and Martha going in to Martha’s flat?’ shouted Jack.

Peter stays silent as he tries to pick up all the pictures that have fell on the floor.

‘You some sick pervert spying on me and my girl friend and taking pictures when we are kissing’ says Jack as he pulls Peter shoulder so Peter is looking at Jack.

‘Well come on tell me’ shouted Jack getting even more mad because peter is not answering him.

Peter’s mobile start to ring and Peter quickly stands up reaching for his mobile phone.

Jack tries to grab the mobile from Peter but Peter quickly put it back in his pocket.

‘Is that your accountant again’ shouted Jack

‘What?’ replied Peter?

‘The women called TT or is it your cousin Claire well she is not your cousin is she, she’s in fact your ex fiancée’ said Jack.

‘See you have told that many lies you can’t keep up with them’ shouted Jack.

‘So you have been checking up on me’ shouted Peter.

Jack can not believe what his so called ‘colleague’ is saying.

Jack can not understand why Peter can not just come clean.

Jack looks down at the photo of him and Martha and thinks to himself, why should I be so nice to the man who has been taking pictures of him and his girl friend.

Jack starts to get really angry and looks at Peter who has got a sneaky grin on his face.

Jack is that mad and he just explodes, he then punches Peter in the face and grabs him by the throat.


While Peter and Jack are fighting, could someone’s life be in danger?

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Ooh, go Jack! Lol. I think it's safe to say that he's quite angry. Lol.

Please hurry up with next chapter! I hope Jack's not hurt! Then again, I don't exactly want Peter to die! Lol.

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Chapter 4

(Noah’s Bar)

‘So is everyone ready?’ asked Alf?

‘Yeah hold on I just need to get my purse’ colleen said happily with a massive grin on her face.

‘The coach is here’ said Tony walking in to Noah’s bar

‘Is everyone here?’ said Sally.

‘Everyone except Jack but he is going to meet us their’ said Martha.

‘Ok let’s go’

‘I will tick your names off on the list as you get on the coach!’ said Alf.

‘I’m sitting at the back’ shouted Ric pushing past Lucas who was racing Ric to the back.

‘I think we can go now driver’ said Alf

‘Yeah everyone is here’ said Barry.

List of people on coach:














The coach pulls out of Noah’s car park and sets of to the city’s surfing contest.

‘So are you excited Kim’ asked Barry?

‘Yeah I am actually I will try my hardest to win but I have got a tough competition’ said Kim.

‘Yeah you have’ shouted Ric from the back of the coach.

‘This should be a real good competition with Kim, Lucas, Ric and Tony competing’ Sally said to Martha.

‘Yeah I am hoping Jack turns up soon then he can compete’ Martha said to Sally.

‘Where is he any way?’ asked Sally.

‘He has got some business with Peter to sort out’ said Martha.

‘Work work work that is all what he does these days’ said Sally.

‘Yeah that’s Jack for you’

(Peters Flat)

‘Now you listen to me, you don’t treat me like an idiot and take pictures of my girl friend and get away with it’ shouted Jack as he is holding Peter up against the wall.

Peter’s front door starts to open and Peter spots Claire walking inn.

‘What…… get off him now’ Claire shouted as she dragged Jack off Peter.

‘Thank god you are here I thought he was going to kill me’ said Peter.

‘Just because she turned up, don’t think it will not happen’ said Jack.

‘Funny aint ya boy!’ said Peter.

‘Stop now, Pete I think its time we came clean’ said Claire.

‘Sit down Jack’ said Claire.

Jack looks confused but sits down glaring at Peter.

‘Well, you know how Pete returned to the Bay on a big case. Well it was not the case that Peter told you about’ said Claire

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