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Fri 28 Apr 06 - " Jack Holden – Relationship Guru “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack Holden – Relationship Guru “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 28 Apr 06 - Episode # 4175)

Outside the bachelor pad, Cassie totally goes off at macca for what he was going to do (leave without tell her etc).

Cassie runs down to the beach. Martha follows, and Cassie is annoyed when Martha ays that she knew her bro is like this but didn’t say anything to Cassie.

Ric is I he surf club after his great day at work (with the prank gone wrong on Dom) when he hears something. He then sees Cassie in the darkened gym. She tells him what’s happened, and Ric tries his best t console her.

At the hunter place, Beth & Tony are hoping that Tilly & Luke are civil o each other when tash & Robbie come over for dinner, but virtually as soon as the meal with Robbie & tash begins, Tilly & Luke storm away form the table.

Over at the bachelor pad, Martha has a massive go at macca, and jack arrives home as she does so.

Next morning, during the walk to school, Ric tells belle about consoling Cassie etc, but belle is pleased that Ric says that she has nothing to worry about (i.e. Ric getting back with cassie).

Ric bails (for work), and Luke approaches belle. They see the nearby Tilly & Cassie. Cassie surprises Tilly by suggesting that they should make an effort to be friends with belle, but Tilly isn’t keen on the idea.

Ric arrive at work. And there are more comments about what happened to Dom yesterday. Dom takes offence … and we see him eyeing of a bottle of acid.

At the bachelor pad, jack tell macca that he thins that macca is running away because Cassie said the L word, or more to the point that macca is afraid of commitment.

At the auto shop, the manager approaches Dom and says they’ve lost lots of business because Dom didn’t finish fixing a partic car (of a guy whop has lots of friends who also won’t be coming back. Ric interrupts, and tries to share the blame. Both the manger & Dom are angry with Ric.

Belle approaches Tilly in the corridor of SBH, belle wants to start afresh, but Tilly is SOOOO not willing to do so.

Hyde sees macca (also in the corridor) and suggests that he leaves the school grounds. Macca insists that he needs to talk to cassi for a bit. Macca then approaches Cassie – and says that he DOES love her … and that was the problem (with the fear of commitment thing). Cassie thinks the macca is spinning her a line. Macca bails, dejectedly.

At the diner, belle looks a little concerned as Ric talks to Cassie. After Ric suits with belle, he invites Dom (who is also in the diner) to sit with them. Dom cautiously accepts.

When they get back to the auto shop, and Ric & Dom are putting their overalls back on, Ric sees a BIG red scar on dorm’s back. When Ric enquires about it, Dom gets angry, and suggests that they will NEVER bee friends etc.

At the hunter place, Ric & Tilly have yet another spat – but this one REALLKY ends their relationship, as both agree to split.

Tilly runs away, and falls to her knees, whilst balling her eyes out, at the beach.

Meanwhile, macca looks at happy snaps of he & Cassie from the recent parties at the bachelor pad, whilst Cassie pounds the punching bag at the gym. Martha approaches Cassie who tells Martha about what macca said at SBH. Martha tells Cassie that macca DEF meant everything he salad.

At bachelor pad, macca puts his bags in his Ute and says goodbye to jack. Macca gets in his vehicle, and is also to back out of the driveway when he sees Cassie in his wing mirror.

He gets out of the Ute, and Cassie says they she way believes him. They hug & kiss, before macca insists that although he does has to bail form he bay (because of job) they’ll DEF make the long distance relationship work.

At the auto shop, everyone is bailing the end of the day. Ric inits that he wants to finish work on a car before he does, Ric climbs under car and begins working on it. He hears someone nearby, and seconds later, someone pours lots of acid on his legs !!!! He emerges form under the car and writhes in pain, whilst the nearby Dom grins maniacally (end of ep)


Dan kisses Sally/ Did Peter KILL Josh? / How is Eve-Zoe involved?

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