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Wed 26 Apr 06 - " When The Going Gets Tough …. "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " When The Going Gets Tough …. "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 26 Apr 06 - Episode # 4173)

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel has a MAJOR argument with Robert (her dad), who waaaaay guilt trips her by saying things like families should stand together and that if Rachel; doesn’t do as he says, Robert will be struck off … which mean Rachel’s mum will suffer (as Robert will no longer by able to afford the level of care which she now enjoys. Rachel however refuses to be compromised like this.

HOSPITAL – Dr Green enters and asks Dan to squeeze his hands. The doc is pleased with the results. Dr green however tells Leah & Co that he’s can’t be sure how much of Dan’s past then Dan will remember etc until the brain swelling further subsides/

BACHELOR PAD –jack & Kimmy &are talking when the phone rings. Jacks answers and when they call ends, he tells Kimmy that good news tat Dan is at least awake now.

As jack bails, to visit Dan, Rachel enters – and begins to tell Kimmy what happened with her dad.

BEACH – Rachel & Kimmy talk further about the situation that Rachel’s dad is in. Kimmy mentions that he thought that Robert sounded suspicious on the phone a few nights ago, but Kimmy says that he didn’t say an6hing as he didn’t want to ruin Rachel’s greet night.

During this scene, its V clear that Rachel hates that her dad has reverted back to his old self.

HOSPITAL –leah & Co are ecstatic when seems to clearly remember who they are etc when he truly wakes.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel & Kimmy further discuss the situation. Rachel is in a total quandary about what to do … as she can’t afford to keep her mum in that nursing home (with the money that Rachel herself earns) but she also doesn’t want to play along with her dad.

NEAR SEA PLANE WHARF – Kimmy approaches Robert, but has no success in trying to get Robert to lay off guilt tripping Rachel.

HOSPITAL – when Dan wonders, leah says that she’s been at his bedside since the crash.

Colleen, Irene, Alf & peter enter – and colleen makes a rather unintentionally tasteless comment, ie “you couldn’t have done a better job if you were trying” (to crash).

LEAH’S PLACE – Kimmy returns and tells Rachel’s of his encounter with Robert. Rachel then wonders if maybe there is a way that she can help her dad, but Kimmy insists that she shouldn’t cave in to him.

HOPITAL – Leah & Peter are REALLY relieved when Dan tells them that he fell asleep whilst driving (and that’s what he crashed).

SEA PLANE WHARF – Rachel confronts Roberts, and insist hat she will NOT help him.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is talking to Kimmy about her encounter with her dad, when the phone rings. Rachel answers, and when the call ends, she tells Kimmy that the cal was form Roberts’s secretary …. Robert has taken all his money out of his back accounts and fled,

Rachel is V annoyed with her dad for running away like this.

HOPITAL – Dan apologises for what happened to VJ, but leah says that she’s so not stressed about that right now. Leah also insist that she wants Dan to move back in to her house .. so she van take care of him until he is all better.

POLICE STATION – Peter is n his office when he receives an e-mail from TT (TV WEEK suggests that this could stand form Tick Tock, Psycho Sarah’s catchphrase – which was also used by Zoe last year). The email says “call me” and peter is about to call when leah enters.

She tells him about how she wants Dan to move back in with her etc.

When leah is gone, peter grabs his phone (no bout to ring TT).

NURSING HOME – Rachel & Kimmy enters Elaine’s room. Like their visit yesterday, Elaine is ecstatic to learn that Rachel is a fully fledged doctor, and thinks Kimmy is a bit fwd when he says that he’d love to sit for a portrait etc.

Rachel then tells Elaine that she (Rachel) is now going to look after Elaine (note – it’s interesting that one of the things that Elaine has written down is that Robert always takes good cars of her, or words to that affect).

HOSPITAL – leah & Dan are chatting when leah tells Dan that the past is irrelevant and that she wants thing to start afresh.

POLICE STATION – jacks asks peter is they’ve had word form forensic about the hair sample. Peter has that there hasn’t been as yet.

After jack bails, peter enters his office, and calls (I assume) TT. He tells her that things are taken care of – as in front of him in the results of the hair sample forensics, which reveal that the hair in question is PETER”S (end of ep)


Will Macca bail form the Bay without telling Cassie.

(note – when they showed Cassie, they had “sharni Vinson – Logie nominee” on screen, which they’ve done the same thing recently with both Leah & Kimmy).

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (Apr 27) last year, (appropriatley) the ep in which Zoe was "kidnapped" whilst taking on the phone to Kimmy screened in Australia

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