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Tues 25 Apr 06 - " ArmSTRONG By Name, But … "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " ArmSTRONG By Name, But … "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 25 Apr 06 - Episode # 4172)

LEAH’S PLACE- Rachel. Kimmy & Rachel’s dad finish their meal … and they all agree to go to see Rachel’s mum in the nursing home tomorrow.

When Kimmy & Rachel have farewelled her dad, Rachel is in a great mood about this reconciliation with her dad, so kimmy decides against telling her what he overheard.

HOSPITAL – Peter looks for explanations as to why Dan did what he did. He asks Leah if she knew any reasons why Dan would do this. Leah says that she doesn’t know.

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah is on her back patio. She’s way worried …. And we see THOSE divorce papers.

HOSPITAL – next morn, leah arrives and is going a bit OTT with Dan – making him comfy with his fave pillow, putt8ing headphones on her ears with his fave music etc.

When peter exits the room, sally suggest that leah shouldn’t be feeling as guilty as she is, but when leah says that SHE caused this because of the divorce papers.

Peter of course walks in at this moment, and verbally lays into Leah, saying that she kicked Dan when he is done.

Leah flees the room, whilst sally sets peter straight, ie “we all make decisions [Dan deciding to speed up and crash into the tree] that we have to live with“

BEACH – Peter approaches Leah, and apologises for what he said etc.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel’s dad arrives, and he, Kimmy & Rachel bail.

NURSING HOME – as Kimmy, Rachel & her father walk down the corridor, Rachel’s dad explains that Rachel’s mum is receiving the best possible care that money can buy etc.

The trio enter a room, and Rachel’s mum Elaine is really pleased to see Rachel’s dad AND Rachel (who Elaine kisses several times).

Elaine then wonders if Kimmy is form the Prime Minister’s Department. Rachel sets her mum straight, and Elaine then wonders is Kimmy would like to sit for a portrait for her (as it sounds like Elaine is a V good artist).

As they chat, Elaine is really proud when Rachel; says that she’s finished university and is now a fully-fledged doctor etc.

SOON AFTER – True to Elaine’s post accident “script”, Rachel has to tell her again that she is out of uni etc, and when Kimmy re-enters the room with some flowers, Elaine wonders if he is form the PM’s Dept and also wonders about the portrait. Kimmy handles himself well – given the unusual situation that he finds himself in.

HOSPITAL – Leah & peter are a little sceptical when Dr Green suggests taking Dan off the ventilator, but Dan (with relative ease) breathes of his own accord.

The doctor however is surprised that Dan is not as aware as e expected. The doctor insists that time is needed, but Leah is waaaaaaaaaaay stressing at tis point.

Sally & Peter can’t believe it when leah starts going on about getting Dan inst the best care that she can get, and quitting her job so they she can be by his side as often as possible. Peter * sally however make Leah see that she is over killing with the situation with her quilt.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel & Kimmy enterer, and Rachel thanks Kimmy for the way that he handled himself today etc.

BEACH – meanwhile, Rachel’s dad is on the phone. He tells whomever that he needs more time to work on Rachel …. But in the end, Rachel’s dad agrees to approach her today about this matter.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel’s dad arrives, and tells Rachel that they need to talk.

HOSPITAL – peter, Alf & Leah are talking in Dan’s room. Leah is still stressing about things, when Alf thinks that he sees some movement form Dan. Alf looks again – Dan’s eyes are indeed moving. Leah, peter & Alf Rush to Dan’s bedside.

LEAH’S PLACE – Rachel’s dad reveals his true self again … hen he tells Rachel that there is a malpractice against him for a procedure that he did 3 years ago.

The patient’s lawyers are claim that Rachel’s dad was drunk when he performed the procedure, and Rachel’s dad wants her to say that she was with him at lunch that day.

Rachel is shocked when he asked her to lie like this, and things get even worse, when Rachel realises that the day of that operation was the day that the car crash which left her mum is her current state happened !!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Will Dan remember anyone, or anything, when he truly wakes up

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