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Mon 24 Apr 06 - " Rachel - The Back Story "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Rachel - The Back Story "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 24 Apr 06 - Episode # 4171)

As the ep begins, Rachel’s father REALLY talks her up to the CEO of the hospital. That only stops when the ambulance officers arrive with Dan (who looks BAD) !!!

As Rachel’s father goes to work treating Dan, sally enters Leah’s place. She soon accidentally finds the divorce papers that Leah has. Leah says that after recent events she just can't trust Dan anymore.

Sally & Leah talk a bit more about this subject until Peter arrives - and tells Leah of the news.

Leah & peter rush to the hospital, where Rachel’s father tells Leah that Dan is still unconscious. He has also suffered rather bad brain swelling - which the medic staff are keeping an eye on.

Before she is allowed to go in to Dan’s room, Leah blames herself for what’s happened.

When she is in the room withy Dan, Peter remarks on the irony of this scene (as its the reverse of when Dan & Leah were at Peter’s bedside after he was knocked into a coma a couple of years ago.

After Leah is gone, peter plead with Dan to get better and awake up, as Peter wants to set things right between them.

Meanwhile, Rachel & jimmy are talking to her father. Form the look on Rachel’s father (and from what we’ve heard of her strained relationship with her dad). Rachel’s father is being rather cordial with her. Rachel however is clearly unimpressed when kimmy invites her dad to dinner tonight.

When kimmy & Rachel arrive back at Leah’s [place, Rachel tells kimmy that she thinks that her dad is up to something ... because he doesn't usually act this way towards her.

Kimmy wonders what the Armstrong family deal is ..... and Rachel; reveals that things began when she chose to become a psychiatrist (not a real doctor in her dad's eyes) and things truly nosedived when there was a car accident ..... which left her mum with the memory of a goldfish post the crash. She can rem all things before, but everything after seems like a new experience all the time - even if she’s entered the same room several times a day, each time seems like the 1-st time she has ever done so.

Rachel also reveals to kimmy that she's not visited her mum (in nursing home) in a V long time .... she totally satarts balling at the point )and kimyy hugs her).

soon after,. Her dad arrives ..... and all through the meal, he is acting that same (unnatural tom Rachel) way .... and we get up clue as to why when kimmy overhears part of a phone call. Rachel’s dad tells the person on the other end of the line that these things can't be rushed (and its clear that he is talking about Rachel.

Peter enters the police station, and we looks at his e-mails. There’s one form TT .... which reads "I want action. Soon".

Peter then gets a phone call - and he is clearly shocked by what he has been told.

Leah & Alf are in Dan’s hospital room when peter enters. He tells that them the crash investigation team has been to the scene of the car crash that Dan has in. Leah is SHOCKED when peter tells her that its appears that Dan (from witness reports etc) appears to have sped the car up before the notorious bend on which he crashed .... indicating that this seems to be an attempted suicide (end of ep)


Kimmy overhears Rachel’s dad again .... saying "she'll do it, I just need a bit more time to work on her"

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