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Story description: Centered around the bay's youngsters

Type of story: Short/Medium fic. 3 Chapters.

Main Characters: Ric/Cassie Maddie/Lucas Jack/Martha Robbie/Tasha

BTTB rating: T

does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: Nope

summary: The gang find themself stranded when a minibus breaks down. How will they cope?

Part 1

"Jack, you home?" Martha called as she opened the front door of the house she and fiancé Jack had shared for the past two years. Getting no reply, Martha popped her head around the door of each room in the house. All of them were empty. He mustn’t be home thought Martha. Great. She quickly hurried towards the kitchen table and poured the contents of her handbag onto it. Smiling to herself, she picked the shiny Key up that sat buried under her make up, purse and other essentials she always carried with her. Hearing the front door slowly opening, she hurriedly threw the stuff back into her bag, ensuring the key was safely out of view, and threw her bag onto the couch. "Hey, I didn't know you were back!" Jack called excitedly, rushing to her and wrapping his arms tightly around her. "Ahh I thought I'd surprise you" she smiled. Jack kissed her passionately. "You certainly did that. I missed you"

"I missed you too" she replied, as she kissed him softly again. Jack sat on the couch and pulled her down next to him. "So how’s Morag?" he asked. Martha shook her head. "She's not good. Doctors are doing all they can for her, but they said the heart attack was so strong, she might not make it". Jack placed his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry babe. How come you came back then? Didn't you want to stay in the city?"

"No, Granddad said he'd keep me informed of what was going on. I just needed to get back to reality. I mean I felt so useless. Being there and not been able to do anything. So Granddad sent me home". Jack rubbed his hand over her cheek. "You're amazing do you know that?" he smiled. Martha looked at him. "Yes" as they both laughed softly.

"Anyway, I'm going to take a shower, and then I'm going to see Tasha" said Martha, getting off the couch and heading for the bathroom, clutching her bag tightly. Jack smiled. "Ok"

Martha walked into her bedroom and put her bag on her bed, and went for her shower, but not before ensuring the bag was safely hidden underneath her pillow.


"Finally. You were ages. I’m desperate for a wee" Jack laughed as Martha exited the bathroom, fresh from her shower. Martha laughed at the sight of him. He was stood in the middle of the room, hopping from one foot to the other. "You could have gone in you know" she told him.

"I'm not having you seeing my.....manly parts" Jack said, almost shocked. Martha laughed. "It's nothing I haven't seen before Jack" she said, patting her ever expanding stomach to ensure he knew what she meant. Jack laughed and quickly rushed to the bathroom. Martha laughed at him and walked to the kitchen. She had the biggest craving for chocolate ice cream. Ever since she had discovered she was pregnant, almost seven months ago, she had not stopped eating ice cream. She grabbed a tub of it from the freezer, took a spoon from the drawer, sat at the table and began eating the ice cream. Jack emerged from the bathroom. "That’s better" he sighed. Martha shot him a look of disgust. "I don't want to know" she laughed.


"Tash have you seen my camcorder?" Robbie called to his wife. Tasha emerged from the bedroom. "SSSHHHHHH!!" she signaled to him. "I've just got Becky to sleep" she whispered. "Oh sorry" Robbie replied. "Did she settle alright?" Tasha nodded. "Yes, she was a bit upset but I managed to calm her down"

"Poor thing" Robbie said, sympathetically.

"ROB! How many times. She's not a thing, she's a baby! She's my baby" Tasha replied, angrily. Robbie signaled his hands in an 'I surrender' way. "Sorry" he replied. Tasha pushed past him and placed the baby monitor on the table. "Anyway, did I hear the phone ring before?" Tasha asked. Robbie nodded. "It was Martha. She said she's got keys to a caravan or something, and she wanted to know if we wanted to go with her next week. She's taking Jack away for a surprise to cheer him up after Tony leaving"

"And what did you tell her?"

"I said we'd think about it. I mean we can't exactly take Becky away in a caravan. She's only three months old"

"What? Of course we can, it's hardly going to be dangerous is it? Now call Martha back and tell her we'll go" snapped Tasha.

"Yeh but Tash......"

"GO!" she snapped, signaling him to the phone. Robbie did as he was told, and quickly moved to the phone.


"Ric, where's my blue top?" asked Cassie, walking into the front room. Ric shrugged. "How should I know? It’s your top!"

"Yes and you washed it for me, remember?”

Ric nodded, "ah yes. I remember now, it’s in the laundry basket" he said. Cassie threw a towel at him and walked to the laundry basket. Matilda shook her head. "I wish I hadn't suggested we moved in together now!"

"WHY?" chorused Ric and Cassie.

"Because.... you two won't stop moaning. Me and Lucas wanted this to be fun. Our first home away from our parents. We didn't want you two bickering all day long!"

Lucas nodded his head in agreement. "Yeh she's right. Pack it in, guys"

"Sorry" Ric and Cassie said together.


Meanwhile, Tasha and Robbie, fresh from telling Martha they would now join them, were busily packing their suitcases. Robbie looked at the two suitcases Tasha had begun to pack and laughed. "Why do girls always need to much stuff, I mean what’s this?" he asked, picking up the vanity case from the bed. "Its a vanity case" replied Tasha, "To put my make up and things in". Robbie rolled his eyes. "Women!" he muttered under his breath. "I heard that!" said Tasha, throwing a teddy at her husband.

"Hello" said Ric, picking up the ringing telephone. He listened slowly to the voice on the other end. "Uh-huh. OK, one minute then" he said. He looked over to Matilda, Lucas and Cassie. "Hey guys, Martha's on the phone, she said that her, Jack, Tasha and Robbie are going away for a week and they want to know if we want to go with them" he said. Casssie nodded. "I’m in" she smiled. "Me too" said Matilda, they all looked at Lucas. "Count me in!" he said. "Great, Tash we'll be there" he said, grabbing a pen and paper to get details from his cousin.



"Come in!" shouted Martha, excitedly, as Ric, Cassie, Matilda and Lucas entered the house, each carrying a suitcase. "This is going to be soo much fun!" squealed Cassie. "Hey, where's Jack?" said Tasha, who had already arrived with Robbie and Becky. "Oh he's just gone to say goodbye to Beth. Actually, shouldn't you two be with him?" said Martha, looking at Lucas and Matilda who shook their heads. "No, I went to see her before" they said. Tasha stood up from the chair she was sat on. "Here Mac, sit down. You shouldn't be standing up when you're seven months pregnant." Martha smiled at her gratefully. "Thanks Tash"

"Finally! You’re back. We're all ready to go!" shouted Martha as Jack walked into the house. Jack laughed. "All right, well I'm here now!" laughed Jack, "So lets go". Everybody grabbed their suitcases and headed for the minibus that Jack had hired from a friend of his. "Me and Luke are having the back seats!" shouted Matilda as she and Lucas raced to the back of the minibus. Cassie and Ric sat in front of them, with Tasha and Robbie in front of them and Martha and Jack at the front, with Jack driving. "This is going to be sooo much fun!" laughed Matilda, as they set of for their caravan.

"Hey, guys can we pull over, I think Becky's filled her nappy again" said Robbie, holding his nose. Jack pulled the minibus over at the toilets they were near. Everybody climbed out. "Where are we?" asked Robbie, cluelessly looking around. "I haven't got a clue" said Jack, "So hurry up so we can get out of here"


"What are they doing in there?" said Robbie, as everybody waited for Jack and Martha to come out of the toilets. They eventually did. "Hey what took you guys so long?" said Tasha. Martha quickly straightened her hair as Jack tucked his shirt into his trousers. "On second thoughts don’t answer that!"

All the passengers piled back into the minibus. Martha placed her hand on Jacks knee as he placed the key into the ignition. "Uh-oh!" called Jack. "What?" asked Robbie. "Erm..We have a problem. We've ran out of petrol"

"WHAT?" chorused all the confused passengers together. Martha looked at Jack. "I thought you got some yesterday" she said. "I went to, but remember you phoned me to come home because you weren't feeling well..."

"So it's my fault?"

"I didn't say that!" snapped Jack.

"NO, but you may as well have!" said Martha getting out of the minibus, slamming the door behind her. "Hello?" she called loudly, praying for somebody to hear. No body came. She looked around. There wasn't another soul for miles, and it seemed as if nightfall was upon them......

Will all the passengers be OK?

Can Tasha cope as Becky seem to be very sick...

And will a tragedy tear the group apart?

find out in Alone part 2. Coming soon....

what do you think? x x x

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Thanks for the comments. Here is part II:

"We need help!" cried Matilda. Ric turned and looked at her. "You don't say!". Cassie whacked him in the arm, and placed a comforting arm around her best friend.

"Can't we try phoning them again?" panicked Lucas. Jack placed his hand on his little brother's shoulder. "It's impossible mate. We've only got two phones on us. Ric's battery has died and Martha can't get a signal. "That's right. Blame it on me again!" moaned Martha. Tasha shook her head. "Would you two stop. You're getting each other wound up. Martha you shouldn't be stressing, it's not good for the baby" Jack and Martha huffed loudly and turned their backs on eacother.

Becky began crying loudly. Tasha took off her jacket and placed it around her daughter. "Rob, I'm scared. If we don't get back soon...."

"We will." said Robbie, trying to convince his wife. Although, deep down, he wasn't sure himself.

As the night set in, the group had tried, unsuccesfully, to sleep in the minibus. Martha, her pregnancy making her rather uncomfortable, had gotten out of the minibus, and sat by the wall of the abandoned toilets. A sudden twinge rippled through her stomach. "Owww!!" she cried. Jack emerged from the van and rushed to her side. "What is it?" he said, hysterically. "It's the baby, I think...OOOWWW!!"

"What? Martha what's happening?" Jack asked as he tried to help Martha.

"It's coming, the baby's coming!" she cried. "WHAT?" shouted Jack. "It can't yet. Not now. Not here. Guys!" he shouted. The rest of the group ran from the van. "What?" asked Robbie, grumpy due to the lack of sleep. "It's Martha, she's having the baby now" he cried. The group gathered around Martha, who had began sweating and was crying.

"OK" began Tash "We need to get her comfortable first. Jack, get behind martha, try and keep her relaxed. Robbie, get the blankets from the bag"

"What can we do?" asked Ric. Tasha shook her head. "Nothing, just don't crowd her"

"OOOWW" cried Martha. The pain had become unbearable. Jack hated seeing her like this. "Here, squeeze my hand baby" he said, giving Martha his hand.

"We can't deliver it here" said Robbie, passing Tasha the blankets. "We have no choice" said Tasha. "Martha I need you to push" she signalled.


"I can't....I can't do it anymore" cried Martha as tears fell from her eyes. Jack kissed her forehead. "You can. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere"

"Push!" called Tasha. Martha did so, letting out a huge cry.

"I can see a head" cried Tasha. Martha pushed again. After a few more pushes and cries, Martha realised the baby was out. "It's a little girl!" Tasha smiled. Jack filled up as he looked at the baby Tasha had wrapped in the blanket. "That's my daughter" he said, as his eyes stung with tears. He kissed Martha again as Tasha handed the baby to him. "I love you" he said, looking at Martha. she smiled weakly at him. "I love you too"


Half an hour later, Martha and Jack had got into the van to spend some time alone with their new daughter. Jack softly kissed her forehead as Martha lay on the chairs. "I...need...sleep" she groaned. Jack looked at her. "Its OK. I've got her. You just rest" he whispered as Martha closed her eyes.


"I can't believe Martha's had the baby." said Matilda as the group, minus Martha, Jack and the baby, sat together outside the minibus. "I know it's amazing. I'm an uncle" smiled Lucas. Ric smiled at him. "Congratulations."

"Hey how is she?" said Matilda as Jack walked over holding the baby. "She's perfect. Guys meet Rachel Natasha Holden". Tasha filled up as she realised they had given the baby Natasha as a middle name. "So, hows Becky?" asked Jack. "She's not bery well. Keeps being sick. I think she might have a cold. She asleep over there. Robbie's looking after her" said Tasha, nodding towards her husband and daughter.

"BECKY!" robbie shouted. Tasha rushed over to them. "What is it?" she cried. "She...she's stopped breathing!" cried Robbie. Tasha sank to the floor. "No, Becky. Wake up, please!" she cried, desperatly trying to rouse her daughter. Jack handed baby Rachel to Robbie and began to try and resuscitate becky

"She's breathing!" Jack called to Tasha who ran to her daughter and hugged her. Jack looked at her. "But she's very ill. We need to get some help soon or else there's a chance she could catch pneumonia. Tasha hugged her daughter tight, knowing the next few hours were vital to her. . .


Jack walked over to Martha, who had woken and had climbed from the van. "What are you doing? you should be resting" he said. "I needed fresh air" she said. Jack placed his arm around her waist and sat her down on the floor, sitting besides her with Rachel in his arms. Lucas walked over to Matilda, a confused look on his face. Matilda hugged him tight. "Are you OK?" she asked. "No.....I just heard Tasha tell Robbie she wished that they could have the perfect life that Martha Jack and Rachel had. He said something about how he just wished Becky was his daughter....."

"How dare you listen to our private conversation!" scowled Robbie, as he approached the group and overheard Lucas' comment.

"Rob, is it true. Is Becky really not your daughter?" asked Matilda. Robbie nodded. He hated admitting it, but he knew it was true.

"It's nice to know you're so ashamed!" cried Tasha, running away from Robbie. Martha, Jack and Rachel followed her as Matilda, Lucas, Ric and Cassie stayed with Robbie.


"Hey" said Jack, approaching his younger brother. "You OK?". Lucas nodded. "Yeh, I suppose. But never mind me, how's the proud Dad?" he asked. Jack smiled. "I just can't believe its all real" he smiled. They embarced in a brotherly hug. Matilda walked past Lucas, Tasha, Martha and Jack and headed to Robbie. Lucas chased after her. "Hey, why are you ignoring me?" he asked. Matilda smiled. "Im not" and walked away, leaving Lucas confused. "So what's going on with you and Robbie?" asked Martha. Tasha shrugged. "I don't know. Ever since Becky was born we haven't been that close. I just wonder if we should have bothered at all" she said. Martha hugged her tight.


"I can't do this anymore" Tasha cried to Robbie. "I didn't want it to come to this.."

"To what?" he cried.

"I.....I think we should break up!"

"What? when did you decide this?" he cried. She shrugged. "I don't know. I was thinking about it for a while, and then the thought of losing Becky before put things into perspective. Even though we knew Becky was Kim's daughter, I thought we could make it work"

"We still can!"

"No Rob...we can't. Im sorry" said Tasha, as she and Becky moved towards Jack, Martha and Lucas.

Ric and Cassie had tried not to get involved with the arguments. But with Matilda wanting to be there for her brother, and Lucas being with his, they felt like they were being torn apart. Even though they knew Lucas would probably hate them for it, they headed in the direction of Matilda and Robbie.


The two groups sat at opposite ends of the minibus, depsratly trying to avoid eachothers glare. Mailda felt her heart breaking as she realised she may have lost Lucas for good, but family loyalty told her she was doing the right thing. And with that, both groups settled down for what was turning out to be the worst night ever........

Can the two groups (Lucas, Jack Martha, Tash-Robbie, Matilda, Ric and Cass) put their differences aside and pull together, or is it the end of the friendships.

Can Robbie claim Tasha's forgiveness for his outburst?

And will the group ever be found?

Find out in the next part of Alone, coming soon....

what do you think? please reply x x x

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Glad you're liking it. Here's the next part:

Part 2

The night spent in the Minibus had proved to be one of discomfort and coldness. Everybody had slept on a chair. Martha had been granted the front passanger seat as it was the only one that reclined, and with Rachel being born, she needed to be as comfortable as possible. Jack had slept in the drivers seat, wanting to be as close to Martha and Rachel as possible, and the rest had slept in any seat they could.

Jack had spent most of the night looking after Rachel and watching Martha sleeping. He couldn't believe he was finally a dad.

Lucas had spent the night letting silent tears fall down his cheek. The pain of losing Matilda and worry for the group, had kicked in.

Cassie and Ric had slept in the back seats, with Tasha and Lucas infront of them and Robbie and Matilda infront of them. Robbie had found himself often getting up and gazing at Tasha, wondering if it really was the end of their relationship.


The next day hadn't quite began as the group wanted to spend their first full day away from summer bay. Luckily, Jack had packed a cool box full of Sandwiches, chocolate and crisps for the journey, so they ate them for breakfast.

Robbie and Tasha tried as hard as possible to stay away from eachother. Becky was very unsettled, which made it even harder for Robbie to concentrate. Swallowing his pride, he walked over to Tasha. "Can I do anything?" he asked, nervously. Tasha shook her head. "No she's not your daughter, remember?" she snapped. Robbie shook his head and began to walk away. "I give up!" he sighed.

Matilda comforted Robbie after Tasha's outburst. Lucas looked at her. Why had this happened? He thought of Martha and Jack. They had just become parents. It was supposed to be a happy occasion, yet it was spoilt because of Tasha and Robbie. In an attempt to bring the group closer together he burst into song. It seemed his plan was working as each person, one by one, began to laugh at him. Even Matilda. Great. he thought. we're getting somewhere.

Cassie stood up. "Listen guys," she said. Everybody looked at her. "This isn't right. We wanted a fun holiday. It's already been wrecked enough without us arguing. So please, can we just try and get on. I mean, I bet Jack and Martha didn't count on their daughter being born this way. So we need to stick together OK?" she said. She looked at Robbie, then at Tasha. "And you two. You need to sort this out. And whatever happens, you can't get us involved. Lucas and Maddie. You guys were so happy together, why ruin it now?" she said. Lucas nodded. "I agree. I'm sorry maddie. I didn't mean for this to happen" Matilda kissed him. "I'm sorry too" she said. He wrapped his arms around her, as everybody walked away, laving Tasha and Robbie to talk.


"I really am sorry Tash. I know Becky's not my daughter. But I love her as if she was. Can't we just put this behind us and start a fresh?" he pleaded. Tasha hesitated for a moment before replying. "OK". They softly kissed as averybody else hugged one another, apologising for everything. "Right" said Jack. "Now all we need is a way to get home"

"Yeh, but how. None of us...."

"I've got a signal! I've got a signal!" Martha squeeled excitedly. Jack took the phone from her. "OK, everybody shut up. I'm going to try and phone Dad" he said, silencing the group. He tapped the number and listened for the ringing. "Dad!" he shouted, thrilled as his fathers voice came from the other line.

"Hey Jack, hows the holiday going?"

"We're not there. The minibus broke down, we couldn't get signals on our phones and then Martha had the baby and..."

"Whoa. Slow down Jack!" said Tony. "Martha's had the baby?"

"Yes, Dad. We need to get them both to hospital ASAP."

"Do you know where you are at all?" asked Tony.

"I don't know Dad. We passed a street called Marrow Lane about an hour before we got here yesterday, but that's all I.....Dad! Dad!"

"What's going on?" said Lucas. Jack threw the phone on the floor. "The battery died!"


Three hours later and the group were sat waiting and praying for Tony to find them. The sound of a car engine gave them some hope. Jack stood up and looked. "Dad!" he called excitedly, waving towards his Dad. Tony, followed closely by Beth in another car, parked up and ran and hugged his son. Beth walked to Martha. "She's beautiful" she said, admiring baby Rachel. Martha smiled. "Thanks" she said, as Jack helped her towards Tony's car. "But we need to get her to hospital. Has she been fed anything?" asked Beth. Martha blushed slightly. Jack laughed. "She was breastfeeding. She did it last night" he said.

Beth nodded. "OK" and helped Martha and Rachel into the car. Jack got in with them, along with Robbie and Tasha. Lucas, Matilda, Ric and Cassie got in Tony's car. The two cars headed in the direction of the local hospital.....

Will anybody tell Tony and Beth about the fallout?

Will Robbie tell people the full story about Kim being the father? and

Will Martha and Jack get the wedding day they always dreamt of?

Find out in the final Part of Alone-Coming Soon !!

What do you think?

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As each of the passengers were taken to the hospital, Dr Flynn Saunders immeadiatly rushed towards Martha and Rachel. He took Rachel from Jacks arms and handed her Dr Lisa Walters, who took her to a private room to examine her. "Wh-Where are you going? Where are you taking my baby?" Martha cried. Flynn touched her shoulder. "We're just going to do some routine tests. Nothing to worry about" he assured her "And in the meantime I would like you and Jack to wait here, a nurse will be along soon to examine you both and inform you of how Rachel is doing" he said, turning to attend to Tasha and Becky. "Oh and guys" he said, Jack and Martha looked at him. "Congratulations"

"Ok well you're both doing fine. There seems to be no cause for concern. You're free to go" smiled Flynn. Tashs smiled and lifted Becky off the bed. "thank you Flynn. How's Robbie?" Flynn nodded. "He's great, he's waiting outside for you". Tasha smiled and left the room, to be greeted by a smiling Robbie. She wrapped her arms around them. "I'm so sorry for what I said, I know Becky's not mine, but ...."

"Becky's not your daughter?" an echo of voices appeared behind them. Robbie swung around, coming face to face with Matilda, Lucas, Ric and Cassie who, themselves, were leaving hospital. Robbie took a deep breath, preparing to tell them the truth.

"Wow, and Kim doesn't have any say in how she's brought up?" asked Cassie, after being filled in on Kim being Becky's father. Tasha shook her head. "No". The gang, still reeling, were in for a further shock when Jack announced he intended on making Martha the happiest woman alive by marrying her on her arrival home.....tommorrow!


"Wow this place looks amazing!" said Tony as he admired the grand job the group had done in turning the beach into the perfect ceremony for Jack and Martha. Both the Bride and the Groom-to-be's were a bag of nerves as they changed into thier wedding outfits. Martha looked stunning in the dress Tasha had made for her during her time in hospital, and Jack looked very handsome in his black suit and white shirt.

Martha took a deep breath as she stood side by side with Alf, who had kindly agreed to accompany her down the aisle. "You look lovely, love" he said kissing her cheek. The music began to play. Martha turned to look at her bridesmaids, Tasha, Cassie, Matilda and baby Rachel, and smiled as she continued down the aisle.

It seemed like ages before Martha had finally came face to face with Jack at the alter. Robbie had kindly agreed to marry them, having been ordained via the internet. And the ceremony was underway. Vows were spoken, rings were exchanged and a wave of clapping as Robbie spoke: "Jack and Martha, I now pronounce you husband and wife" they kissed one another softly.


I'll keep a part of you with me

And Everywhere I am, There you'll be

There you'll be

The Faith Hill classic played in the background and Jack and Martha danced together for the first time as man and wife.

Cassie walked over to them as they sat at the table ready to eat the food prepared for the reception. "Congratulations!" she squeeled. she sat facing Martha. "I was just wondering, I know we had a falling out when we were lost, but do we really have to tell anyone about it. You see, I think people might be suspicious." Martha smiled at Jack and looked at Rachel, who was sat on Jacks knee. "I don't think people need to know. Everything turned out perfect in the end"

Ric walked over and took Cassie's hand as the music slowed down. He held her close as they danced softly. Beside them danced Lucas and Matilda, whispering sweet nothings into eachother's ears. Robbie and Tasha were sat at the table, wiping cake over eachother and laughing. Martha smiled and shed a private tear. Everything was perfect, she finally had the perfect life.

xxxThe Endxxx

Thanks for reading. I know the final part was short, but I kind of got bored of writing it, I hope you enjoyed it x x


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