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Thurs 20 Apr 06 - " Ric's "Great" New Job "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Ric's "Great" New Job "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 20 Apr 06 - Episode # 4169)

Dan, at the bachelor pad, desperately tries to wake VJ without success. Tony enters, and tries to help with VJ, whilst Dan rings 000.

At the diner, colleen, Tilly, Robbie & others talk about the party. Leah walks in juts as colleen mentions that dam was kissing Rhonda last night.

Leah goes into the kitchen, and Rachel follows her. Leah says that she is not worry about Dan. Leah also admits that although she likes Hugh, she doesn't feel a spark three. The phone rings, Leah is shocked that it’s the hospital.

Leah rushes there, with Rachel who immediately helps out with VJ's treatment. Leah is in the room initially, but nurse Julie "persuades" her to exit as Rachel continued to try to revive VJ.

Tony & Dan arrive, and Leah is LIVID when she discovers what happened.

Bell, ric & Luke enter the diner, and Tilly quickly talks Luke aside and "suggests" that he shouldn’t be associating with Belle (because of Cassie). Luke is clearly not impressed.

Meanwhile, Hyde & Irene approach bell & ric, and belle insists that she will consider going back to school.

At the hospital, Leah continues her tirade against Dan, when Rachel & dry young approach. They tell Leah that they've had a LOT of work to do to get VJ's blood sugar level down (because of the alcohol he drank).

At the van park house, sally is about to make a sandwich when ric comes home and is about to eat it. Alf goes off at ric because of this. He also has a go at ric for complaining about having to work 2 hours for work for the dole. Alf suggest tha ric should use the rest of the day trying to look for an actual job.

Leah is STILL going off at Dan at the hospital when Tony approaches, and suggests that Tony should bail, which Dan does.

At the van park house, sally mentions to Alf that she hears that he has hardly lefty the house since he got out of prison. Alf tells sally that he feels that he is being laughed at since he got out. Sally insists that she will prove Alf wrong when they don out to dinner tonight.

Ric enters, and says that he spoke to several employers about apprenticeships. The phone rings, and when the call is over, ric tells Alf & co that he has scored an aprehenticeship!!!!

At the hospital, Rachel is trying to calm Leah down form her Dan bashing, dr young approaches. Leah is V pleased that VJ is now awake. She eagerly goes into his hospital room.

Ric enters the main room of the van park house dress in overalls for his new automotive apprenticeship. Belle wants to go with him - but ric & Alf suggests otherwise.

When ric arrive at the automotive workshop. He is greeted by his new boss, and is assigned to assist 2-bnd year apprentice Dom.

At the hospital, Rachel tells the V sleppy VJ not to be afraid etc if anyone of the medic staff touch him whilst in here as its "the hospital fairy". As Rachel is about to leave the hospital, dr young thank her. He insists that he'll pout in a good word for her - to score a position in the ED.

Belle approaches ric’s new workplace. Ric's new work mates stat wolf whistling etc, and ric suggest to belle that she shouldn't have come here like this.

Rachel enters the bachelor pad, and isn't accepting Dan’s "it was a mistake". Rachel hopes that Dan cleans his life up .... in case there's a mistake that can't be fixed.

At the auto shop, ric is having trouble with the work and Dom pays out on him. The boss then tells everyone to knock off ... and then Dom tells ric that he has to sweep up the shop etc (which will take Ric about an hour). Dom also suggests that because it’s Ric 1-st day, it’s his shout at the pub tonight. Ric suggest that he will meet them at Noah's later.

Songster, ric si at Noah's waiting for the others, when Belle arrives. Again he suggests that he will look bad with the blokes is Belle is about. Bell takes the hint & bails.

At the hospital, Dan tries to enter VJ's room. Leah stops him. She sys that she doesn't want Dan to see VJ ever again ... but she does accept that toy truck that Dan walking to give the VJ.

After waiting forever for the other at Noah's, ric decides to bail.

Sally & Alf enter the van park house. Alf tells sally that she has right about him ... that ppl in the town still view Alf as an upstanding citizen etc.

Ric then enters. He tells Alf & sally that he had a great 1-st day, but the look on ric's face is he goes up the stairs further proves ho bad his day was.

Dan answers the door at the bachelor pad. It’s Leah - and Dan is pleased when Leah says that she was considering getting back together with him. Leah then tells Dan that the VJ incident has changed all that .... she now wants a divorce !!! Dan is devastated !!! (end of ep)


Dan has a BIG accident, and Ric continues to be bullied by Dom

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