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The Unexplained Of Summer Bay

Guest Billy

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I have not wrote it yet so here is the previews for the first five episodes. Read and reply it is going to be awesome.

Preview of first five episodes of my fan fiction:

Episode one: Highway to devestation:

As Martha, Jack, Robbie and Tasha plan to take a trip to the city, diaster strikes when there car goes crashing into a lorry at 100 mph. Will they survive? Also Belle finds out the shocking identity of her mother.

Episode two: Nightmares to realitys:

When the car crash claims the life of Jack Holden, Martha finds out that she is pregnant. Robbie's and Tasha's lives hang in the balance from the car crash and Belle and Amanda come face to face.

Episode three: Return of an old friend:

Summer bay is shocked to see Claire Brody has returned-but why has she? Irene is worried when she discovers a photo of Belle's father and Martha collapeses-is she ok?

Episode four: Feared:

Peter and Claire fear that Eve Jacobson may of not died in that warehouse explosion as she has been spotted seven times. Irene confronts Dan about the photo but is Dan really the father of Belle. Also Tony and Beth organise the furnerel for Jack and Martha decides to have an abortion.

Episode five: Goodbye my lover:

Summer bay say goodbye to Jack and Martha has an emotional break down at his furnerel. Belle wonders if Peter could be his father. Claire and Peter develope on the Eve Jacobson case when a threatning letter is sent to Sally saying "I got my eyes on you".

Tell me what you think.

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If want to sign up for a free newsletter featuring all the gossip character profiles and future plots all you need to do is reply to this thread saying i want a free newsletter. They come out every two weeks. It is a bit like a magazine.

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