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Wed 19 Apr 06 - " Underage Drinking "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Underage Drinking "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 19 Apr 06 - Episode # 4168)

Alf is deep in town at the var park house when Sally & little pippa enter. Alf is V pleased to see them – and is keen to hear of her holiday in Italy.

AT the police station, peter suggests that the highest ranked uniformed officer (the top cop) that he should keep jack busy with other things so peter can go and question Martha.

When jack enters the room, the officer that jack was speaking to you goes ahead with Petra’s plan.

At the party at the bachelor pad, Cassie & Macca are dancing …. When Cassie realises that her drink has been spiked. She is initially annoyed, but the talks it in her stride.

Nearby, Dan talks to Kimmy about leah .. and a curly haired girl named Shazza takes interest as well.

At the police station, the top cop is on the phone when jack approaches Lara. He wonders if she has the info from forensic (about the gun), Lara tell him that they received that info a while ago. Jack then goes into Peter’s office – and sees the forensic info. Jack is shocked that it’s Martha.

The top cop enters Peter’s office and “suggests” that jack shouldn’t have accessed that info. Jack’s boss also tells him to investigate some noise complaints.

Sally is talking to alf about her trip … and how it’s reinvigorated her. Colleen enters, and chats with sally about Italy. She also expresses her concerns about how Macca is 5 years older than Cassie etc.

Peter & another cop enter the house. Peter wonders if he can speak to Martha. Alf tells them that she is a t a party. When alf wants to be there with peter approaches Martha, peter “suggests” that he can’t

Jack is V annoyed with he enters the bachelor pad. He quickly turns off the music and tells the kikes of Kimmy * Macca that there’s been several noice complaints about the party. Jack is also V annoyed that they have thrown a party tonight.

As most of the crowd are going, jack takes Martha into another room. Martha thinks that jack is being a little fwd, but he tells her about the gun & the prints.

Peter then arrives, and wonders why jack is there. Jack explains about the noise disturbance here. Peter then “asks” Martha to accompany him to the station.

When they arrive, jack wants to be in the room when they question Martha.

Peter enters the interview room, and Martha tells him that whole story about being spooked by Corey, buying the gun illegally, and having the gun stolen last year form out of her Ute.

Peter suggests that this is all sounding rather connivent, and wonderers if Martha has anyone else to back her claim. Martha says that she has no one who can do so.

When peter exits the interview room, jack wants t speak to Martha. Peter insists that jack mustn’t speak to Maratha right now.

At the van park house, alf is tired of waiting for Martha, and wants to go to the police station. Sally convinces him otherwise.

Cassie & Macca enter the house, and sally is NOT impressed that Cassie appears to be a tad drunk.

At the police satin, jack takes advantage of peter being a little distracted. Jack enters the interview room and speaks to martha. She tells him that she denied that anyone can back out her story ….. and , not surprisingly, peter is WAYT annoyed when he finds jack in the interview room talking to martha. Jack then tells Peter that he can back up martha’s story about the stolen gun.

Dan & Shazza are kissing at te bachelor pad, when Kimmy suggests that Shazza should go home. She complies.

At the van park house, sally is lecturing Macca about the cassie/drinking affair, when cassie enters the room. She goes on the offensive – cassie says something like “because you never had a drink when you were underage, did you sally?”

Peter & the top cop are majority lecturing jack (at the police station) about wasting police resources etc. they also wonder if jack & martha have cooked up this “stolen gun” story in a bid to get martha off the hook. Jack responds by saying that Ric ALSO knew about the gun.

Peter & the other cop tell jack that he will learn his fate tomorrow … and that his career is hanging by a thread.

Next morning, at the bachelor pad, martha talks yo alf o the phone – she ties to allay his fear. When martha gets off the phone, she tells jack that she hope this go well for him today.

As Jack & martha are bailing form the house,. Kimmy wakes Dan (sleeping on the couch and more that a little wore for wear) up.

Seconds later, leah enters with VJ. Dan acts all spritely and appears to be looking fwd to looking after VJ.

Martha entrees the van park house, and insists to alf that tings will be OK. Martha then hears about cassie getting drunk, and she has a go at Macca. Cassie enters the room, and takes offence to Macca offering to stay elsewhere.

Dan & playing with VJ at the bachelor pad, when Kimmy stays that he has to bail (to go to work).

When Kimmy is gone, Dan suggest tat he & VJ should watch some cartoons together. Dan then falls back asleep on the couch, whilst VJ wanders away and consumes on a glass of the spiked drinks.

At the police station, the top cop tells jack that he has been in contact with the Super Intendant. Jack is temporally SUPSENSDED … and could be permanently booted form the police force.

Dan wakes at the bachelor pad, and looks for the “VJsaurus” (Dan’s word).

Dan finds VJ on the kitchen floor. He thinks that VJ is playing dead …. But Dan realises that VJ is unconscious !!! (end of ep)


Leah has a MAJOR go at Dan because of what happened to VJ … who slips into a coma.

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