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What is your Current Computer Desktop

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Mine...i never have the icons up i go through the start menu..until i become completely lost then i try the desktop..i've only had it a few days though..i'll probaby go back to the surfer one soon.



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Here's mine :)


It is Northern NSW from the plane in February (taken by me)

*Turns into geek mode*

That's a really good shot! I presume you know where exactly you took that picture? It's the Northern Beaches i.e. Summer Bay area - that large piece of land sticking out is actually where the Diner is :P

At the top right of the picture you can see the beginning of Pittwater - Palm Beach is at the end of that :wink:

Holy cow! I really didn't realise it! :) That was on my flight from Sydney to Hervey Bay and I was really lucky to get the window seat as I didn't get it on the flight from Melb to Sydney.

It has only had one thing edited on it, it was very hazy, so got on iPhoto and changed the saturation, but that was it, apart from that, that is the shot I took. :)

I had a feeling it was of the northern beaches or Northern NSW, as the plane had only just gotten to altitude, and was allowed to photograph. I wanted an arial shot of Sydney, but you cannot turn on any electrical appliances (camera included) on until they reached altitude, and that was long after we left Sydney. :)

Glad you guys like it, it will stay there for a while. :)

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