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Tues 18 Apr 06 - "You Are The Weakest Link … Goodbye"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " You Are The Weakest Link … Goodbye "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 18 Apr 06 - Episode # 4167)

AT the bachelor pad, Macca & Cassie & others are looking at photos form Martha’s birthday. When Kimmy suggest that they should have another party tonight, jack takes offence to the suggestions … as he thinks they shouldn’t annoy the neighbours too much.

Luke &^ Tilly arrive and Cassie is surprised when Macca offers to help her with the assignment that she has to do for school.

Meanwhile, Kimmy talks to Dan, and Dan insists that he & Leah “had a moment” recently.

Jack then gets a phone call. It’s peter, and jack says that he is about to leave the house (as he is running late today).

At the (Radcliff) crime scene in the bush, jack arrives, just as one of the other uniformed officers find a hair sample. Peter asks for it to be taken to forensics immediately.

At the police station, Alf has a go at Morag for her amateur detective work, as does peter when he enters the station.

Cassie, Luke & Tilly are doing some research for their SBH assignments by a stretch of water. Cassie isn’t impressed when Macca suggests that Cassie should pay someone to do the assignment for her. Cassie also isn’t keen when Macca suggests that she should have a party at the bachelor pad tonight after all – as jack is working tonight (and they can clean up before he come home).

Alf & Morag are walking near the diner and alf tells Morag that he hates that way peters treated Morag over this Radcliff business. Morag however thinks that Peter had every right to do so … as Radcliff might now be dead (because of Morag’s actions).

At the diner, Irene talks to Robbie & Tash, who are pleased that Tasha’s morning sickness appears to be over.

Also, Leah & Hugh are talking, and not surprisingly, Dan enters as they are doing so. Dan, of course, instantly bails.

At the police satiation, the uniformed officer who found the hair at the crime scene tells peter that fiorencics have a backlog of work, but he has tries to hurry them up.

By the water, Macca tries to convince Cassie to head for home. When she resists, he picks her up and lifts her over his shoulder. When he puts her down nearby, Cassie injures her hand … she then discovers what hurt her hand …… when she finds a handgun !!!

Peter & jack are talking about the Radcliff case when Macca & Co enter with the handgun (wrapped up a shirt).

Morag & alf are talking at the van [ark house about Radcliff. Alf is shocked when Morag starts crying. He walks closer to her, so she can rest her head in his shoulder.

Back at the police station, peter thanks Cassie etc for their help. He then instructs Cassie & Macca etc to take 2 uniformed officers to the site where they found the gun.

Kimmy & Dan are at the bachelor pad when Dan tells Kimmy that Leah with talking to talking when he tried to approach her earlier.

At the diner, Tash is trying to convince Robbie that one little party (tonight at the bachelor pad) won’t overstress her or the baby. Robbie isn’t so sure though.

Nearby, Leah & Hugh talk some more, before Hugh bails, and then Irene quizzes Leah about the new man in her life. Irene thinks its great that Hugh is an old friend of Rachel’s etc.

At the police station, jack tells peter that forensics have been able to get a partial print off the handgun. Jack ads that forensics are working of the ID off the person now.

In the diner kitchen, Leah admits to Irene that she DOES still feel something for Dan, and Irene suggests that Leah should talks to Dan about this. Leah is sceptical (because of Dan’s recent fling with Amanda).

Meanwhile, at Noahs, Dan is looking at the pics in his wallet of he & Leah on their wedding day.

At the van park house, alf is surprised (again) when Morag says that she is going to the city. Morag insists (with nervousness in her voice) that she needs to get out of the bay & clear her head.

Leah & Hugh are at Noah’s and they seem to be having a great time. So much so that it leads to a kiss, which Dan witnesses.

AT the bachelor pad, Tash & Robbie are enjoying the party, whilst Macca tells some more of his imfamous bush stories.

Dan returns to the house, and Kimmy wonders what’s happened. Dan tells him about what Leah & Hugh are up to.

At the police station, a male uniformed officer approach peter. He suggests that they talk in peter office. Peter soon realises why …. Jack was in the main part of the station when the other cop approached peter …. with the news that the fingerprint lifted form the gun is MARTHA’S !!! (end of ep)


Is there ANY way that Martha can prove her innocence ???

The SMS etc #’s for Kate & Ada for the Race for the GOLD Logie were on display again

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