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Mon 17 Apr 06 - " Nancy Drew "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Nancy Drew"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 17 Apr 06 - Episode # 4166)

The ep begins with morag continuing her phone conversation with Robert Radcliff. He insists that he’ll only hand over the photos that he took IF Morag gives him $3000 so he can flee the country. Morag isn’t keen on the idea, but she agrees, and that agree to meet at a picnic spot just out of town.

When they call is over, alf enters the room. He soon realises that Morag isn’t listening to him. Morag tells alf that she has to go somewhere … and she then bails.

Morag does to the diner flat (to get the money for the exchange) but she has been followed by 2 unknown place officers in an unmarked police car. The officers in the car inform peter (who is at the police station) where Morag is.

When Morag (with suitcase in hand) gets to the bottom of the diner flat (outside0 stairs she literally runs into Tony & Beth. They inquire about alf. Morag suggest that he’d like to have some company. Morag also inists that she can’t stop to chat as she has somewhere t be.

Morag is about to get in the car when peter approaches. Morag insists that she has a V important meeting with a client – and theta she is already running late.

As Morag drives off, Peter tells the officers in the unmarked car to follow her.

Morag realises that she IS being followed soon after, so she speed up … and when she thinks that she has lost the following police car. She goes to the spot where she agreed to meet with Radcliff.

He is waiting for her there, and wants his money. Morag insists on attaining the photos 1-st, but THAT unmarked police car … with siren blaring – approaches. Radcliff … who still has the photos … runs way. Morag is clearly V frustrated.

Tony & Beth arrive at the van park house. And ask alf how he is handling life on the outside again. Beth also wonders if alf could do a shift at Noah’s … as there is no one else available. Alf isn’t keen, but Beth convinces him to accept.

At the police station, peter grills Morag about what happened. He is extremely annoyed that Morag was having delusions of being Nancy Drew.

Peter then threatens to charge Morag for obstructing a police investigations. Morag WAY objects … as that would end here legal career. Peter & Morag then come to an agreement …. that Morag will arrange another meeting with Radcliff (but this time she will be wearing a wire).

Alf enters the surf club with Beth 7 Tony. A number of children takes offence at alf getting in their way. Beth & Tony thank alf before they bail, and then Hyde starts talking to alf about some SBH matters.

At the police station, on instructions form peter, Morag phones Radcliff and arranges another meeting. Radcliff is sceptical, but agrees.

Soon after, Morag is wired up by the police, she then drives a house I the bush where she meets with Radcliff. He, however, suspects that she IS wearing a wire … as Morag is V jittery.

Radcliff decides to run … as he can’t trust Morag. The nearby police (incl. peter) but he gets away.

At Noahs Hyde continues to rave on to alf, but alf isn’t paying attention to Hyde. Hyde clearly discovers this when Alf charges over to 2 of the kids (who are bullying the other) and alf SERIOUSLY has go at them. Hyde WAAAAAAY wonders why alf is behaving this way.

Peter & Morag at back at the police station. Peter is REALLY annoyed that Morag couldn’t convince Radcliff that she wasn’t waring a wire etc.

Meanwhile, Radcliff is running through the bushland. He stops, and phones the killer on his mobile. Radcliff insists that he’ll give the killer the pics, for the right place.

Back at the police station, Lara receives a radio call, which Radcliff has been spotted by one of the search teams.

We then see Radcliff from the perspective of the killer. Radcliff quickly becomes anxious/scared of what the killer’s intenions are.

Soon after, peter & some of the other police (inc. Lara) approach the spot where Radcliff was spotted. Peter points out that there is blood of some of the rocks where Radcliff was. Peter is WAY frustrated that the killer was eluded them once more (end of ep)


The murder weapon is found …. And Martha is now the prime suspect, whilst Leah & Hugh begin to get serious

After being missing in action last Friday, the SMS etc #’s for Kate & Ada (for the Race for the GOLD Logie) were back

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