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Pictures of your pets

Guest TabbyCool

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My boyfriend's friend's dog. She's so cute and fuzzy.


My cousin's dog Fergus

He's such a stupid dog. Once we took him a walk up to some dam and he was off his lead and spotted the buoy. Thinking it was a football he decided to swim in and get it, despite it being pretty far out and the water being freezing. It was horrible, we really thought he was going to drown! When he finally made it back to land he just collapsed on the ground and started making horrible whiny noises, and was shaking so badly. We thought he was having a heart attack. But he recovered soon enough and we were taking him home (on his lead) when he spotted the buoy again and tried to make a run for it again! Do dogs never learn?

ETA - I'm afraid I can't get a small enough pic of Fergus. But he's a black lab and he's beautiful :D

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My pets

the cat on the top right is metal- angry and a creature from hell..when inside the house but is the friendliest little bastard when he's outside. The

grey one is an angel, friendliest creature ever and he always sleeps in my room and

follows me around everywhere :)




Pomeranian dog. The black and white cat often attacks it.



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Well not my pet, But Tom's nan's kitten.. Her name is Tigger and she's only 10 weeks old.. I can't stop droooling over her.. As I only met her yesterday..



Erm do you mind


I maybe samll,but I can protect myslef


I'm in the top window he he


I'm soo cute


Phew it is tiring been 10weeks old


Playing in my box


well someones got to be the clean one


Time for my close up


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My earless cat, she had skin cancer last year (common in white cats) so had to have them lopped off - not sure exactly how old she is, but she must be at least 15/16 now as I had her when I was 7......

I don't think it was a conscious decision to name her after a H&A character.....but she's called Sally.... :P


And a 'Pre-op' for good measure, Xmas bathtime :P


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Yayyyyy I love these threads. =D

Well... where to begin..

My evil little devil, John. He seriously thinks hes the boss around here, even though he's the laziest cat(and oldest) we've ever had XD


Now, my standard poodle, Franky (Or 'Fronk' as we call him. XD)



Here he's looking scruffy XD


In the rivers! He basically went on strike because he didn't want to leave XD


And now some group piccies =D

I couldn't resist taking this one; they were sleeping in the same position.


Just slacking around in the garden on a regular Summer's day


I also have some Swans which are always out the back. Let's just call them my 'wild pets' XD


Not to mention some toads/frogs in our garden pond. Haven't got any pictures of them currently.

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Okie Dokies, I think it's time to bring this thread back....

My Cats (at home in Dunedin) The top pic is of the "sisters" Tina and Jade- they belonged to our neighbour and he got offered a job in Australia and his partner couldn't keep them because they would stayed on her parents farm but they had a full tom so my Mum offered to keep them as our pets.

Tina is the cat with the marking on her head, and Jade is the other (extremely timid) one.The pic of them, is from winter 2007.

The other pic is of my favourite little "tiggerbrat" She was our other cat we adopted (from someone else), we got her as an extremely mischievious 2 year old who loved to get into chest of drawers at the back and hide or into the recliners and worry my Mum all day every day.The pic of Miss Furball is from February 2006.

All 3 cats are turning 7 this year, they are also very smoochy when they want to be but when they are really really happy they love to dribble on you :( and headbut you under the chin.But Tigger and Jade are really timid too, hiding where ever they can and Jade cries when my Dad picks her up sometimes.



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