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Pictures of your pets

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He is 10 years old! :P

He's looking good for his age :-)

I think Jasper is about 10 too, I posted a pic of him in the first post in this thread. He's not our cat, he belongs to a neighbour, but he always comes in for food and hugs! He's lovely and has such a cheeky face. Also looks good for his age! lol

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I'm the kind of person who can't look at most animals without going ahh - and I haven't stopped since reading this thread.

I used to have a phobia of dogs - so when my sister wanted a pet (ignoring the fact I had wanted a cat for the past 7 years and we have experience of looking after cats) my mum got her a rescue dog.

So, here is Angel - the labrador collie cross!


Despite my initial panics whenever we were in the same room, I now love her to bits! She used to have to be on a lead if we were in the same room - often whilst I was watching Home and Away she'd crawl along on her belly to see if she could get to investigate who this weird person who was scared of her was without my sister noticing! She's absolutely perfect with people she knows, but she gets nervous and protective around anyone else.

She has also perfected the "I'm adorable so you will do whatever I want you to" look.

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