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Hoax puts sunny side under a cloud

Guest Andy

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Hoax puts sunny side under a cloud

The Sydney Morning Herald

15 April 2006

She is the sunniest television personality to come out of Queensland since Kerri-Anne Kennerly, but a darkcloud has rolled over the horizon of the career of the actress/dancer Holly Brisley.

The 28-year-old star of Home and Away and former host of World's Craziest Videos has become the victim of a cruel email hoax now doing the rounds, featuring a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to her, gleefully taking part in a menage a trois with a studly fella and an equally nubile brunette.

At the end of the saucy, all-over tan slide show, the words " Holly baby" flash across the thescreen, completing a bedroom performance worthy of an Academy Award, with moretwists and turns than a Russian gymnast's floor routine.

"It's definitely not her," was the sharp response from Channel Seven's publicity department, which was well aware of the email's existence. "It's a hoax and it is a very difficult one to stop."

Brisley's agent, Martin Bedford, said every step had been takento track down the source of the email, to no avail.

"It's not Holly. It's just a very clever hoax ... it is somebody who we don't know. It is very difficult for her to do anything about it. Of course it is highly defamatory."

One only has to log on to Brisley's official website to see such physical contortions are probably beyond the bubbly actrine.

Commenting on her turn during Dancing with the Stars, she said the Foxtrot was "the most difficult out of all the dances because it's so slow and controlled.

You have to remember the rise and falls and the quick, quick and slow steps. It can get very confusing".

Enough said.

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