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Hold My Hand Part II

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OK heres the next part. I apologize for it being in a new post but I thought it would be easier and then people reading it would not have to search trying to find the page with the next part on in the first part

Beth stood frozen, still in shock. Her thoughts disturbed by a hand placed innocently on her shoulder. Startled, she turned around and came face to face with Martha. "Oh hi Martha" Beth smiled, trying to sound as normal as possible. "Hey Beth. Is Jack in?" she smiled. Beth shook her head. "No sorry love, he went to Noah's before with Robbie" Martha smiled. "OK thanks Beth. Is everything OK?" she asked, noticing Beth didn't quite seem herself. Beth smiled faintly. She wanted to talk to someone, but she knew that talking to anyone else before confronting Tony would just make things worse. So, deciding against it, she smiled and simply replied. "Yeh, everythings fine"

"OK good, well I'll see you later then. I'm staying here tonight. But don't worry Jack and I are going to the cinemas first so you and Tony will have the place to yourselves for a few hours" Martha winked. Beth placed her hand on Martha's arm. "No, don't go out" she pleaded. Martha looked at her, confused. Beth realised how suspicous she sounded. "I just thought it would be nice to have a family night in. Me, you, Jack and.... and Tony" Martha smiled. "See you later" and walked away. Beth breathed a sigh of relief. She really didn't want to be alone with Tony tonight.

Entering Noah's Bar, Martha walked over to where Jack and Robbie were sitting. Lucas and Matilda followed closely behind her and joined them. Jack kissed Martha softly. "So what've you been upto then?" Jack asked. Martha shrugged. "Just looking for you. Actually, I went to your house and ran into Beth. Is she OK? she seemed a bit upset"

"Yeh, Dad was acting a bit strange before aswell" Lucas added. "he seemed really distracted"

"Their probably just worried about Scott. Ever since Hayley left him, he's been really down. And the fact he still decided to stay in France made it worse. Mum's really worried about him" Matilda added. "hmm, but that doesn't explain why Dad's so down. I mean, I know he misses Scott too, but it wouldn't affect him like this" replide Jack. "I just don't get why they won't tell us. We promised that we'd have no more secrets when we moved here" Lucas sighed. Jack placed his hand on his little brother's shoulders. "I know, mate"

"Oh and Jack before I forget, I told Beth we'd stay in with them tonight." Martha said. "Why?" asked Jack. "Well, I did say we were going out, but Beth insisted we stayed in with them, she practically begged me to, I had to say yes"

Meanwhile, Beth had finally plucked up the courage to enter the house. She slowly placed her hand on the doorknob, opened the door, and stepped inside.

"Ahh, there's my beautiful Fiancee" Tony smiled walking to Beth and kissing her. "I thought I'd cook us dinner tonight, have a night in. We need to talk". Beth bit her bottom lip, she knew what 'we need to talk' meant. "I've already arranged for Jack and Martha to come over, thought we could spend some time as a family" she told him, desperate to take his mind off the 'we need to talk' issue. Tony smiled. "That's so sweet, what have I done to deserve you?". Beth was beginning to think exactly the same......



"Hey Dad, we're home" Jack called, entering the house. Tony emerged from the kitchen. "Oh hi son. Hi Martha" he smiled. "Hey" replied Martha. Beth joined the trio in the living room. "So shall we start a DVD?" she asked. Tony looked at her. "Yeh, sure"

Once the film had finished, Jack and Martha stood up. "Right well, Im knackered so we're going to bed" he yawned. "What now?" Beth asked alarmed. Martha nodded. "Yep, sorry."

"Oh, erm....OK then. Goodnight" Beth smiled. "Yeh night guys" Tony added. "Ahh alone at last" Tony smiled, moving next to Beth and putting his arm around her. Beth jumped up. "I'm gonna get a cup of tea. Want one?"

"Yeh. Go on then" Tony replied as Beth moved towards the kitchen. He followed behind her. "Whilst we're alone. I thought I could tell you what it was I needed to tell you before."

"I'm just going to Noah's. I left my bag there. I've just remebered sorry" Beth said, rushing out of the door, before Tony had time to call her back.

"Hi Alf, sorry to call so late. I just needed to get my bag. I forgot it when I finished my shift" Beth said as she entered Noah's. She walked over to the bar and picked up her bag. She looked inside to check that it contained all the contents in it. She placed the bag on her shoulder and walked outside. As she walked outside, she decided to take a late night walk along the beach. She knew it wasn't the best time of day to be walking alone, but she needed some time on her own.

As she sat on the sand, staring into space, she was distracted by a familiar voice she could hear nearby. She turned to see Tony. She watched carefully as he approached a blonde woman. Beth quickly stood up and walked towards the wall of Noah's. She stood behind it, so that she could still see what was going n, but she would be unnoticable. She watched as Tony began talking to the woman. He greeted her with a hug. "That's not the worst case" Beth muttered to herself. "He could give her a..." It was too late, she watched, heartbroken, as Tony leaned in and kissed the mysterious woman on the cheek.

Beth watched as Tony and the mysterious woman came to the end of their conversation. He again kissed her on her cheek and watched as she had walked away from him. Struggling to fight back the tears, Beth marched upto him. "Beth!" Tony exclaimed at the sight of her. Beth felt tears roll down her cheek. "I want answers Tony...who is she? and how can you do this to me?"

Will Tony tell Beth what's going on. Mixed emotions in store for Hold My Hand part III, coming soon...

Let me know what you think please thanks x x x

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Tony stared, wide eyed, at Beth. "Beth, I.. didn't see you there" he ushered himself into saying. "Obviously not" she cried. An innocent tear crept slowly down her cheek, only removed once Tony had wiped his gentle thumb along it. He cupped her face into his hands and looked deep into her soft green eyes and felt a pain in his heart. He couldn't bear to see Beth hurt. It was the first time since Kate had died that he'd actually felt like this about anyone. Beth couldn't deny it either, she was head over heels in love with him, but she couldn't bear to be hurt again. "Lets go home" Tony said as he placed his jacket around Beth's shoulders. "We'll talk there"

"Here drink this" Tony said, passing Beth a cup of coffee he had just made her. Beth placed the cup in front of her. "So who is she?" she asked. She didn't want to avoid the issue, she wanted answers. Tony took a deep breath. "OK. I didn't want to tell you before I'd thought it through myself. I've been offered a promotion at work"

"Tony, that's fantastic!!" Beth shouted, wrapping her arms around him for a split second, before quickly removing them again. "But that still doesn't explain who she was"

"She's my boss, she wanted to meet me to discuss the promotion" he began to explain.

"Why didn't you say anything, you could have come here to talk" said Beth

"I know but it's not as simple as that. You see, the promotion would also mean me being transferred along with the company.....To America"


"What are you thinking?" Tony asked, sitting next to Beth. She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, It means we have to leave the bay, right?" she asked. Tony shook his head.

"Yes, it would. I'm not saying you decide right away. Sleep on it, we can talk better in the morning"

"What about the kids?" asked Beth, wanting to resolve matters now. "I mean they've got exams coming up. And Jack's just settled in his new job. And then there's the fact of moving to a new city. I mean here you found one that you could setlle in. People accepted you as a family. And from what you've told me, Its the first time that's happened". Tony nodded his head. "Yes it is, but Im not planning on taking them with me"


"Jack's a grown man. He's finally found happiness with Martha, he can look after himself. And Lucas...well that's upto him."

"And what about Robbie and Matilda?" Beth enquired.

"Well that's upto them" began Tony "Robbie's quite happy living with Tasha, he has no reason to move. And Maddie, well she's sixteen now, it's time she learnt to stand on her own two feet"

Beth began to think about everything that happened to her since moving to Summer Bay three years earlier. She had been so happy when she moved here. Then Rhys left her, Scott and Henry moved away. Maybe a fresh start would be just what she needed.

"So what do you say?" began Tony "Will you move to America with me?"

Sorry for the chapter only being small, but I wanted to leave it on a will she-wont she cliff hanger, and I also wanted peoples help with the next chapter so, do you want Beth to leave with Tony? Sorry I wanted to put a poll here but I really dont get how to do it.

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