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Yahoo!7 venture working

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Yahoo!7 venture working

The Sydney Morning Herald

6 April 2006

SEVEN'S two-month-old partnership with US internet company Yahoo! is bearing fruit. Yahoo!7 reports greater engagement with younger viewers watching and clicking their way through programs such as Home & Away and Dancing with the Stars.

Yahoo!7 was seeing surges of activity on its websites while TV programs were showing, said interim chief executive Rohan Lund.

"Our heaviest spikes are during the program when there's a call to action to log on," Mr Lund told the Australian Broadcasting Summit yesterday. "Then it stabilises and then we might ask something else and then there's another spike."

Rather than detracting from the viewing experience, the internet was enhancing it.

"We are not afraid of cannibalisation. On the contrary, I think anyone in Seven would say it's had a positive impact on Seven, not just in brand awareness and engagement.

"Dancing has become cool for younger people and that's a step change. It's less about the show than the total experience."

Mr Lund said blogs, behind-the-scenes videos and online competitions were involving the audience throughout the week.

The company's five new websites for Desperate Housewives, Lost, Sunrise, Home & Away and Dancing attracted a total of 500,000 unique users last month.

Yahoo!7 will launch into citizen journalism in the next month, encouraging the public to pass on scoops and footage.

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