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Long Time Coming

Guest jack is so hot

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Hey this fan fic is based on when Corey nearly killed Martha.

Chapter One

Jack fell, his heart sick and sad, he felt like braking, but he couldn’t because his heart had already broken in two, one half in him and the other, in Martha, she rips his when she is sad, how could Corey do that to her, to the women he loved, so much it hurt when she was away from him, it hurt so much knowing she was hurting.

Martha wanted to feel his soft hands on her bare skin again, she couldn’t get the fact Corey’s greasy small hands on her, she wanted to feel Jacks lips rub across hers and she wanted to touch his bare chest, she couldn’t wait maybe his face would relieve her sorrow ache, she pulled out the picture of them, his strong hands around her waist and her kissing his cheek , he had a smile on his face, Martha hadn’t seen him smile like that since they broke up, since Corey did what he did, she needed Jack so badly not just to be near her but for him to be as close as possible to her, she needed him so much, and without knowing really what she was doing, put on her jacket and headed to Jacks house.

Jack didn’t want to leave the warm bed sheets when the door bell rang, the only thing that was warmer than those sheets, was Martha, her warm body was so comforting to him, he heard a women’s voice, and his dads voice, his door creaked open he couldn’t see the person, it was probably his dad coming to check up on him, but he noticed that it wasn’t when he smelt a hypnotizing smell, one that practically made him float, he felt her sit on his bed “Jack” she said “Martha, what are you doing here” he said, he then heard her cry and he turned over to face her , tears slipping down her soft white cheeks, he couldn’t help himself he wiped her tears away , she flinched under his touch , he felt her shiver, he moved closer, he knew she needed comfort, he untangled himself from the bed clothes and sat up, he wrapped his strong hands around her, one around her back, and one around her waist, Martha began to feel weak, she started to slip out of his clutch, but Jack just lay down, Martha followed him, she was just holding clutches of his hair and smelling his neck, he smelt so good, she continued to cry into his cotton t shirt, “H-how c-could he do t-that to m-me” she said “He is sick, that’s why, he is just sick” Jack said starting to feel angry, but he didn’t say anything after that, the only noise that came from him was a his breathe sharply quicken when he felt Martha’s hand under his shirt up near his neck, she always did that when hugging him ,his breath sharpened under her touch.

Martha had fallen asleep in Jacks arms after a while on him stroking her hand and rocking her to sleep. Jack had put her under his bed covers, because they weren’t actually together yet, he had slept on the couch that night, because he had work the next day.

He got up at 12 o’clock am and entered his room; Martha was wrapped up in the bed linen, breathing lightly, her chest rising and falling slowly, he didn’t want to leave her, he reached for his phone and dialled the Police Stations line “Hello, Yabbie Creek Police Station” a voice said “Hi its Jack Holden, I am going to have to take a sick day, I have a bad fever” he said putting on a sore throat “Yes we will get a relief for you, Goodbye” the person said and hung up, he turned back around to the bed and saw Martha, still asleep, he walked toward the bed and lay next to Martha , pulling her in close, so he could smell her lovely musky smell, he began to slowly drift to sleep as he smell was making him dizzy.

Martha woke with Jacks arms tightly wrapped around her, he must have come in, when she woke up at 4 30 he wasn’t there, she was defiantly happy he was with her again, but she didn’t know why really, were they together, she didn’t know , but she didn’t really care, she was just glad to be there with him.

She was busying staring at him in a long loving gaze, his dark brown eyes, WERE STARING RIGHT BACK AT HER; she looked away, Jack smiled “Sorry, did I scare you” he asked “No, not at all” she said “Are you feeling better” Jack asked, he tucked away a strand of hair behind her ear, he wasn’t sure if they were together, neither was she, they defiantly were acting like it, “Better, what is the time” she asked “1 am ” he answered “I better go, grandad will wonder were I am” she said Jack let go of her and “Ok well, I am still here if you need me” he said and smiled, she gave him a quick hug as she left the house, it was pitch black outside as she made her way to her car, she was confused, what does this mean????

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This is really good, really emotional. I have to say that this bit - 'WERE STARING RIGHT BACK AT HER'

Cracked me up. I don't know why, I was just chuckling to myself for ages :) Fantastic! *note to self - take breaks when revising phyics*

As I was saying really good start. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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This is really good, really emotional. I have to say that this bit - 'WERE STARING RIGHT BACK AT HER'

Cracked me up. I don't know why, I was just chuckling to myself for ages :) Fantastic! *note to self - take breaks when revising phyics*

As I was saying really good start. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Lol! I know what you mean, it made me chuckle! :D I think it was because you normally read in fan fics that they're staring at the other person, but it was funny how Jack was staring back! lol :P

Very good :D

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Chapter Two

Martha was sitting in her room, replaying what happened between her and Jack, she didn’t know if they were together or not.

When Jack had his hands around her he felt like nothing could hurt her, she felt safe and loved, there was so much Unresolved Sexual Tension between them, she had never really gotten over Jack, she also had a pain in her heart when she was away from him, that pain could only be relieved when she was with him, but when she was with him, she couldn’t be without him, she couldn’t resit having his hands on her, or his lips against hers.

She had only been away from him for 6 hours and she still couldn’t stand the longing in her heart for him, she needed to see him, but it was to early, so she pulled out the small frame with the picture of him in it, she started tracing his face and body with her finger.

She continued doing this, until she heard a cough outside, it was her grandad “Hey your back, I was getting worried” he said she just smiled “Sorry” she said “What do you have there” he said even though he saw her traces his body tenderly with her finger “oh nothing, I was having a drink with… umm Robbie and Tasha” she said stumbling to think what to say, she didn’t want to tell that she was with Jack, she didn’t know why though, maybe she wanted to keep it to herself for the time, Jack was her only home base, her safe place, she could only be safe when with him, she wanted to keep that to herself for the time being.

Jack was contemplating going to see Martha, to ask her to the races that were being held that day.

He had made his decision, based on what they had between them last night, he stood up and walked over to the door, and out of it to his car.

Back at the apartment Martha shared with her grandfather, Martha was sitting at the table in her long dressing gown drinking a Milo; she heard a knock on the door “Coming” she said and slowly got up and answer it, it was Jack, her heart lifted, “Hey” he said Martha gulped “Hi” she said she gestured for him to come in “So what you here for” she asked looking at him with a small smile on her face “To ask you to accompany me to the races?” he said “Umm, Ok, wait I will just get ready” she said , he looked down at his clothes he was wearing a black button up shirt and jeans, she stayed there for a moment looking at him she shook her head and quickly , she was embarrassed , she hurried of to her room to get dressed.

Martha didn’t know but Jack didn’t really notice her staring at him, he was to busy looking at her, she looked gorgeous in her silk dressing gown, he was embarrassed when she pulled away from his gaze, he thought she didn’t like him staring at her, but what he didn’t know was that Martha would love his eyes glazing at her in the loving way they were.

Martha came out of her room and into the lounge room in a green and brown printed dress, cowboy hat and boots, she looked breathtaking to Jack, “Wow, you look, umm Wow” he said but then realizing what he said he looked away blushing which he generally didn’t do “Why thankyou, you don’t look that bad yourself” she said with a teasing smile that lit up Jacks insides and made his heart skip a beat, she came over to him, and went out the door followed by Jack who was in ore at her beauty.

The day had gone good, Martha had won 100 bucks and was scoffing at Jack who hadn’t won anything “If you just placed the bets I did, you would have scrapped up 100 bucks” she said laughing and playfully hitting him on the chest, she turned and smiled, Jacks insides lit up again and went to place a bet, she heard a man, in his late 40s place a bet on a horse she didn’t think would make, she scoffed at him, “Well, well young lady, do you no something I don’t?” he asked tapping his large foot “Only he “A Sure Thing” isn’t a sure thing, he wont make the distance!” she said in a know it all voice “All I know is Mighty Maxine is a sure thing!” she said “Ok, 20 on the nose of Mighty Maxine” he said giving Martha a smile , just as Jack came up behind her “Hey, you ready to watch the race” he said “Yep you go I will place my bet” she said smiling.

After the race Martha was heading towards the Ladies Toilet, she felt a slimy hand grab her wrist, she spun around, because that wasn’t Jacks hand, “Mighty Maxine ay” the man said “Ohhh I am sorry , my friend gave me a better tip, sorry” she said and left “That should be mine” he said snatching her bag and pushing her to the ground, she started to crawl to the wall the the toilet , she felt powerless and weak.

30 minutes after her attack Jack had come looking after, he rang her phone “Martha darling, Jack speaking, call me when you get this message, ok” he said his voice slowing down on the last syllable of his message, he saw a small group of people hanging around outside, he started to run over there, “Excuse me, sorry, MARTHA” he shouted as he saw her on the ground crying and “Can everybody leave, please” he said going over to Martha putting a hand on her back, she nestled into his chest “What happened he asked” he said stroking her hair , some people were still around “**** off, cant you see she is stressed” he said harshly to the people surrounding them “Take me home Jack” she said “No wait tell me what’s wrong” he said “No Take me home” she said Jack hesitated “Now” she screamed at him, he stood up and Martha followed him holding his hand furtively as they went to his car , she felt safe with him there.

When they got into Martha’s apartment she went straight for the shower not worrying about jack, she needed to be alone, Jack wasn’t going to leave her alone.

Martha got out of the bathroom 30 minutes after she went in, she was surprised to find Jack sitting at the table with two coffees on the table, she went over to him and sat on a chair she was sniffing, Jack slid the coffee toward Martha she took it without saying anything, she just sipped it as Jack looked at her.

When they had finished there coffee, Jack went to get Martha’s cup, he touched her hand as he went to get her cup, he had only gone a few paces when he felt Martha’s hand grab his again , she stood up still holding his hand, he turned around to face.

After a few moments of looking at each other, Martha rushed towards Jack and hugged him breathing in his musky smell of men’s aftershave.

She cried until she could feel his wet shirt.

Martha had cried all her tears and was just sniffing, and hugging Jack, then Jack broke the silence “Come on , you are going to stay at my place until Alf comes back, no questions” Martha looked a little shocked Jack would just order her to do that but then she saw him smiling at her “Ok” she said and left to get some stuff.

s**t soz about the font sothing stuffed up i will post it again if it is to hard to read

and the huge blank bit at the end stuffed up, it is not meant to be text though!!!!!!!!

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