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Tues 11 Apr 06 - "Worst Kept Secret"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Worst Kept Secret "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 11 Apr 06 - Episode # 4162)

Dan awakes in Amanda’s bed with Amanda bedside him. Dan looks horrified and quickly bails form the flat.

Dan enters the beach blouse and jimmy is quite shocked (as is dan) when Dan says that he slept with Amanda last night.

Amanda awakes, and loos fwd to seeing Dan beside her in bed, but when he's not6 there, she is surprised. She’s even more so when Dan discovers taht6 fan is anywhere in the flat.

Back at the beach house, Dan tells jimmy that there is something tween him & Amanda, but not enough for another relationship. Dan wonders how he will break this news to Ryan.

At the diner, Leah & Rachel are talking. Leah is worry about dan/amanda, but Rachel thinks that Leah should concentrate on her OWN life. Leah takes her advice, and makes a phone call.

Meanwhile, cassia & Macca enters the diner, and fom the sound of their conversation, Cassie has just given macca a tour of the bay.

At the beach house, belle is nervously excited about her meeting with her mum. Belle & tic then bail.

Belle & ric enter the diner, as macca & Cassie are bailing. Belle comments on how cold the encounter was.

In the kitchen, colleen is raving on about Italy, when she realises that Leah isn't listening. Leah admits that she is concerned about both Dan & her own future.

Dan enters Amanda’s flat and Amanda is all enthused that they are back together. The look of Dan’s face indicates otherwise, but Amanda doesn't notice (or doesn't want to notice).

The likes of jack, Martha, Macca, macca & kimmy enter the Holden house. The girls aren't to keen when jack & kimmy start thinking of this place as a bachelor pad.

Belle & ric approach Kathryn Lansdowne’s place. They knock on the door and are greeted by the real Kathryn this time. After she invites them in, belle gladly says "hi mum" ...but Kathryn says that she is not Belle's mum ..... She is belle's grandmother. Kathryn explains that belle’s mum dies in childbirth ..... and that belle was adopted out as Kathryn just couldn't deal with raising belle.

Kathryn shows belle all of the pics that bells' adopted parents sent her ... these are no doubt lifted stat right out of actress Jessica tovey's personal photo album. Kathryn also says that she has no photos of belle's mum, as there was a fire when belle was just a year old.

Belle is of course waaaaaaaaaaaaaay shocked by all this.

Amanda is still preparing a wonderful lunch for herself and Dan. He is searching for a moment to tell her what he’s feeling.

Soon after, just as they are about the eat, Dan can't hold in his feeling any longer. He tells Amanda that they can't get back together.

At the bachelor pad, as jack & the other are talking about the "tasteful" things that they've put on the walls, Martha once more questions macca about his intentions with Cassie.

Belle approaches Dan at the beach. She suggests that Dan should talk to Leah (after he tells her what' happened with Amanda).

Dan arrives at the beach house, and he wants to talk to Leah BUT she is about to bail ... to date on a lunch date with Rachel’s friend Hugh.

Macca & cassie are near the beach having a humorous conversation about B&S balls ... before cassie agrees to go on a date with Macca.

Dan arrives at the bachelor pad, and jack & kimmy invite him to live with them. Dan gladly accepts.

Dan & Rachel go outside .. where Dan tells Rachel about Leah & Hugh.

Dan then goes to Amanda’s flat. He enters after she doesn't answer the door. He sees that there’s none of Amanda’s things round. He then reads a note she left .... amanda has gone to the city. she has taken Ryan with her .. and will contact Dan when she has found a place to stay etc.

Ric & belle return to the beach house. Belle wonders if she should remain in the bay. Ric tells belle that he'd RALLY like her to stay,

meanwhile, back at the Lansdowne place, Kathryn tells her cleaner that this was a close call ... and if belle ever discovers the tuth ....

Kathryn then instructs her cleaner to put all the photos back in place .... the 1-st one is of a late teens Amanda !!!!!

The scene immediately cuts to Amanda as she is driving out of town, and then to a V in tears Belle !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Will Alf get in trouble in prison (because of an escape attempt by others) ???

After preview Ch 7 did the SMS et c GOLD Logie thing for Ada & Kate once more

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