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The Unexpected !

Guest Love_peter_Baker

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As Evil gets closer to Summer Bay,

The residents are going to receive to shocking news.

One resident’s life is put in serious danger.


Does Peter need help from old colleague?

The death of a Summer Bay favourite sends shock waves through out the bay.


Jack is found by Claire but is it too late?

Peter and Claire find vital evidence leading to the killer next victim but will they catch the killer in time.


Will the killer strike again?

A body is found which will change everything.


Back to square one as the main suspect is found dead.

The killer is still on the loose.

Alf finds evidence that will tell the cops who the killer is.

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Episode 1 – Its here!

(Police station)

Jack goes to enter Peter’s office through the evidence room door but stops when he hears Peter talking on the phone.

Jack hears Peter saying

‘If we tell them they will panic like last time.

I have not seen anything unusual but I know she will return, when I don’t know.

Look I’m not telling them I have come back to protect them not so they can keep looking over their shoulder in fear all the time.

Claire you told me to come back here so no one would find out why the change of plan?

If you’re that bothered you come back here and tell them.’

Jack enters Peter office and sits down.

‘Do you mind constable I’m on the phone’ said Peter.

‘I’m not leaving until you tell me what going on’ said Jack.

‘Ill ring you back’ said Peter to Claire on the phone.

‘I want to know what is going on’ said Jack.

Peter starts to look a bit worried.

‘I want the truth this time peter’ said Jack.

‘Well you know how Eve was the stalker, well she is alive. That was the main reason I returned after going back to the city after I kissed Leah.

I got told to come back to protect the town that is why I have photo’s of everyone. Everyone is under surveillance including you.’ Peter explained.

‘But then tonight I got a phone call saying I had to tell the town which I can’t because they will panic and they will be even worse then last time’ Said Peter.

‘Look come with me and I will show you the entire case file on Eve’ said Peter.

Peter walked out of the station and in to his car.

Jack followed.

On the way to the place where peter was taking Jack, It was a very awkward atmosphere because Jack did not know weather to believe what Peter was saying but he went with him any way.

They arrived in some bushes leading to a alley way to a house.

Peter got a key out of his pocket and walked down the alley way to the house door.

Jack followed behind him.

Peter enters the house and unlocks one of the rooms.

Jack walks in the room to see ‘Residents of the bay’ on the wall opposite.

Jack is amazed and Peter walks out of the room and unlocks another door.

‘In here’ said Peter?

Jack walked in to see ‘Eve (Stalker)’ on the wall opposite.

‘I know it’s a lot to take in but you are now on the case’ said Peter.

‘I knew I should of trusted you and now I know I can I have shown you all this’ replied Peter.

‘Ok so what do I have to do’ asked Jack.

‘Well I’m going to call a meeting at Noah bar at 6:30pm and you will be there with Martha off duty’ said Peter.

‘I have to work tonight’ said Jack.

‘Look mate I’m pulling rank your off work rite!’ said Peter.

Jack laughs at Peter.

‘Mate all you got to do is pretend to everyone you no nothing about what I’m saying at the meeting, pretend this is the first time you heard about it’ said Peter.

‘Look we better’ said Peter.

Jack exits and gets in to Peter car while Peter locks up.

(Noah bar)

Peter enters Noah bar.

‘Alf Will you pass the word around but tell Colleen first, there is an important meeting that everyone needs to attend and Alf I mean everyone 6:30pm’ said Peter.

‘Mate what you going on about’ asked Alf.

‘Put it this way the towns life is in danger’ replied Peter.

‘I want you to put posters everywhere 6:30pm in Noah bar, that gives you 3 hours.

Alf can you do it?’ asked Peter.

‘Yeah sure’ said Alf.

Peter exits Noah’s Bar.

Dan enters.

‘Why was my brother in a hurry’ asked Dan.

‘Something is up with him, he came in saying our lives are at risk and he is organising a meeting for 6:30pm and everyone has to be here’ said Alf.

Dan rushes out side after his brother.

‘Pete wait’ shouted Dan.

Peter stops by his car.

‘Look Dan I need to go I don’t want an argument’ replied Peter.

‘All I want to know is why the town is in danger’ asked Dan.

‘Just be at the meeting I will tell you then’ said Peter.

Dan walks off confused.


Everyone is turning up for the meeting early but there is still no sign of Peter. Jack enters with Martha.

‘Jack do you know anything about why my brother has called this meeting’ asked Dan?

‘No mate I received a text off him earlier and he just said be there if you can but then Martha told me what Pete had told Alf’ said Jack.

The whole town is waiting for Peter to arrive.


Peter enters Noah bar and explains that he is glad that everyone has turned up.


Colleen is walking in to Noah bar for the meeting but she is smacked over the head with a metal bar.

Colleen drops to the ground unconscious.

(Inside Noah’s)


Thank you, all for coming.

Irene: Peter lets just get on with it aye.

Peter: As you all know I was on a case early last year and a lot of you were put in danger. Well we thought we had closed the case. But I was wrong, when I returned to the city we had new evidence that came our way.

Which shown Eve Jacobson Also known as Zoe Macalister the summer Bay stalker was still alive.

Sally: that can’t be true she died in the explosion when you saved me.

Peter: Sally I wish it was true but that’s not the case Eve is alive.

Dan: but…. But why you telling us now?

Peter: So you know to look out for anything suspicious!

I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to catch her but if she is back for revenge on the town she will do anything to get it.

(The room goes in hysterics)

Jack: Please carm down.

Jack walks up to where Peter is standing.

Jack: we will do anything we can to catch her!

I and detective Baker will pass round our mobile numbers, anything suspicious ring me.

But anything that is really really important ring detective Baker rite!

(The meeting goes on for about another 10 minutes before people start to leave)

Irene and Barry exit Noah bar.

‘Barry will you stay at mine until she is caught’ asked Irene

‘Of course I will’ said Barry.

‘Thanks darl owe my god Barry look’ said Irene as she runs over to colleen’s body.

‘Quick get help’ shouted Irene.

Barry ran inside and rang for an ambulance.

After shouting ‘Quick it’s Colleen’.

Rachael runs outside to help save Colleen.

Peter and Jack watch everyone standing round shocked.

As Peter is looking at colleen he see’s a letter.

He walks over and opens the letter which says ‘I’m HERE!!!’ Peter looks around but can not see her.

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Episode 2 : devastating news


Alf, Irene, Rachael, Leah and Barry are waiting outside of Colleen’s hospital room.

Irene: Who could have done this to her

Leah: Who do you think, we have just sat in a meeting being told the stalker is alive and then this happens.

Alf: Owe no!!!

Colleens door opens and Dr Green is saying ‘She has arrested we need to get her to i.c.u NOW!!’

Leah: What’s going on please tell us?

Rachael helps Dr. Green and goes with him to I.C.U.

Everyone follows but stops at the I.C.U door entrance to watch Dr. Green and Rachael try and save Colleen.

Irene starts to cry and hugs Barry.

One of the doctors shut the door and pulls the blinds down so nobody can see in.

After about 20 minutes Rachael and Dr. Green walk out the I.C.U and say

‘I’m so sorry there was nothing we could do, she suffered a heart attack in the ambulance then another one in her room which lead to heart failure.

‘Noooooooo this can’t be right, I want to see her’ shouted Irene.

Irene pushed pass Dr. Green and walked to Colleens bedside.

Everyone followed her in and just looked at Colleen body lying their.

‘I can’t take this no more’ said Leah as she walked out of the hospital room with her eyes filling up with tears.

Everyone just stood around Colleen’s bedside feeling empty.

Leah walks out of the hospital by herself thinking about how someone could kill colleen and Eve keeps popping up in her mind.

(Police station)

Peter is sitting in his office.

Jack enters Pete’s office.

‘There has been no more news on colleen yet Pete’ said Jack.

Peter is just sitting in his chair staring at a piece of paper saying ‘STALKER’.

Leah enters the police station.

‘Where Peter’ said Leah to Laura Fitzgerald.

‘He is in his office’ said Laura.

Leah storms in his office.

Pete looks up at Leah to see her upset.

‘Ill leave you’ alone said Jack as he is leaving Pete’s office.

‘Why Peter why colleen I thought you came back to protect us’ shouted Leah.

Pete stood up.

‘She is dead, you could of stop this’ shouted Leah.

Peter moves closer to Leah to hug her but she pushes him away and starts hitting him saying ‘Why, how could you do this to us’.

‘I’m sorry’ said Peter whilst he tries to stop Leah hitting him and punching him.

‘Why’ Leah said repeatedly.

Pete manages to carm Leah down as he holds her in his arms.

‘I’m sorry I really am’ said Peter in Leah ear.

Peter starts to cry as they hug each other.

‘Leah look at me’ said Peter.

‘We are going to catch her no matter what’ said Peter.

‘I’m not going to let her win I promise’ said Peter.

Leah sits in Peters chair crying.

‘Pete how long have you known she has been alive?’ asked Leah.

Peter sat on his table facing Leah.

‘Since I have returned after we kissed and you fell off the cliff’ replied Peter.

‘Is that why you have photo’s of me?’ asked Leah.

Peter gets up and locks his office door.

He then opens one of his office draws and gets out a stack of files.

‘All these files are on every resident of the bay I have been watching everyone since the day Beth party was on’ said Peter.

Someone knocks on the office door.

‘Hold on’ said Peter.

Peter puts the files away and says quietly to Leah ‘You can’t tell anybody about this ok’ said Peter.

He gets up and unlocks his door.

Senior detective Claire broody is standing outside Peter office.

She then walks in.

‘Hey Leah I’m sorry about your loss’ said Claire.

Leah walks out of the office saying ‘Pete come round later I need to speak with you’.

Leah exits shutting Pete’s office door behind him.

‘How could you do that’ shouted Peter.

‘What do you mean’ said Claire.

‘She has just lost a good friend and needed a shoulder to cry on and you burst in like that’ replied Peter.

‘I think this is more important at the minute’ said Claire.

‘What catching Eve, If I would of not told the towns people maybe Eve would of kept away for longer!’ said Peter.

‘Maybe Peter that’s it maybe’ shouted Claire.

‘This is your fault I never wanted to tell them but ow no you made me’ shouted Peter.

‘Here we go again our break up of the engagement was my fault as well’ said Claire.

‘I’m not even going in to that and I’m out of here, going to be useful’ shouted Peter as he exited to Office.

‘Peter come back here’ shouted Claire.


The Killer edges closer to killing another resident of the bay, but will they succeed?

Clues start to add up to reveal the past could come back and haunt the summer bays police.

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