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Mon 10 Apr 06 - "DON'T Move Over Ricky Ponting"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "DON'T Move Over Ricky Ponting"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 10 Apr 06 - Episode # 4161)

Rachel enters the diner and Leah tells her how she kicked Dan out of the diner Flat.

Colleen then enters, fresh from her Italian holiday. She has on THAT red beret, and is carrying a small Italian flag. She tells Leah & Rachel that she had a great time overseas, and adds that sally & little pippa will be staying another week in Milan.

When Leah & Rachael say that they are heading for Martha’s birthday party, Colleen is keen to go as wel – as she feels like she ais still on italain time.

T the party at the holden house, Cassie & Macca are closely dancing. When Cassie stops to get a drink, Tilly approaches, and suggests that Cassie & Macca look like they are already V close.

Colleen arrives, and is keen to tell all about Italy, and whilst most are having way fun at the party, Rachel sees that Leah is having a glum time.

At Amanda’s flat, Dan is asleep, and Amanda is sitting near to him. Dan wakes and is startled at Amanda’s’ close presence.

They start talking about the past. They have an awkward moment, so Amanda decides to go back to her on room to try to get some sleep.

At Maratha’s party, Irene & Hyde decides to bail … as it’s too late & too noisy.

As they leave, Kimmy & jack arrange for Kimmy o move into the holden house with jack.

Ric & belle are WAAAAY pashing at the beach house (with most of the lights off) when Hyde & Irene return home.

Whilst Hyde escorts Ric out of the house, Irene lectures Belle about sexual responsibility. Bell gets in her fair share of smart alec comments that she’s known for though.

At the holden house, Tony turns off the music and “suggests” that everyone should go home.

Soon after, Martha, Macca & Cassie enter the van park house. They are surprised when Hyde arrives with Ric, esp. when Hyde tells Martha to tell Morag what Ric & Belle got up to. Cassie is clearly affected by what Ric has done.

Next morning, Macca comments to Cassie about her unease when Hyde bought Ric home last night.

Cassie gets a call on her mobile. When the call is over, she tells Macca that boxing classes aren’t happening, as there was not enough interest. Macca offered to teach Cassie some boxing moves, which she appreciates.

Ric enters the room, and when he tries to say something about last night, cassie goes a little over the top when she say that what Ric does these days is of no concern to her.

Ryan enters Amanda’s Flat (after his sleepover elsewhere). He is rally pleased to see Dan, and hopes that Dan will permanently move back in with he & Amanda (who like the idea as well).

At the Beach house, kimmy tells Irene that he is moving out. She as always takes the news pretty well.

Ric enters the house, and bell goes into the kitchen (where Ric is). They quickly kiss and then the phone rings. Irene answers ….. She tells belle that the person on the line is Kathryn Lansdowne !!!

At the holden house, Tony removes his wedding ring. Jack & Luke enter the house, and the 3 quickly reminisce about the time they’ve spent in this house. Luke & Tony then bail (to head t their new home next door).

As they leave, Martha enters the house, and jack admits that he’ll miss living with his family.

Luke & Tony enter the new home *the hunter house) and a playful fight ensues between Luke & Tilly as to who is getting Robbie’s old room.

On the back patio of the beach house, belle tells Ric that the woman she encounters at the Lansdowne house recently was a cleaner. Belle adds that she has arranges to meet her birth mum tomorrow, and belle is glad with Ric offers to come with her to the momentous occasion.

In the diner kitchen, colleen is making a Italian dish which she thinks that they can add to the menu, but the dish doesn’t takes so good, so leah suggests that they should only ad lasagne to their menu instead.

Leah enters the main part of the diner where Amanda, Dan & Ryan have just entered. Leah ignores Amanda’s greeting and focuses on the dressed in cricket whites Ryan. She comments that she is looking at a future captain of the Aussie cricket team.

On the back patio of the van park house, Macca is teaching Cassie (complete with pink boxing gloves) some boxing moves. Martha sees that Macca & Cassie seem to be getting close, and comments on this when Cassie bails. Macca insists that he isn’t interested in anything more that a bit of fun with Cassie.

Amanda & Ryan bail from the diner, and as Dan is paying for the meals, Leah lays into him… after

Ryan mentions that Dan is living at Amanda’s flat now.

Soon after, Amanda enters her flat and Dan tells her about his clash with Leah. Amanda begins to give him a shoulder massage. Dan tries briefly to get her to stop ….. but they end up kissing (end of ep)


Belle meets her birth mum … we are in for a shock !!!

After, the preview Ch 7 had the SMS or phone # to vote for Kate Ritchie & Ada Nicodemou (but not ex H&A star Bec Hewitt) in this year’s race for the GOLD Logie

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