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It Can't Be True?

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Part one of?

It was a hot summers day at Dan and Leahs house while VJ and Ryan were playing together there was a

knock at the door it was Dans mum and dad. Someone they knew had made a comment about Ryan the

weekend he and VJ stayed over in the city "Dan sit down we have something to tell you" said his mum "and

you may not want to hear it" his dad added. Dan and Leah both sat down and his mother began. "when the

boys stayed over at the weekend we had a lilttle BBQ and well somebody asked us when did Peter get

married and have a little boy and well naturally we said he didt and said they were Dans but Betty wouldt have

it and well that got us thinking about why Ryan looked so much like Peter and not like you thats when we

got the photo albums out!

This is my 1st fan fic so hope you like

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Part two of?

Dan and Leah we absolutly in shock when Ryan walks in and breaks the tension! "Grandpa wanna come and play soccer with me and VJ". "Not today Ryan Grandpa and grandma were just leaving" said Dan.

An hour later

"Pete its Dan call me when you get this message we have to talk!

"hey you ok"asked Leah, "not really the little boy ive raised from birth may not even be my son a mean how would you feel if someone told you VJ was not your son" asked Dan, "but the never said that hes not your son"

knock at the door

"peter come in Dans in here"

"Dan what going on your messaged sounded urgent" "mate you may want to sit down for this"

Sorry itsnot very good!!!

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