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Chapter 8:

After a hour or so Martha decided it was time to go home since it was so late. She let go of Jack’s grip and stood up.

“I better get going” Martha said.

“Ok then” Jack replied as he stood up now standing next to her. Martha leant forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and turned towards the door.

“Martha” Jack called out. She turned around wondering what he had to say.

“Yeah” Martha replied.

“You can’t leave like that” Jack said as he started walking up to Martha. Martha stood looking confused.

“Why not?” she asked. Jack leant forward and gave her a passionate kiss Martha gave into his kisses. They continued like this for a couple of minutes, until they were both were out of breath.

“That’s better” Jack replied as he still had his arms around Martha’s waist.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” Martha asked him.

“Yep” Jack replied. Martha turned around and walked out leaving Jack standing with a huge smile on his face. He had never been happier, he had gone through a lot first loosing his mum and then all the things with Harry Chamber, then he nearly lost his hearing and now it was all improving well maybe not the hearing but as long as he had Martha he was happy.

It was around 9 o’clock in the morning and Martha was serving customers at Noah’s. She wasn’t really concentrating as she couldn’t stop thinking about Jack, she knew he had a doctor’s appointment today, and she had just hoped that his hearing would come back to normal.

Jack had just left the doctors with a slight smile on his face, he was heading to Noah’s he knew Martha was there and he couldn’t wait to see her. This morning didn’t really turn out as he planned, his hearing hadn’t got any better, and Flynn told him that it might stay permanent.

Jack walked into Noah’s and was about to walk up to Martha, until he heard someone call out his name.

“Jack” Alf said

‘Oh hello” Jack replied as he turned around to see Alf.

“How’s you’re hearing?” Alf asked.

Jack looked down at the floor; it wasn’t getting any better how was he supposed to go back to work.

“It has stayed the same, it hasn’t improved” Jack said.

“Oh so it could stay permanent that would mean you wouldn’t be able to go back to work?” Alf asked.

“Yeah it could be permanent the doctors don’t yet know for sure and yeah I can’t go back to work until the doctors say. Martha who had been listening to the whole conversation couldn’t help but feel responsible. Tear formed in her eyes and she ran out of Noah’s.

Jack and Alf stood and watched as Martha ran out.

“Is everything ok with Martha?” Alf asked.

“I don’t know I’ll guess I’ll find out now” Jack said as headed outside looking for Martha.

“Martha” Jack called out. Martha stopped but didn’t turn around she faced the other waiting for Jack to approach her. Jack came behind her and put his hands around her waist.

“Are you ok?” he asked. Martha turned around to face Jack; she still had watery eyes from her tear. Jack looked at her and could tell she was crying.

“Martha what’s wrong?” Jack asked worried.

“It’s all my fault” Martha replied quietly not looking up at Jack.

“What’s all you’re fault?” Jack asked confused who had no idea what Martha was on about.

“You’re hearing if it wasn’t for me you would still have perfect hearing and you would be back at your job again” Martha said as a tear fell down on to her cheek.

“Martha we have been through this it was just meant to be a prank, I don’t blame you for what happened” Jack replied, hoping that would make her feel better.

“When you were in there telling granddad what had happened at the doctors, it just all came back to me and I can’t help but feel bad” Martha replied.

“Martha please doesn’t feel bad” started Jack as he placed his arm on hers.

“I’ve got you and that’s all that matters” Jack replied giving her a smile. The smile Martha couldn’t resist.

“Look on the Brightside at least we got together and hopefully in a week or so my hearing could come back to normal” Jack said.

Martha looked up at him; he always knew what to say to make her feel better.

“I’m glad you’re mine” Martha said wrapping her hands around Jack’s neck. She leant forward and gave him a kiss on the lips. Before returning back into Noah’s

Chapter 9:

Martha was doing a shift at Noah’s, trying to concentrate on her job, but all she could think about was Jack, and she couldn’t wait to finish her job and go and see him. She missed him so much she never knew you could be this happy, a couple of weeks ago before Jack came to summer bay she thought that she was never going to find the right guy for her.

Jack had almost finished his shift at the station and couldn’t wait to get home, not that his job was boring, but he was just doing paperwork because of his ear and also he just couldn’t wait to see Martha, he had waited so long for her to finally admit that she liked him, and now that he had her he wasn’t going to let her go.

“Hey Jack, how’s the paper work going” Corey asked sitting next to Jack.

“Yeah I’m nearly finished” Jack replied, racing through it to get it done as soon as possible, he couldn’t get the smile of his face.

“What are you so happy about; could it be a particular girl?” Corey asked looking at Jack’s smile.

“Actually it is” Jack replied looking at Corey.

“Oh, I see you found someone new, I didn’t think you would get over Martha that easily” Corey replied.

“Actually the girl is Martha” Jack replied. Corey’s heart sank, he couldn’t believe it, how could Jack forgive her after what she did to him

“So you guys are all ok, I mean about this whole ear thing and what happened?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, well it was only an accident, and it doesn’t matter anymore” Jack replied.

Corey looked away from Jack; he had hoped that Jack and Martha wouldn’t get together, he didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but the first time he saw Martha he couldn’t get her out of his head, and now he knew he had no chance.

“Done” Jack replied, putting his pen down and leaning back on the chair.

“Ok well I’ll give it to the boss, you can go home” Corey offered.

“Thanks mate” jack replied, he grabbed his bag and his car keys and headed outside. Before he reached his car he got out his mobile and started to text Martha.

Chapter 10:

Jack was on his way home, when his phone started to ring.

“Hello” he said picking it up.

“Hey Jack, its Martha” she said. Jack smiled to him self.

“Is everything ok” he asked.

“Yeah, I got you’re text but I am going to be late I have got an hour left before my shift is up” she replied.

“Oh, ok” he said trying not to sound to disappointed, he knew he would see hr soon, but he couldn’t wait, they had only gotten together a day ago and now he couldn’t’ get enough of her.

“Ok well I’ll see you later” Martha replied and hanged up the phone.

Jack arrived home to find a note on the table it was from his dad. It read:

Hey Jack

Me and Lucas have gone out with Beth and Matilda to the movies

We will be back around 8


Jack read the note and smiled to himself, he would be able to spend mostly the whole day with Martha alone.

Martha who only had 30minutes left of her shift, couldn’t wait to finish she kept looking at the clock every 2minutes. She couldn’t wait to see Jack; she didn’t know why she had tried to act all hard to get for the past couple of weeks. She had never felt about anyone; like this before and she was glad that Jack decided to put the accident that happened behind them.

“Martha you’re shift is up” Alf said, looking at Martha who was facing the other directions.

“Martha” he called her name again.

“Uh, yeah sorry what did you say” Martha replied snapping out of her daydream and turned around

“You’re shift is up, you can go home” Alf reaped himself. A smile grew on her face.

“Ok cya granddad” she replied racing of upstairs to go and get changed.

Martha was dressed, she headed downstairs and she wasn’t looking where she was going and accidentally bumped into a man.

“Um sorry” she said looking up at the man.

“That’s ok, you’re Martha aren’t you” he said trying to not make it obvious about how much he really knew about her.

“Yeah, you’re Jack’s partner, Corey?” she replied.

“Yeah, seems like you’re in a hurry” Corey said looking at Martha.

“Yeah I have to go” she replied before grabbing her car keys and heading towards her car.

Jack who was sitting at home, he was watching TV, he really wasn’t paying attention, because his mind was focused on other things. Then he heard something that really grabbed his attention, it was a knock on the door.

“Coming” he said getting up with a smile on his face it was Martha.

there we go, thats all the chapters that are on haac as well

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Great chapters! I'm soooo glad things are all good in their relationship at the mo. :)

:o Corey has a thing for Martha?? O-Oh...I hope that's not trouble I can see on the horizon...

More soon Please! :D

(By the way, I love your av!)

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