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Chapter 6:

He watched as they all entered he looked up at Martha as she passed and gave her a smile, but as Martha was looking at the floor she didn’t see Jack’s smile. He was happy that she had come; now maybe they could discuss everything. He wanted to make everything right between him and Martha.

Martha didn’t even want to look at Jack, she couldn’t believe that she agreed on coming here what was she supposed to do all night keep quiet and not talk, even if she was to talk she didn’t know what to say, her and Jack used to joke around before but now it was different.

“Do you guys want a drink” Jack asked as they all sat on the couch “No Thanks” replied Tasha and Robbie. “Martha” Jack said as he had noticed that Martha didn’t reply. “Uh.. No thanks” she said as she forced a smile, wow how weird was that Martha thought to herself.

“So how are you feeling?” Robbie asked. “Yeah I’m doing fine, my hearing hasn’t improved but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so then I will see” Jack replied. Martha’s heart sank, she had thought that his hearing would have already came back, but it hadn’t this just made everything even more complicated because she was the one responsible for what had happened for his hearing.

They spent an hour talking about their past days, and catching Jack up with everything he had missed. Martha had found it a bit weird as she didn’t speak much, expect laugh at Robbie’s jokes. Jack took a quick glance and Martha and he had thought that she was acting differently, she would normally be talking more than anyone but today she didn’t say anything and Jack knew the reason. He had to tell Martha that he still liked her, because she probably thought that he had hated her and he wanted to apologize for all the things he had said to her.

Martha would occasionally look up at Jack when he wasn’t looking at her and Jack did the same thing. Tash and Robbie had noticed that Martha didn’t talk much, so they decided to make most of the conversation because if they didn’t it would be awkward.

“Well Jack we better be off” Tasha said as she got up followed by Robbie and Martha. Martha was glad to finally go home, not because she hated being around Jack it was because she didn’t know what to say she didn’t even know if Jack was still angry at her.

Jack looked at Martha and knew he couldn’t let her go without telling her that he still wanted her. “Martha can I talk to you” Jack said. Martha looked up she looked shocked, what could possibly Jack say to her. “Yeah sure” she said quietly. “Bye” Robbie called out as they walked out of door closing it behind them.

She stood their looking shocked, she didn’t know what he would say to her, would it be bad or good.

Chapter 7:

“Hey” Jack said as he turned around to Martha who went back to sit back onto the couch. Jack followed and sat next to her

“Hey” she replied with little confidence she was nervous because she didn’t know what he would say.

Both of the stayed quite for a couple of seconds, Martha was eager to know what Jack wanted to tell her, while Jack was trying to work out what to say

.“Listen I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about everything I said to you back at the hospital, I guess I was just angry, and wasn’t thinking straight” Jack said as he broke the awkward silence between them.

“God, Jack you have nothing to apologize for, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be in this position” Martha replied with confidence.

”Martha I get it, it was just meant to give me a laugh I understand that you didn’t want to hurt me”. Jack replied.

Martha looked at Jack, finally things were starting to work out for her, maybe after all there was a chance for her and Jack.

“Martha I just want to say that me being scared of spiders isn’t some sissy thing, it’s a dead set phobia from when I was younger.” Jack said.

“I get it now, and once again I’m sorry” Martha replied. Jack gave her a smile.

Then there was silence.

“At least now I know you don’t hate me” Martha said breaking the silence and giving out a laugh, she felt more relaxed now that they sorted it all out.

“Yeah I know because you couldn’t stand being away from me” Jack said with a cheeky smile. Martha gave him a playful slap on the arm

“And what are you saying that you could keep away from me?” she asked.

“Probably not” he replied giving her a smile and leaning closer to her, so close that their lips were almost touching. Martha couldn’t take it anymore she had to be with Jack, she leant even closer and they started kissing, with great passion. Martha couldn’t be happier she finally had Jack.

On the other side Jack’s mind was going through a lot of thoughts, mostly good thoughts, he and Martha were finally together and that’s what only mattered. Their kiss lasted for a couple of minutes, both not wanting to let go. After a couple of minutes they broke away, desperate for air. Jack looked at Martha with a smile.

“If you weren’t so stubborn we could have been together, a along time ago” Jack said joking around.

“Me stubborn, what about you?” she said laughing. She leaned forward again, and they continued kissing. The kiss lasted for what had seemed ages. Jack couldn’t get enough of Martha’s kisses. A week ago he could only dream to be with Martha, and now it was happening, his dream had become reality.

“I better let you go to sleep” Martha said as she looked up at Jack who had his hands around her waist

“No you don’t have to” Jack said as he wanted Martha to stay, he finally had her and didn’t want to let her go

“No I do, you probably want to get some sleep” she said as she didn’t want to leave him, but knew she had to.

“No, trust me right now all I want to do is be with you ok” he replied.

Martha gave him a smile “Ok” she replied, as she was glad that Jack wanted her to stay.

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