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Ok....i know i havn't updated this fic in AGES but, i stopped at chapter 4 and didn't post the rest on bttb, some of you have probably read this on haac, but here it is anyway. After i post all the same chapters as haac has, then I'll update new chapters

Chapter 5:

She turned around and saw Jack’s hand on hers, now she had to face him, there was no way of getting out of it. “Jack don’t make this harder as it already is” Martha said. Jack looked shocked, but he didn’t speak. “Jack I never meant to hurt you like this, putting the fake spider on your bed was supposed to be just a prank, it was meant to give you a laugh that’s all, I never meant for it to happen like this.” She continued. Jack looked at her, and now he had seen the side of Martha that his dad was talking about before. “I didn’t kiss you at the hospital, because I wanted to make myself feel better or for you to forgive me, I kissed you Jack because I care about you and I like you so much” Martha said as a tear ran down her face. “And that’s why I am respecting your wishes and staying out of your life.” Martha said as she let herself out of Jack’s grip and walked of leaving Jack confused and shocked.

Jack stood there, with the words that Martha had said spinning in his head, his dad was right she did like him, then he started to feel bad, how could he have said those words to Martha in the hospital, he didn’t want her to stay out of his life, he wanted her in his life. He definitely wanted her to be part of it. He had liked Martha since the first time he talked to her; he thought he would never have a chance with her, but he was wrong. She had liked him so much too even respect his wishes and stay away from him. Jack just wanted to run after Martha and tell her that he wanted her, that he had wanted to hold her and for her to be his forever, but he couldn’t run after her, she had thought that he hated her and it was too late now.

Martha was trying to walk as fast as she could, and as far as she could to get away from Jack because she didn’t want to know his reaction, she had a feeling it was going to be bad, but little did Martha know that Jack had still liked her and that he wanted to be with her. She had loved him so much that it had hurt her. She was glad that she had finally told Jack how she felt about him, now he knew the truth, but that didn’t change much, he still was half death in one ear and there was nothing she could do about that. She wiped away her tears and headed back to her apartment. She was going to get dressed and head of to work, it was unfair to leave her granddad to do all of it, he had covered for her shift this morning so she thought she would go and take his.

Jack entered his house and walked in silence, he saw his dad in the kitchen but didn’t say anything, and he walked over to the couch and sat there. “Hey Jack where have you been” Tony questioned him. “I just went for a walk” Jack said not telling his dad the truth. He knew he had to apologize about how he was acting before to his dad. “Hey dad I’m sorry about before” Jack said. “Nah don’t worry about it” Tony said “I am going to go to Beth’s house for dinner, will you be fine here?” Tony asked. “Yeah I will” Jack replied as he picked up the remote and turned on the T.V. “Ok then remember you have you’re doctors appointment tomorrow morning” Tony said. “Yeah I know don’t worry I’ll be there” Jack replied. “Ok then mate I better get going” Tony said as he left the house.

“Hey Martha love are you feeling better” Alf asked Martha as she entered Noah’s. “Yeah I am thanks granddad, I was thinking I could take over your shift today since you covered for mine this morning” Martha said. “No love it’s fine, we don’t have much customers anyway, you can just work tomorrow morning if you want to” Alf replied. “Ok thanks granddad I’m just going to go and visit Tasha and Robbie” she said as she left.

“Hey Martha” Robbie said as he opened his door and welcomed Martha inside. “Hey guys Martha said as she gave them a smile. “Are you feeling better” Tasha asked. “Yeah much better” Martha replied. They spent an hour or so talking, and Martha told them about the incident she had earlier with Jack, and then Robbie came up with an idea.

“What about we go and visit Jack now and see how he is doing” Robbie asked Martha and Tasha. “Yeah that sounds great” Tasha replied. “You guys go without me” Martha said, as she didn’t want to face Jack just yet. “No C’mon Mac please come” Tasha pleaded. “But what if he doesn’t want me, he did tell me to stay out of his life. “Martha replied. “Hello, its Jack we are talking about here, he is madly in love with you I am pretty sure he does want you there” Robbie said giving her a smile. “Ok fine” Martha said.

Jack couldn’t help but feel bad; about everything he had done and said to Martha, if he wasn’t so hard on her, they could have been together by now, but then again she didn’t make it easy either. Then there was a knock on the door. “Coming” Jack replied as he got up, he wondered who it could be.

He opened the door to find Tasha, Robbie and Martha standing there. “Hey guys come in” Jack said as he stepped on the side of the door so they could enter.

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