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Chapter 2:

Martha ran as fast as she could out of the hospital, why did she just kiss Jack, that was the best kiss she had every shared with a guy, but this just had made the situation worse, she never told Jack that she was the one that planted the fake spider there. What would Jack think when he found out, she couldn’t not tell him, she had to tell him, but when? She stopped running once she reached the beach; she sat down and looked up at the water that always made her feel better.

Jack lay in his bed for hours, thinking about Martha and the kiss they shared earlier, it was the best kiss he has ever shared with a women, but what he didn’t understand was why Martha had ran out after the kiss, he didn’t do anything wrong did he?.

“Hey Jack” Lucas said as he walked in to Jack’s room breaking him up from his thoughts about Martha. “Me and dad are going to go home now if that’s ok” Lucas said

“Yeah that does fine ill see you all tomorrow” Jack said. “Oh wait I just remembered” Lucas said as he picked out something from his pocket and placed it on Jack bed it was a fake spider. “I found it on the floor in you bedroom…anyways I’m going to go now cya” Lucas said as he left.

Jack looked closely at the spider. Not much people knew he was scared spiders it was a phobia from when he was younger he didn’t like telling anyone this. He looked at the spider for a couple of minutes, and thought back to his accident how he had hit his head. The he remembered that when he got out of the shower and went to pick up his t-shirt there was the spider there and that’s what made him hit his head. That’s why he was in hospital

But how did it get there he didn’t know, Lucas and his dad were the only ones that knew about him being scared of spiders, but they wouldn’t put it there, they would never do something like that to him. They knew what happened to Jack in his early life with spiders. He stood their playing with the fake spider trying to figure out who had put it there. Then it came to him, he didn’t want to believe it but it was true “Martha” he thought to him self. It was her; she was the only other person who knew about his phobia.

That would explain a lot, she was acting a bit weird around him and she never ended up telling him why she came to visit him. Jack couldn’t believe it, he and Martha used to joke around, but this was past a joke. It went through his head a couple of times, then he thought back to the kiss that he shared with Martha earlier, it was amazing, but since she was the one that had planted the fake spider, did she only kiss me so that I would forgive her for what she did he thought. He thought Martha was different and when she kissed him he came to think that she could maybe like him but now he knew that wasn’t true.

Martha sat on the beach for hours, clearing her head but somehow looking at the water didn’t help her stop thinking about what she had done. The only way she could stop thinking about it was to tell Jack. She had to tell him, this time with no distractions. She got up and headed for the hospital. She knew Jack wouldn’t be happy once she told him but they could work it out, she never knew she could like a guy this much.

Jack was still thinking about everything that had happened to him, how could Martha do this; all she cared about was her self. Then there was a knock on the door. “Come in” Jack said as he couldn’t be bothered saying anything else, he didn’t feel like talking to anyone. To his surprise he saw Martha standing there

“Look Jack I came here to tell you that-“she was cut of by Jack “Martha save it for someone who cares” Jack said as he threw the spider on the bed. Martha was shocked he had found out before she could tell him, she didn’t like what was going to happen next.

“Why Martha” Jack asked he wanted to know why she had done it and most of all he wanted to know why she would do that to him and try to cover up by kissing him

“I am sorry Jack I didn’t mean for this to happen” Martha said as tears started coming out but she managed to control them, she didn’t want Jack to see her cry.

“Martha really I thought you were different, I never knew you could be so cold hearted, you place a fake spider on my bed, which is what made me end up in hospital and then you come here and kiss me expecting me juts forget about what you did, Martha I like you and you used that to your advantaged you thought if you kissed me it would make your self feel better” Jack said angrily particularly shouting at Martha

“Jack it’s not like that” Martha said disappointed, she was expecting Jack to be angry but not this angry, she wasn’t prepared for this. “Here I was thinking you actually cared about me but all you wanted to do was make yourself feel better” Jack said

“No Jack it’s not true I do –“ Martha tried to tell him she had feeling for him and that she did care for him but Jack interrupted her angrily “Martha I really don’t care anymore why don’t you juts leave me alone, everything is on the line right now my hearing and my job and you are the one that caused all of it” Jack said all in one breath “I don’t want to know you anymore if you see me just walk past me and don’t bother calling me” Jack continued

Martha couldn’t reply, she had nothing to say, Jack didn’t even want to listen what was the point. “Martha Get Out” Jack shouted.

Martha looked at Jack and now she couldn’t control the tear they started running down her face she turned away and ran out of the room, letting herself cry.

Jack lay there in silent, he couldn’t believe what he had just said to Martha, he loved her, but what she did to him was not fair at all “I guess I really never knew her all she cares about is herself” Jack said to him self.

That’s all for this chapter tell me what you think…

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Chapter 3:

Martha ran all the way up to her apartment. She got in headed for her bedroom and shut the door, still boiling her eyes out. Why did it have to turn out like this? Martha thought to her self, only if she had told him how she felt about him none of this would have happened. She couldn’t believe what Jack was thinking of her, she did care about him but whatever she tries to say he didn’t listen. After hours of lying awake on the bed, Martha finally fell asleep.

Jack lay in his bed it was around 10pm, he wished that he could go to sleep, but he couldn’t, he had too much on his mind. Mainly about Martha, why was she like that. He always thought that eventually she would have started liking him, but now he knew the truth she didn’t care about anyone but her self. He couldn’t deny how he felt for her. Eventually after thinking it all through a couple of times Jack fell asleep.

Martha woke up, from the sound of her alarm clock for a minute she thought everything was fine, but then it all came back to her. She wasn’t going to go to work today she couldn’t face anyone; she was just going to stay in all day

“So that mean you can take me home” Jack said sounding a bit better. “Yeah mate come on get your stuff ready and we can take you out of this hospital” Tony said. “Finally I get to go home” Jack said as he tried to give a smile. Tony knew what was wrong, Jack had explained the whole story to him about Martha and the fake spider.

“Martha you in there” Alf called out as he knocked on the door “Yeah I am” Martha replied. “Do you now that you are late for your shift” Alf asked. “Yeah sorry granddad I’m not feeling to well for work today, can you find someone to take over for me” Martha said. Alf knew Martha wasn’t sick, but there was certainly something else going on. “Ok sure love hope you get better” Alf said as he headed down stairs.

As Tony and Jack were driving home, Tony could see that Jack’s mind was elsewhere. “Jack are you sure that maybe Martha doesn’t have feelings for you and that maybe she does care about you?” Tony asked. “Dad I am sure all she ever thinks about is herself, she only came in yesterday because she wanted me to make her feel better for what she had done” Jack said practically yelling. “I’m not sure I agree with you there mate” Tony said. “Well I do” Jack replied. The rest of the trip home was silent.

“Here let me carry you’re bags” Tony said “No dad it’s fine” Jack replied as he grabbed the bags and headed inside. Jack’s mind was thinking still about Martha and the kiss they shared, he had enjoyed it, but he had to forget about it all even forget about Martha because he knew she didn’t feel anything for him. Jack placed his bags down and headed for the shower.

Back at Noah’s Tasha and Robbie walked in ordering a drink. “Hey Alf can we please have two OJ’s?” Robbie asked. “Yeah sure coming right up” Alf said. Tasha looked around noticing Martha wasn’t working “Isn’t Martha working today?” Tasha asked “Yeah she was supposed to but she said she wasn’t up for it, that she was feeling sick. I am pretty sure that it is something else” Alf replied. “After we finish our drink Robbie can we go up stairs to see Martha?” Tasha asked “Yeah sure” Robbie replied as he grabbed the drink and headed for a table.

Martha was lying on the couch trying to watch TV, but couldn’t really focus; she didn’t want to think about what had happened yesterday, because tears would come to her eyes. Maybe I should go talk to him, Martha thought to herself, but then she remembered that he said that he didn’t want anything to do with her, and surely enough the tears started coming down

“Knock Knock” “Anyone here” Robbie asked

“Coming” Martha said as she tried to wipe away the tears, she didn’t want them to see her crying. Martha opened the door and standing there was Tasha and Robbie. ”Hey Martha are you ok” Tasha asked. “Yeah I am fine, I am just feeling a bit sick” Martha said trying to cover up what was really wrong, but since her and Tasha had been friends for a long time, Tasha could see right through her. “Martha I don’t believe you, why don’t we sit down and you can tell me what happened” Tasha said as she walked in and sat on the couch followed by Robbie

There was no way out of this she had to tell them. So she started explaining the whole story, while trying to hold back her tears but couldn’t, once she finished explaining it all the tears started coming out. Robbie and Tasha walked over to Martha and comforted her “Don’t worry Martha I am sure he didn’t mean all of that he was just angry” Robbie “Yeah I would hate me if I was him” Martha said sniffing. “Martha I am pretty sure he doesn’t hate you, Jack is completely in love with you just give it sometime and you will see things will work out for you” Tasha said.

“Hey Jack” I’m just going to head down to Noah’s for a drink, do you want to come?” Tony asked Jack. Jack thought for a second and then realized if he were to go he would probably see Martha, and he wasn’t ready for that. “No, dad you go without me” Jack said.

After an hour of talking it all through it was time for Tasha and Robbie to leave “Thanks guys for everything” Martha said. “No problem we will always be here if you need us” Robbie said as he walked out of the door followed by Tasha. They headed down to the bar where they found Tony and Alf talking.

“So did you manage to find out what was wrong with her” Alf asked. “What is wrong with who?” Tony asked confused. “Alf don’t worry about Martha she is just not feeling a 100% today” Tasha said. “Ok thank you I better go and serve my customers” Alf said. “What’s really wrong with Martha” Tony asked after Alf left. “Have you heard about her and Jack” Robbie asked. “Yeah Jack explained it all to me, she really does like him doesn’t she?” Tony replied. “Yeah she does, I have never seen Martha like a guy as much as she likes Jack, but with the incident that happened earlier, she doesn’t want to come out and talk to anyone” Robbie said. “Oh I knew it, I keep telling Jack that Martha does care for him and that she does like him” Tony said “But Jack thinks she is only doing this because she wants to make her self feel better” Tasha finished his sentence “Yeah that’s exactly right, I am sure that Jack will come through and realize the truth I just think we both need to give them some time” Tony said “Yeah you’re right well me and Robbie have to go, see you later” Tasha said as her and Robbie walked out.

That’s the next chapter……tell me what you think.

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