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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

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Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

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Hey all this is my new fan fic, it happens when Martha comes to see Jack in hospital after she plays that prank on him, which made him end up in hospital. It is the second time she comes to visit after she has a talk with Tasha…sorry if that doesn’t make sense but u will get it once you read it Hope you enjoy….

Chapter 1: Unbelievable

Her mind was going through every kind of thought, why did this have to happen, her life was perfect everything was going right and now this, she had no one else to blame but her self she was responsible. But why? Why was she so stubborn? Maybe if she told him how she felt about him, none of this would of happened, wait she was 100% sure that this would of never happened. Martha hated herself right now. The first time she saw Jack she knew he was something special even though she did call him a jerk and she ahd to admit he was pretty hot in that police uniform of his. “Martha snap out of it” she told herself you can’t think of those thoughts right now, you have to go and tell him what you did “Now”. She made her self gain enough confidence to go and talk to Jack, she had to tell him she was the one who was responsible for him being in hospital. She had to tell him it was now or never. Tash was right she didn’t want to start anything with Jack while she had this hanging over her. She walked up to Jacks room in the hospital and stood in front of the door. She was now feeling scared, but she had to tell him.

She took a step forward and knocked on the door. “Come in” Jack answered. Jack saw as Martha walked through the door, she was beautiful, he just wished that he could hold her; he had never loved someone as much as he loved Martha. Maybe she really did care about him, that’s why she is here right? Jack thought to him self, but was distracted form his daydream by Martha

“Hey” Martha said slowly as her heart was beating 1000 beats a minute, she didn’t want to know what Jack’s reaction would be but she had to tell him what she did. ”Hey what brings you here” Jack said as he saw Martha wasn’t her self, she would normally be making jokes about him but today she was fairly quite. “So how are you feeling” Martha asked trying to make conversation. She walked around the room waiting for the answer. “Martha come sit down” Jack said as he moved him self a bit over so that Martha could sit down next to him on the bed. “Ok” Martha said looking nervous as she sat down. She looked at Jack, she wished that she could be with him, but she couldn’t, she had to first tell him, what she came here to tell him “Don’t tell me you actually care about me” Jack said joking around. Martha looked at him of course she cared about him, was this the time to tell him.

“Jack there is something I need to tell you” Martha spoke slowly “Sorry Martha could you please speak up I can’t hear you, Flynn says my hearing should come back soon on one of my ear” Jack said, Martha looked shocked, she never knew that it was so serious, she never knew Jack’s hearing was affected. “So what happens if your hearing doesn’t get better” Martha asked concerned “Well I could be permanently death in one ear” Jack said looking disappointed, he knew that this would probably put an end in his career. Martha couldn’t believe this why was she so stupid, she never found it hard to talk to guys about her feeling, but Jack he was different, he was something special, he made Martha feel warm inside when he was around even though she never told him how she felt about him. “Martha don’t worry I am more interested in what you have to say” Jack said getting comfy on the bed. Martha thought of just leaving it all, she felt bad for what she had done. She got up, but before she could leave Jack grabbed her hand and made her sit back down again. “Martha tell me what’s wrong you seem restless, something you want to talk about” Jack asked still holding onto her hand. Martha looked down and their joint hands then back up at Jack, god she loved him.

She looked at him for what seemed ages, and finally lost all her self control. She leant forward and kissed him, Jack kissed her back, he had wanted this since the first time he saw Martha. All Martha was thinking about was Jack right now; she was enjoying the kiss and had wanted it for a long time. She could not control her self; every time Jack touched her it made her go weak. Jack was enjoying every moment of the kiss, ”Finally we can be together” Jack thought to himself. Their kiss kept getting more and more passionate until Martha realized what she was doing.

She pulled away, she had to stop, why did she just do that she had just made it worse, she didn’t even tell Jack what she had done. She had to leave. Martha ran out of the door she couldn’t face Jack, she had enjoyed that kiss so much and wished it could last forever but it couldn’t and she knew that. Her life was now even worse, she had just kissed Jack but she didn’t tell him what she did, that it was her fault that he was in hospital.

She left Jack lying their confused, that was the most amazing kiss he had ever had, and he would probably never forget it, he didn’t understand why she had just ran out like that. He wanted to get out of this hospital so he could be with Martha again. He also wanted to find out how he got in this mess, all he remembered was falling and hitting his head.

Next Time:

- Jack finds out Martha was responsible for what happened to him

- How does he react

Hope you all enjoyed it. Please read and review

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