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Something To Remember

Guest Amanda

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Chapter 1

Martha woke up breathing heavily she looked at the time and sat up in bed. She felt her forehead she was sweating. Next to her jack was sleeping Martha smiled.

Jack had asked Martha to move in with him they have been together for about 7 months now.

Martha got out of bed and walked into the kitchen she reached for a glass and poured some water into it.

She sighed lately she had been having dreams of Corey nothing happening or bad; just his face in her dreams and his face made her shiver. Martha put the glass in the sink an went back to bed.

In the morning she was awoken with jack falling over the bed as he was trying to get dressed, she lifted her head up still half asleep

“Hey I thought you didn’t have work today”

“Mhm change of plans boss wants me to get a head start on bookwork” said Jack.

Martha looked at the time ’10:00’ she exclaimed

Jack laughed “I didn’t want to disturb you you’re not the friendliest person in the world in the morning” he joked.

”Hey!” Martha said she reached for a pillow and threw it at jacks head

Jack laughed “I have to go to work now im already late” jack grabbed his bag kissed Martha on the head and walked out.

‘Well better get dressed’ she thought she put a pair off jeans on and grabbed a top of her bed.

“Hey sleepy” said Lucas Martha just smiled “A girl needs her beauty sleep”

Tony looked across from the kitchen “So you excited about your big 20th next week?”

“Yup it will be my first birthday in the bay pity granddad won’t be here” Martha said disappointed.

“That reminds me I have to go down there today and see Alf” Tony said

“Alright send him my love, Im going down to the surf club now to meet rob and Tasha I’ll see you guys tonight” she waved and walked out.

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Chapter 2

Martha entered the surf club too see Robbie and Tasha sat down. Martha walked over to them

“Hi guys” she smiled

“Ok spill what’s wrong?” Tasha asked

“Huh what do you mean?”

“Martha, Martha, Martha I know you like a book I know when there’s something wrong”

Martha looked at Robbie indicating for him to go;

“Alright I’ll go its girl talk anyway”

Martha sat down next to Tasha “Its Corey”

“What about Corey? You have feelings for him?!”

“No, no nothing like that I love jack lately I have been having dreams about him nothing happening just him” Martha replied.

“Im sure it doesn’t mean anything dreams aren’t always true”

“You’re probably right I should just forget about it”

“That’s the way” Tasha smiled.

“How are you and Rob? Lately”

“Yeah where great what about you too”

“Yup I really do love him Tasha”

“And im sure he loves you” she smiled.

“You’re 20 next week Mac”


At that moment jack walked in “Hey” guys he kissed Martha on the cheek and sat down “Hi jack” said Tasha.

“Look guys I have to go I promised granddad that I would help him with the flat” said Martha

“Alright” said jack and Tasha

When Martha was out of eye-sight Robbie walked over to them “Ok Martha’s birthday”

“We have to make it good, its Martha’s first birthday in the bay” smiled Tasha

“I agree I say we have the party here at the surf club for her, it gives us some time to decorate the place” smiled jack

“Alright party here tomorrow we’ll meet here at 4?”

“Sounds like a plan” said Tasha

“That leaves one thing” said Robbie

“What’s that?” asked Tasha

“What are you getting her jack?” winked Robbie

“Ah it’s a surprise”.

The night for Martha’s party was going to be a good one although Alf wouldn’t be able to make it Robbie, Tasha and Jack where going to make it enjoyable for her.

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