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A Different Future

Guest Karissa

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It has been a year since Noah passed away, and life for Hayley has been anything but easy. The future that she had dreamed of was wiped away in an instant during that fateful stormy night when Noah was shot dead by crazed Sarah. Everyone in the small seaside town of Summer Bay were left in sadness and shock, none more so than Hayley. She had married her first love only two months before he died and everything they had planned would just be a dream. Moving on seemed so easy, but in fact it was harder than she thought. In the months since Noah’s death, loved ones and friends had been telling Hayley that it was ok to move on and that her love for Noah will never fade away because she will always have and carry memories with her. The concert held in Noah’s honour and her paintings made moving on easier and less painful. Summer Bay’s new bar, which was named after Noah as a memorial was a sign that Noah will always be watching over Hayley and the Bay. It also marked the start of a new era.

Chapter 1

Hayley awoke to the sounds of Irene clashing and bashing about the kitchen. She wanted to lie in bed for a while, but the smell of freshly cooked pancakes made her tummy rumble. Throwing a pair of jeans and a top on, Hayley quickly dashed to the bathroom then joined Irene, Kim and Olivia for breakfast.

Good morning love, Sleep well asked Irene, carrying a plate of pancakes and a pitcher of orange juice to the table.

Slept like a log. I am starving said Hayley pouring herself a glass of orange juice

Kim finished the last of his breakfast before getting ready for his shift at the local gym.

I had better get going, my clients are going to get annoyed if I’m late said Kim

Don’t let us keep you then said Irene as Kim walked out the door.

Hayley got up and walked over to the sink and rinsed her plate and glass before placing them on the drying rack Irene had put next to the sink.

It’s time you got dressed Olivia and don’t forget to brush you teeth said Irene

I won’t replied Olivia walking up the stairs

What are you plans for today asked Irene

I don’t have any said Hayley

Would you mind spending the day with Olivia asked Irene

Doesn’t she have school?

Pupil free day and unfortunaly I have to work today and tonight. I promised Leah I would cover her night shift for her explained Irene glancing around for her keys, which she found on the hall table near the stairs

Ok. I’m sure there will be plenty of things for us to do today said Hayley

Thanks Dahl said a relieved Irene.

Where are you going reenie asked Olivia returning to the lounge room

I have to go to work sweetie, but you are going to spend the day with Hayley explains Irene

We’ll have lots of fun and we can even pop into the diner to visit Irene smiled Hayley

I have got to go. You be a good girl for Hayley says Irene giving the girls hugs then quickly dashing out the door

What we doing today asked Olivia looking at Hayley

First we have to go into Yabbie Creek to pick up supplies for Noah’s bar, then if you like we could grab a milkshake or an Ice cream later on replied Hayley smiling at the little girl standing next to her

Olivia had lost her mother Chloe almost 2 months ago when a freak car accident claimed her life then all of a sudden she found herself at the centre of a nasty custody dispute between Irene and her grandmother Diana Fraiser. Olivia was thrilled when Irene won custody, she could now live in Summer Bay with her new family. Hayley knew what Olivia was feeling as it was only 6 years ago since her own father died. She adored Olivia and knew that Chloe would have been happy that her daughter was going to have a bright future to look forward to and a stable home life.

Can we go now asked Olivia impatiently

Yes we can. Lets go said Hayley ushering her out the door closing it behind her.

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Chapter 2

At exactly 11.30 the Bus pulled into the depot in Yabbie Creek and Hayley and Olivia stepped out.

Normally Hayley would have driven to Yabbie Creek, but she wrecked her car in an accident at the beginning of 2004 and never got around to buying a new one.

Where are we going first asked Olivia?

We are going to pick up the supplies for the bar first, then if you like we could do some window shopping before lunch explained Hayley while trying to decide weather to cross the road or not.

Meanwhile, the diner was filling up fast which was unusual for a Wednesday, Irene and Leah were run off their feet. Leah had forgotten to mention to Irene that it was the day a tour group comes to the diner for breakfast. As there were only two of them (Colleen had gone to Italy with Sally and baby Pippa for two weeks) running to and from the kitchen it made work very tiring and stressful especially with all the complaints and noise.

Where are all these people coming from asked Irene coming into the kitchen with empty plates.

A tour group comes for breakfast on the first Wednesday of every month explained Leah

Where’s colleen when you need her sighs Irene

Can you take this to table 4 please asked Leah handing her plates of food.

Back in Yabbie Creek, Hayley and Olivia walked out of a shop carrying supplies for the bar and other shopping when they ran into Scott who was picking up some boating gear for a charter he was going to later in the afternoon.

Lately things between her and Scott have been very tense. Ever since they found out that Scott was not the father of her baby, their relationship hit rock bottom and they ended up calling it quits. They had tried to make something work that clearly wasn’t going to and it only put more strain on their friendship. Hayley was now in a relationship with Kim (The baby’s father) but while her mind was there her heart wasn’t. She still had unresolved feelings for Scott and when ever she saw him things became more difficult. Sometimes she wished Noah was still here then her love life wouldn’t be so messy and complicated.

Hayley wondered if she should say hi, but Scott beat her to it

Hey Hayls said Scott smiling awkwardly

Hi, how are you replied Hayley nervously looking at the ground rather then Scott

I’m fine, How are you said Scott

Great. Olivia and I were just doing some shopping and we were just about to grab some lunch, but everywhere seems to be full, so I think we might go to the diner instead explained Hayley

I won’t hold you up. See you around said Scott

Yeah I hope so replied Hayley

Bye Olivia smiled Scott walking down the street away from them.

Come on Olivia there’s the bus said Hayley taking Olivia’s Hand

When they got back to the bay, they headed for the diner.

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Chapter 3

Hello girls, how was your day asked Irene

We had a lovely time, didn’t we Olivia replied Hayley

Yes we did smiled Olivia giving Irene a hug

I thought you were working Leah’s nightshift asked Hayley

I was, but Leah’s plans got cancelled so she decided to come in explained Irene

What’s for dinner reenie asked a hungry Olivia

Spaghetti and salad said Irene

Yum said Olivia her tummy rumbling at the thought

Go and get into you pj’s I will be up in a minute to help you said Irene

I’ll do that Irene offered Hayley

Thanks love, don’t be long will you, dinner will be ready soon explained Irene smiling

We won’t said Hayley disappearing upstairs with Olivia

3 hours later

Time for bed girlie said Irene

Do I have to moaned Olivia yawning

Yes, its late now off you go and brush your teeth, replied Irene

Goodnight Hayley said Olivia

Goodnight Olivia smiles Hayley giving her a hug

Irene goes upstairs to put Olivia to bed

Night love said Irene

Night Irene replies Hayley heading for her room

Hayley looked at her clock the next morning and found it was 9.00. She had slept right through her alarm. In 10 minutes she had made her bed and gotten dressed and went outside for breakfast.

Irene Olivia and Kim were nowhere to be found.

Irene, Olivia, Kim anyone home called out Hayley to no answer

There was a note from Irene on the table that said:


I left you some breakfast in the oven; heat it up if you want

Can you please pick Olivia up from school this arvo?

I also left the shopping list and some money for the shopping.

I won’t be home late so don’t worry about starting dinner, I’ll do

It when I get home.

Be a good girl and bring the washing in and make sure Olivia does her homework

Thanks sweetheart

Love you, Irene

After reading Irene’s note, she went over to the oven to see what she had put in there for breakfast

Opening the door, Hayley removed the plate of food and heated it up in the microwave, but it didn’t taste any good, so she through it away and mad her self some toast with vegemite and poured herself a glass of orange juice.

Knock, knock anyone home called Leah

Doors open said Hayley rinsing her plate and glass in the sink

I brought you so homemade biscuits said Leah setting the plate of freshly made biscuits on the table

Smells great, Olivia will love them replied Hayley

Kim not about noted Leah

No, he and the others were gone by the time I got up. I slept through my alarm explained Hayley

Wait until you have a child, you won’t need an alarm then laughed Leah

Are you working today asked Hayley casually

Not until this afternoon said Leah

Hayley and Leah were so busy chatting that Hayley was running late for her shift at Noah’s Bar

Oh no I’m late for my shift again sighed Hayley

I had better go and get V.J from Stella’s said Leah

I will catch you late said Hayley

Ok smiled Leah following Hayley out the door

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