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Determination and Courage

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Standing infront of the mirror, Dani Suthered sprayed a last bit of hairspray over her ever so carefully done ponytail, every piece perfectly pinned up, she began to apply her lipgloss. "Dani Sutherland you are beautiful" she muttered to herself, pouting her lips together and staring at her reflection. "Now all you have to do is pray he'll be there"

"Ah g'day love what can I do for you?" Alf asked, seeing Dani approach the boat he was working on. "Oh nothing thanks Mr Stewart, I was just looking for Sc...Hayley" she replied, backtracking. Alf shot her a confused look. "Well, why would she be here?" he laughed. Dani shrugged her shoulders. "I..I must be confused" and turned her back to leave. "Who was that?" Scott asked, popping his head above the boat, exposing it to the open air. Alf turned to look at him, "Eh...Oh that was young Dani Sutherland. Just looking for Hayley. Seemed a bit distated to me" he laughed. Scott turned his head in time to see her turn a corner. She turned and looked at him. Their gazes fixed upon one another for a moment, before turning back and continuing to walk away. why did you do that, you idiot she tought to herself. For ever moment she chickened out on telling him how she felt, he slipped further away.

"Hey Dan, where've you been?" Rhys asked, greeting his eldest daughter. "Oh nowhere Dad I just went to the juice bar to see Hayley" she replied. "Something smells nice, whats cooking?"

Rhys walked over to the pans. "Just some pie" Dani looked at him. "Whats going on?"

"Well actually we've got some guests coming over for dinner"

Dani raised her eyebrow. "Oh, who?" she asked, curiously.

"G'day all" a voice called from the door. Dani swung around to see...

"SCOTT!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" she had not banked on seeing him again, let alone in her own home. Rhys walked next to her. "Their our guests, your mum with you?" Rhys asked. Scott nodded. "Yes, she's coming now"

"This is delcious. You never told me you could cook, Rhys" Beth smiled, taking another mouthful of her pie. Rhys laughed. "It's one of my few talents". He smiled to himself. It was going so well, he and Beth were getting on like a house on fire. Unfortnetly, the same could not be said for Dani and Scott, who were desperately trying to avoid each others gaze. As the foursome finished their last few mouthfulls, Rhys and Beth picked up the plates and walke dover to the kitchen to wash them, leaving Scott and Dani alone at the table. The chemistry between them was undeniable. "So how are you enjoying living in the bay?" Dani asked, in a last ditch attempt to break the silence. "Yes, it's good" he replied. "Anyway, I'm going to have to get going, Ive got to get back to the boat" Scott said, getting off the sofa and exiting the front door. Dani sughed to herself. "Great" she muttered "Lost him again"

Meanwhile, out on the Wharf, Scott was sat staring into space. "Hey" a voice approached from behind. He turned around to come face to face with Dani. "Oh hi" he smiled. Dani walked over and sat down next to him. "You seemed in a hurry to leave before at dinner. Was everything OK?" Dani asked. Scott looked at her. "Yes, sorry I just needed some fresh air"

"So, have you seen him since?" Scott asked. It was an hour later and Dani was filling him in on her ordeal with Kane Phillips. Dani shook her head. "No, thank god, I hope I never see him again" Scott placed his arm innocently around her. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be telling you about me and Kane you don't want to hear that"

Scott shook his head "I don't mind. I'm here if you need to talk" and he got up. "I'm sorry I have to get back to work" Dani stood up. "Yes of course. I'll see you later" she went to kiss him on the cheek. Dani accidently turned her head, and their lips softly brushed. "Sorry I have to go" Dani said, getting up and walking away. "Dan!" Scott called. It was to late. She was gone.

What do you all think. shall I continue or not? Let me know what you think please thanks x x

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