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Tues 4 Apr 06 - " Tash "Kills" A Tree "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Tash "Kills" A Tree "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 4 Apr 06 - Episode # 4157)

Robbie, peter & jack enter the mayor’s office. Peter & jack ask Robbie exactly what happened. Robbie says that he, that night, confronted josh about Tash. Josh reaches for the gun on the desk and there was a struggle. Robbie got hold of the gun and fired ait at josh, who was towards the back of the room near the window. Robbie says that josh stumbled to where Amanda & the secretary found josh's body. Robbie then claims that he threw that gun into the water at the marina.

Back at the police station, jack tells Peter that divers are already searching the water at the marina. Also, jack is way sceptical about Robbie’s confession – despite peter insisting that they’ve got the confession that they need to wrap up this case.

At the beach house, Tash is stressing about Robbie. Beth & Tony arrive, to see how Tash & Robbie are coping with the news of their impending parenthood.

The phone rings – it’s the police.

At the station, Beth wants to speak to Robbie. Jack insists that she can’t at this stage, but after some muchly applied pressure form partic tony, jack caves and lets Beth talk to Robbie.

When Beth does speak to ribose, he maintains his story that he killed josh.

Tash arrives, and is also keen to speak to Robbie. Once more, jack is annoyed but lets her speak to Robbie.

Tash pleads with Robbie to reconsider, but Robbie insists that this is the best thing for all of their family (esp, the unborn child).

Tash exits the room, and as Robbie is lead away, Tash & Beth hug.

Martha visits Tash at the beach house – and Tash admits that truth about what happened.

Soon after, when they are both in Tasha’s bedroom, Martha tells Tash that she thinks that Robbie’s Plan s a good one (because of the bub).

Jack enters the holden house, and talks to Tony about the upcoming move. Martha then arrives, and jack wonders (from Maratha’s demeanour) if she’s hiding something form him. Martha insists that she is stressed because of what’s happened to her best friend Tash etc.

Late at night, at the beach house, Tash is in bed when she reaches over the bedside table. She picks up and looks at a pic of her & Robbie.

Next morn, a the police station. Peter is talking to someone (Zoe ???) on the phone saying that their plans have to be delayed because of this murder mystery.

Jack enters the office, and he insists that something isn’t right. He wants to speak to Robbie on more time.

When jack does, Robbie insists that he confessed because he realised that he wasn’t going to get away with the crime. Jack counters by saying that you thought TASH was going to get away with it. Robbie responds by saying something like “what if it was Martha that was pregnant and in this situation?”

At the beach house, Irene & Tash and the others are preparing for Robbie’s court hearing today, when Tash rushes out of the house.

Tash enters the police station, and insists that SHE killed josh.

She (in the interview room) gives peter & jack a full account of what happened that night, and Robbie backs her up when he says that he went back to the mayor’s office later that night to get the gun etc and get rid of it.

Mid interview they are interrupted. Peter & jack exit the room, and are handed the gun the divers found in the water of the marina. Peter & jack are intrigued.

They re-enter that interview room, and ask Tash if the gun they found is the weapon she used that night. When Tash says that it is, peter says that the bullet that was found in josh couldn’t have been fired for the gun Tash used that night.

Peter & jack take Robbie & Tash to the crime scene. They ask Tash what happened exactly. She says that her eyes were closed when she fired the weapon, and that when she opened her eyes seconds later, all she could see were josh’s legs sticking out for behind the desk) meaning the josh was, at that point, tween his desk and the window).

The police ask Robbie where he found josh where he went to the mayor's office. Robbie says that josh was DEF in front of the desk now (tween desk and the door of the office.

Lara enters the room. She tells peter & jack that they’ve found a bullet logged in a tree outside the office. Peter tells Tash that he thinks that the bullet in the tree is the one she fired (which went out the open window).

Robbie & Tash are pleased that they are off the hook, but peter & jack are concerned, as the killer is still out there.

Elsewhere in the bay, an unknown someone (we only see their gloved hands (think of the way the did various stalker scene last year). He person digs a hole of the ground with a shovel. The person puts the handgun (which I assume is the murder weapon) in the hole, before covering it up with the dislodged soil (end of ep)


Did Morag hire a hitman to kill Josh, whilst Leah in interested in a newcomer (played by Rodger Corser) to the bay

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