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Dani Returns

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A figure walked across the beach as she inhaled the fresh summerbay air.She had missed the beach,and coming here whenever she wanted to clear her mind,or just watching the calmfull sea.But that wasnt the only thing she missed,she hated to admit it,but she had suffered a great deal after her breakup with Scott. It was after moving to the city that she reaized that life without her one in a million boyfriend was unbearable.She had tried one to many times to move on,but she came to realize that is was just impossible.It was like she had a empty hole in her heart and her life wasnt complete.She had regretted choosing a stupid book over him,and wished she coud go back and change everything.But now she was here, she was going to do whatever it took to claim her boyfriend back........


"Thats £2.50 change and heres you cakes,have a nice day!" Alf said. Just then Scott came in with Beth.

"G'day!how's your day been?" asked a cheerful Alf.

"Not to bad,what about you Alf?" Scott said gloomily.

"Oh you now,same old same old"

Colleen came in ready to get some orders.

"oh hello,scott,beth. Whats the matter scott,why the long face?"

"Its nothing,im fine"

"it doesnt look like nothing, you should be happy,afterall your going to be a daddy soon" Colleen chuckled.

"er....well it just happens to be that im not going to be a dad afterall,the babys kim's"

"oh dear,must be terrible time for you then"

Just then Alf called from the kitchen.


"Coming alfred! i'll fix it,i've got brains in my fingers i tell you!!"

"Must be the reason why you haven't got a brain in your head!" Scott muttered under his breath.

"I didn't quite catch that Scott" Colleen asked


"We should be heading home now,matilda and henry are expecting some lunch" Beth said

They were just about to leave when they came face to face with Dani.

"Dani!" Scott gasped........

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"Erm......Scott. She hadn't quite expected to face him so early.

"Hi,long time no see" Scott said,he was dumbstruck. A awkward silence followed.What brought Dani back to the bay? it was ages since he last saw her,suddenly all the memories,good and bad,came flooding back to him.They said nothing for a while,simply just looking deeply into each others eyes.Thankfully,Beth broke the silence.

"Its lovely to see you love,would like to come home with us?ive got a cake in the oven,we've got alot of catching up to do" Dani refused,seeing as this was a bad time.She couldn't face talking to Scott right now,it was too early.

"Well,i'd love to.....but i've got alot of things to do,maybe another time" She said quickly.

"oh,ok then see you around" They both left the diner with a shocked expression on there faces. Now it was time to face Alf and the big gossip Colleen,oh well,atleast Colleen will save me from telling everyone im back in the bay.

"Strike me flamin' rome!! Dani!!!" Alf said loudly enough for the whole of Austrailia to hear,including Colleen.

Hearing this,she quickly came running.

"Speak of the devil!haven't you caused enough harm already?Scott wasn't himself for days after you left him!....."

"Colleen....." Alf protested,he knew this was coming.She ingnored him.

"You should be ashamed! and i guess you've hooked up with this Stafford guy! knowing you, going out with every men you meet,then leaving them heart broken...."

"COLLEEN! can you shut your big mouth!and get back to work,we've got customers waiting! Alf shouted.

She got back to work,giving Dani an angry glare,if looks could kill,she'll be dead by now.

"Just ignore her,you know how Colleens like" Alf said sympathatically.

"Nah,it's ok.I was expecting it soon anyway. But she wasn't thinking about Colleen,she was too busy daydreaming about Scott.

She knew she loved him.

And she still did.

She knew he once loved her.

But she wanted one question answered.

But did he STILL love her?

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chapter 3

Caravan park

Scott sat silently eating his cake, Beth looked at him worringly,she knew exactly what he was thinking about. One word:Dani. He hadn’t been talking ever since they had come back from the diner. Scott couldn’t understand why she was back...was it for him? he was so confused and couldn’t think straight. He didn’t want to admit it, but a part of him still cared about Dani and maybe even loved her,but the other part of him was still angry, and feeling betrayed towards her.It would be so much easier if he just hated her.


Dani took out her mobile, and called her mum from the city.

“hello? Shelly Sutherland speaking”

“Hi mum, its me” she said looking around, she didn’t want anyone to hear her conversation.

“Dani! Did you tell him?!...He has a right to know”

“mum! I can’t.......not now anyway I just came back. He already looked shocked enough just from seeing my face! I will, just later” she said, this was going to be a big shock for him.

“Ok ok...but promise me you’ll tell him soon” Shelly asked desperately.


Dani sat in the beach with her head between her hands. The truth was that after she left Scott, about a week later she found out she was pregnant. She was so shocked, she didn’t know what to do. But she soon found out that Scott was seeing Haley. She didn’t want to ruin their relationship so decided to keep quite. Katie meant the world to her, as soon as she came into the word, love filled her instantly. She knew it was wrong not telling Scott about their daughter, but she thought she was doing the right thing at the time. It was the persuading by shelly that brought Dani to the bay. At the moment Katie was staying with Shelly. She didn’t know how to tell him, but she knew she had to tell him soon.


Scott was about to go back to work when he heard a knock on the door. He groaned to himself, but when he saw who the person was he went pale.

“Dan.....im a bit busy now”

“Scott it’s important.....”


hehe more soon

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