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Return of the Ex

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"What do you think?" Connie asked as she paraded infront of Tasha. Tasha moved the magazine from infront of her eyes. "Connie you look amazing!" Connie twirled around. "Thanks. I hope Jack likes it"

"Of course he will" replied Tasha "How can he not". Connie smiled nervously.

Connie sat nervously on the sofa. The door rattled with a sharp knock. Taking a deep breath, she edged towards it and opened it. "Wow you look amazing!" Jack smiled kissing Connie on the cheek. He had decided against giving her a proper kiss on the lips, especially with it only being their second official date. "You ready to go?" Jack asked. Connie grabbed her bag and coat and nodded "You bet! Bye Tash!" she called. "See ya later" Tasha replied.

"That was amazing!" Connie replied, placing the fork down on the empty plate. She never knew it was possoble to enjoy lobster so much. Jack smiled at her. "Glad you liked it" He got up and took both of their empty plates into the kitchen. Jack's phone vibrated against the pine wooden table as he recieved a text message. Going against her better judgement, Connie picked up the phone and read it. Shock buzzing through her body.

Hi Jack its Martha. Im at The Diner. I've decided I want to give it another go, but first we need to talk. Meet me here at nine oclock. Love Mac xx x

Connie placed the phone back on the table. She decided not to tell Jack about the message. "Did I hear my phone?" Jack asked, approaching Connie with two glasses of red wine. Connie shook her head. "No, It was er... mine. Just my mum, wants to ask if I'll babysit tomorrow night" she replied, praying she was being convincing enough. Jack smiled "OK".

Connie took a sip of her wine. Looking seductively at Jack, she placed both of their glasses on the table, and began kissing him passionately. Jack kissed her back for a few seconds before pulling awa. "What's wrong?" Connie asked, confused. surely he wasnt knocking her back?

"Nothing, I just think it's too soon" he replied sitting up and buttoning up his shirt. Connie sat up. "I should get going, like you said, it's too soon" and with that she got off the couch and left.

The following day....

Jack had woken early that morning and had gone for a morning jog. It wasn't something he usually did but today he needed some time to clear his head. As he ran along the beach, he spotted her. The familiar person he had prayed would come back to him for so long. Surely he was dreaming. He blinked again. It was definetly her. Taking a deep breath, he slowly walked over to her........

please let me know what you think and whether you want me to continue. Thanks x x x

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awww thanks guys glad you like it. Here's the next part:

"So how come you're back?" Jack asked. It was half an hour later and they were sat in The Diner, drinking coffee. "I thought you and Corey decided to make a fresh start." Martha shrugged. "It just...didnt work out"

Jack looked into her eyes. "What really happened?" Martha broke down into tears. "He cheated on me, and then he said that he only used me to make you jelous" she cried hysterically. Jack walked round to her side of the table and wrapped his arms around her. "You were right Jack. I should have listened to you. Im so so sorry". Jack brushed her hair away from her face. She leant in to kiss him. Just for a second, he kissed her back, before pulling away. "What's wrong?" Martha asked.

"Nothing its just... Look I should have told you this earlier, but I sort of have a girlfriend"

"Sort of?" Martha enquired. Jack took a deep breath. "I kind of just broke up with her"

"Oh so that explains why you didnt come last night" Martha said, dissappointed. Jack looked at her, bemused. "I didn't know you were here last night"

"Well I did text to tell you, I asked you to meet me here but I guess you must have been with your girlfriend, or ex...whoever she is to you now"

"What? I didnt get your text, and I had my phone with me all night except for when....No, she wouldn't" he said, rushing out of the door. Martha called after him. "Jack?" she grabbed her coat and followed him.

"Tell me you didn't read the text!" Jack shouted, as he reached the house that Connie remained in. "Oh come in why don't you" Connie said sarcastically. "Connie, did you read the text or not?"

Martha ran in, breathless. "Jack what was that about?" she cried. Connie looked Martha up and down. "Is this her? Is this the tramp you call your ex girlfriend?" Martha lunged at her. Jack pounced between them."Connie, I asked you a question". Connie stared into his eyes. "Yes OK Yes I did read it". Jack shook his head. "How could you, I trusted you, I thought we might have had a future together" He stormed out of the house. Martha and Connie ran after him. "Jack Im sorry. I just thought if you saw her again, you might fall in love with her again and that would have been the end for you and me" Connie cried. Jack looked at her. "Well, it looks like that's what's happening anyway", he turned to face Martha. "I never stopped loving you. I spent every day thinking about you, thinking of the future we could of had. But you hurt me. How do I know you won't do it again?"

Martha interlocked hr fingers with his. "Because this time it's for real. No more games. Just us" she smiled. "I love you Jack and I know, if you give me the chance, you might fall in love with me again"

Jack shook his head. "Thats impossible, I can't fall in love with you again because I never stoppped loving you" Martha moved closer to him. Their lips brushed gently. Connie slowly walked off, crying to herself. Meanwhile, Jack placed him arm around Martha "Come on" he smiled. "Lets go home"

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Awww that was so sweet and Romantic!! Very well written too! :D

Can I just say one thing, the title keeps making me laugh as it reminds me of something like a star wars film.. "Return of the Ex. Coming to a cinemas near you" lol

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