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Thurs 30 Mar 06 - " That’s Life "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " That’s Life "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 30 Mar 06 - Episode # 4154)

At the beach house, ric is having a go at bell for putting THAT magazine in Amanda’s rubbish. Belle said that she did so because Amanda was the prime suspect at the time. They stop the convo when kimmy enters the room. Kimmy wonders why they stooped talking, but belle & ric insists that all is fane.

At Leah’s place, Leah is telling Rachel that she doesn't want leah/dan to be one of those ex-couples who hated each other. Leah then remembers that Rachel’s life is way worse that hers - as she is still suspended etc. this leads to Rachel beamingly talking about Kimmy.

Martha is surprised when ric is cleaning the van park house. He says that there was nothing better to do.

Jack enters, and ric wonders about the case. Jack says that things are progressing, but then ric bails to leave jack/Martha alone. When he leaves the room, ric overeasr Martha telling jack that ric is beahaving noramally, bu Martha thimnks that's becasue of the break up with Cassie.

At Leah’s place, Rachel raves some more about kimmy, and that she doesn’t care bout age difference, as she & kimmy have been through so much already together.

Kimmy then arrive, and Leah bails to leave them in peace. Kimmy & Rachel then enjoy a candlelit dinner in the lounge.

Martha, morag, ric & jack are having diner at the van park house when jack gets a phone call. He says that he has to go to the police station. Ric is concerned.

Jack arrives at the station and his superior tells him that forensics have told them that they've found some fingerprints on the magazine. .... and those prints are MARTHA's. Jack insists that he can be professional about all this .... and that he wants to be there when Martha is informed.

Jack & the other office arrive at the van park house. Ric is stressing, but he, and the others, are surprised, that the police want Martha to come to the station for questioning.

At the police station, Morag insists in being in the interview room when Martha is questioned. During the interview, Martha admits to saying that she’s like josh dead but she never meant it. Martha says that the "that's life" magazine in question is hers, but that doesn't mean that she created the threat note.

When they all exit, ric is feeling V guilty, and he tells that police that Martha didn't create note, because he (ric) did.

At Leah’s place, Rachel tells kimmy that she not ready to let their relationship be public knowledge as yet. Leah & VJ return form their night out whilst kimmy/Rachel are kissing - but Leah quickly exit the room to leave kimmy & Rachel alone.

Before kimmy bails, he tells Rachel that he's home alone tomorrow. Leah looks on with envy at the loving couple.

At the diner, kimmy enters, and speak to Hyde, who is pleased when kimmy says that he's got a new g/f (but kimmy won’t say know it is). Kimmy however speaks as though he's over with Rachel.

At the police station, ric tells the police that he thought the police would think the creator of the threat note is the killer, and that he panicked and put the magazine in Amanda’s trash. As he says this, Morag looks V unimpressed.

At Leah’s place, with Rachel has fallen asleep in front of the TV. Leah enters the room, as she can’t sleep. Leah admits that she can't kimmy/Rachel at the moment (because of her own tragic love life),

Next morn at the beach house, kimmy convinces belle to bail form the house, esp. when he sees with Rachel at the back window. When belle is gone, kimmy tells with Rachel the story that he spun to Hyde about a new g/f.

At the beach, ric talks to belle about the magazine fiasco. Belle then mushily thanks ric for all that he's done for her ... and they hug.

At the beach house, Hyde arrives, and is surprised that kimmy is dressed only in a towel. He’s even more surprised to see with Rachel is a similar state of (un) dress. (end of ep)


Who confesses to Josh's murder ???

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