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Wed 29 Mar 06 - " Amanda Gets LOST "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Amanda Gets LOST "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 29 Mar 06 - Episode # 4153)

Dan is talking to peter in the main area of the police station, when Amanda is lead into the room. She rushes over to Dan and pleads that she didn’t do this.

In the kitchen of the diner, Irene is rabbiting on about how Robbie doesn’t need this (accused of murder) stress at present. Irene that realises that Leah isn’t really listening to a word that she says.

Leah then indirectly asks what she should do about the time she saw Dan threatening josh.

They go into the main part of the diner, where Dan emitters and says that Amanda has been charged. Tilly sys that she KNEW Amanda did it, whilst Dan akas Leah to take care of Ryan today (as he wants to speak to Amanda). Irene of course hopes that this means Robbie is off the hook.

Ric & belle are on the back patio of the van park house. Belle is complaining about how Cassie came over the beach house to accuse her, but belle goes all quiet when Ric says that he and Cassie are now over.

In the kitchen of the diner, Irene tells Leah that she is pleased its’ not Robbie who did this (kill josh), but Leah notes that Irene isn’t jumping for joy (this is of course because of the Tasha’s pregnancy).

In the main part of the eatery, Luke & tilly try to connivance cassie that she & Ric have worked things out before etc, but cassie insist that she & Ric has been drifting part ever since Flynn’s death/ cassie is worried, because when she’s needed Ric the most, he’s not been there for her.

Ric & belle are talking in the kitchen of then van park house when Cassie, Luke & Tilly enter. Cassie immediately attacks, which leads to a catfight tween Cassie & belle. Luke & Ric break it up … and belle is surprised when Ric “suggest” that she should go.

At the police station, Amanda pleads with Dan that she did not kill josh. She even swears on Ryan’s life that she didn't commit this crime.

Soon after, Dan talks to Peter in the detective’s office. He tells peter that Amanda wouldn’t have done the swearing thing if she didn’t mean if … as she was offended in the past when she did that/ peter insists that he can’t just ignore the evidence because of Dan’s theory.

As they are talking and uniformed male cop enters the room. He tells (and shows) peter that Amanda’s story (out of town) has been confirmed. She ran a red light (and had pic of car taken) and the pic was taken when Amanda was at least 90 minuets away from the bay at the time of the murder.

In the main area of the station, Amanda is set free, but peter is still concerned about THAT magazine found in her garbage. Amanda sys that she was DEF set up.

At the beach, till & Cassie are walking & talking when they encounter belle, who tries to crate more trouble, before she walks way.

Elsewhere on the beach, Ric & Luke are talking. Ric admits that he & Cassie have been drifting apart ever since Flynn died.

Amanda & Dan enter her flat, and with words (not flashbacks), Amanda tells Dan what ACTAULLY happened in America. Amanda says that her career was going badly, and she lost heaps of money when she invested in a big budget film which WAY flopped.

Amanda continues by saying the she decided to set fire to the kitchen of her apartment – she then looks at her current burnt out kitchen and thinks it s karma.

Amanda tells Dan that an Aussie guy that she kind of knew (josh) found out about her insurance scam, and started blackmailing her …. Which lead to her coming to the bay and all the nonsense that’s happened since.

At the diner, Irene is talking t9 peter. Se is concerned when she hears that Amanda is no longer a suspect. Peter is concerned when Leah says that she doesn’t know anything (in a tone of voice that suggests she does).

Peter follows her into the kitchen, and she tells him about Dan’s clash with josh at the gym.

There’s a knock on the door at Amanda’s flat/ Dan answers, and its peter, who wanted to speak to Dan (and not Amanda like Dan presumed).

At the police station, Peter questions Dan about THAT gym clash. Dan can’t believe that peter would think he did this, and he wonders who told Peter about the incident.

Outside the diner, Dan confronts Leah about what she told peter. He is most annoyed that he could even think the he killed josh.

On the beach, Ric & Cassie have a V uneasy post break up chat, although that both agree that they can still both live under the one roof. As Cassie walks away, you can see that she’ll being crying any moment now.

At Amanda’s flat, Dan is still annoyed by Leah’s accusations/. Amanda calms him, by saying that Dan thought the same of her.

Dan wonders what Amanda will do now – with her job over etc. Amanda isn’t sure, but thinks she night stay bayside. Dan insist that she won’t be alone in this town, whilst Amanda knows that Ryan will be pleased if they stick around.

Amanda & Dan then have a moment. Indeed, Dan decides to bail rather than (I’m thinking) kissing Amanda. When he bails, Amanda looks happy – as she gets the feeling that her & Dan are REALL close again.

At the diner, peter tells Leah that if they find out who sent the threatening note, he thinks they’ll have the killer. Ric overhears this …. And we see a flashback of him creating the note. (end of ep)


Kimmy & Rachel get all romantic, and THAT fingerprint is actually MARTHA’s

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