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Critics View - Week 12

Guest Andy

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The Age

30 March 2006

Home & Away, Channel Seven, 7pm

It's gonna be a big week on Home & Away.

The dreaded Project 56 has the cast of Summer Bay protesting and yelling abuse at the lovely Amanda (Holly Brisley, still the whitest woman on Australian television).

She's trying to explain that building a bridge and a freeway will bring tourists and money to the small coastal town with the best dental plan in the world but they're not having a bar of it.

Then the arrogant developer who's been pushing the project turns up dead. Suddenly, and in true Agatha Christie fashion, everybody's a suspect.

Not only did everybody hate the deceased, all the alibis are as weak as a bottle of flavoured water.

Home & Away has always maintained a stylistic edge, daring to use techniques rarely seen in soaps.

During the police interrogations, for instance, the quality of editing equals what you would usually see in one of the better cop shows.

It's a notable demonstration of the show's willingness to blend genre devices with the soap staples of thin girls, chiseled guys and unplanned pregnancies.

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