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Watched...For Nineteen Years

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Mistake 2, part a.

“Oh my goodness” Beth hunter exclaimed in shock in the living room of the country house five minutes out of town from Summer bay she lived in with her husband Jack and their six children, the oldest Scott, then came Kit, Robbie and triplets Henry, Matilda and Ellie. “How did it happen?” she asked, her voice was a dead give away of how terrified she was, but they didn't explain, they just said “Were not sure yet, I think you should come in and see for yourself Mrs Hunter”.

“Oh, ok” she agreed, still unsure of what layed ahead, hanging up the phone. She was still in shock, her eyes were watery, worried for the safety of her three youngest children, they were only four, still with innocence, and a sense of no fear. Anything could happen to them.

“Mum, mum look at this” six year old Robbie said running through the house wit mud in his feet and hands with a frog captured in the palms of his hands, leaving the back door open.

“Not now, we have to go” Beth said as calmly as possible to him, looking at the muddy foot prints on the wooden floors, trying not to make him upset or worried. “Where's Scott and Kit?”

“Well Kit's out trying to catch one of the sheep cause Scott told her that if she caught one then she'd it would undo the bad luck for the next seven years she got when she broke a mirror yesterday, I don't know where Scott is though, he's probably watching Kit from behind the shed, laughing himself to death”.

“Arrr, sometimes I wonder how that boy comes up with his crazy idea's at the worst times” Beth said frustratingly, “Now look at all this mess”.

“I'm sorry mum”. The frog in his hands croaks and jumps out of Robbie's hands leaving the house through the open door leaving an extra set of muddy foot prints on the floor.

“Look never mind go and wash that mud off you and I'll find Kit and Scott” she instructed going out the back door.

“Kit, Scott” Beth yelled out.

“Ah got it!” Kit said excitedly when she finally caught the sheep she'd been chasing.

“Kit” Beth yelled again.

“Yeah Mum” she called back.

“We need to go, where's Scott?”

“I don't know”.

“I'm here” Scott yelled coming out from the shed.

“Were you watching me the whole time?” Kit asked sounding annoyed.

“Yeah” Scott laughed, “I can't believe you were stupid enough to believe me”.

“Hey that's not fair” Kit screamed.

“You tow we don't have time for this, we need to go, now” Beth told them.

“Were are we going Mum?” Scott asked.

“I'll explain on the way, we really need to go”.

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated this in ages, I'm just trying to get back into the story so this is only as short chapter.

Part b.

“Daddy, daddy wake up” four year old Matilda Hunter cried shaking her father's harm where he lay unconscious in a hospital bed in a room with her twin brother Henry and twin sister Ellie both in their hospital beds too.

The door opened and a nurse came in surprised to see the young girl awake and out of bed, “Matilda, what are you doing out of bed, you need to rest, you've been in an accident”.

“I don't want to go to bed, I want my dad and my brother and sister back” she sobbed.

“Their just sleeping sweet heart, like you should be too. Your mum will be here soon” the nurse explained, picking Maddie up and putting her back in the hospital bed that sat in between Henry and Ellie's. She pulled the covers over her to keep her warm, you could tell just by looking at her eye's that she knew something was really wrong.

“Sweetie” Beth exclaimed as she came through the door of the room.

“Mummy” Maddie screamed running to her mum and wrapping her arms around her legs.

“What's going on?” Beth asked the nurse.

“They were all found unconscious in a burning shed down at the pony club” the nurse told her.

“Are they going to be ok?”

“Um, I think you should come with me for a minute and leave Matilda to get some rest” she said stepping out the door. “Beth, your husband is in a very critical condition” she started.

“What do you mean?”

“It seems that something has triggered his cardiovascular system, he hasn't been breathing by himself since before he was found”.

“But he's still alive isn't he?” Beth asked nervously.

“At the moment yes, but were not sure he's going to make it”.

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