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Tues 28 Mar 06 - " Amanda Puts Her Foot In It "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Amanda Puts Her Foot In It "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 28 Mar 06 - Episode # 4152)

AT the beach, near the dinner, Ric emerges from the water. He encounters Belle. Ric is annoyed that Cassie thinks that he may be the one who kill josh, but from the way Ric is acting, even belle suspects that something’s is not quite right. She evens asks Ric what he has done.

At the police station, pater tells Jack that he thinks it’s an out of character experience for the person who killed josh (if peter is rights about his theory that they’ve already interviewed the killer.

As peter & jack are talking, Lara answers the phone, and tells peter that its forensics on the line …..They have a match for the partial (finger) print.

Amanda is called in for questioning. She vehemently denies killing josh … and she thinks there’s a V real possibility that the print isn’t even hers.

At the van park house, Cassie tries to apologise to Ric *for accusing him of josh murder), but Ric isn’t interested in what Cassie has to say. Ric then bails … saying that he is going to the gym, but moments after he leaves the house, Cassie sees his running shoes.

Cassie then follows Ric to the beach, where she sees him giving Belle soothing that she puts in her bag. Belle says, “I’ll take care of it”.

At the police station, Amanda is still in the interview room. Peter enters and says that she can go, but he insist that they will have to still search her apartment (to really prove the she’s not responsible).

Ric returns to the van park house and Cassie confronts him. This leads to a pretty fierce verbal duel, before Ric decides to bail once more.

Cassie goes to the beach house and confronts belle, cassie “suggests” that Belle should stay away form Ric …. And she wonders about the contents of THAT bag, ie Cassie says that she knows that it’s not food that Ric gave t belle this time.

A V fast driving Amanda arrives at her apartment block (and I think this is the 1-st time we’ve ever seen its exterior). Moments later, Jack & Lara pull up in the unmarked car outside the apartment building.

They contact Peter to inform him of this. Back at the police station, peter is handed the warrant that he needs to search Amanda’s place.

Soon after, peter arrives, and he uses “special” means to unlock the door of Amanda’s apartment. Peter, Lara & jack sees many packing boxes in the lounge room but no sign of Amanda, who at the moment, charges away form the apartment block in her car. As she does so, Amanda is on the phone, wanting some money to be transferred into her account by the time that reaches her overseas destination.

Peter & Co realise that Amanda has got away form them, but when Lara finds a garbage bag, they find (inside it) a high hell shoe with blood of the heel and a magazine with letter cut out of it (think the “you are dead” note.)

At the van park house, Cassie enters whilst Ric is on the phone (to Belle no doubt). Cassie insists that she believes him that he didn’t have anything to do with killing josh, ut Ric think that there are too many trust issue in their relationship, and he mention that this is the reverse of when (6 moths ago) he flowed cassie when she was secretly meeting with her sexual abuse support person. Ric thinks that all is lost tween them, and Cassie is shocked when Ric thinks that they are over.

Outside the diner, Dan gets a shock when his parents ring. It’s something to do with Amanda & Ryan.

At the place station, peter & the other are investigation Amanda’s whereabouts. Dan enters and tells Peter that Amanda snatched Ryan form the back yard of their parent’s place.

Lara then informs peter & jack that Amanda has chartered a plane at Wollombi airfield.

Meanwhile, Amanda is driving to that country airfield. Ryan isn’t keen on going on holidays without Dan as well.

Amanda & Ryan arrive at the airfield, and the pilot of the chartered small plane starts up the engine as soon as they arrive. Amanda & Ryan are walking for her car t the plane when 2 unknown police arrive. they arrest … and handcuff Amanda. As they lead her to their car, he sees Amanda looking longingly at the open door of the small plane (so near and yet so far she’s thinking).

At the police station, peter questions Amanda and confronts her about the evidence. Amanda admits (*and we see an accompanying flashback) that she entered josh’s office late THAT night, but he was already dead. She only realises that there was blood on her show when she got home. Amanda also claims that someone put that magazine in his garbage in a bid to frame her.

Peter however isn’t convinced …. He charges her with josh’s death … and she is handcuffed again (end of ep)


Can Amanda prove that she’s innocent ???

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