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Death Threat

Guest Billy

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Episode one: Who killed who?:

A killing of a resident in summer bay means that everyone is a suspect of being a murderer but who did it?

Episode two: Developments:

A new development of the murder of the resident could lead to the end of another resident but who?

Episode three: On the loose:

Peter anbd Claire realise there is a seriel killer on the loose in summer bay and the murderer plans another murder on a summer bay resident but who?

Episode four: Escape:

Sally is next in line to be killed by the summer bay seriel killer but she plans a deadly escape from the killer.

Episode five: Hit and run:

With the killer getting seriously worried about the police he or she runs over and much loved summer bay resident but will they surrvive?

Next time: While summer bay are at a big event the killer thinks it is a perfect time to strike.

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Here is the first episode hope you enjoy next episode will be up on monday or teusday

Episode one: Who killed who? :

It was a murder that would never be forgotten as Amanda Vale was lying dead on the floor with a massive hole in her head but who would do such a thing. Beth came round to go over the last details about her fathers will when she found the summer bay bitch dead on the floor. It was unbelievable.

As the body was being examined the killer left a careless clue behind there wallet. Peter carefully opens it and finds a piece of paper in it saying a list of names this list of names are:

Amanda Vale

Dan Baker

Sally Saunders

Ric Dalby

Belle Taylor

Kim Hyde

Then the paper is ripped so Peter can not see the other list of names on the piece of paper. Then Amanda’s lifeless body is dragged away leaving Peter to find out who the killer is.

Peter and the other policeman have to do interviewing at the surf club because the police station will be too full because they need to question a number of people. First of all Peter questions the number one suspect Beth Hunter. Even though she found the body she still could have murdered Amanda. Beth tells Peter that she was at her house when the murder took place then Peter says can anyone confirm that. Beth says to Peter in a hesitated voice, no I was on my own. Peter then says she can go for now. Beth walks off and Peter puts her down for her number one suspect.

Peter then gets the people together that were on the killers list and told them the news. They were all frightened because they thought that the killer might kill them. Peter says they are going to catch the mad man or women whatever it takes. That reassures them a little bit. They still have to be interviewed by the police about Amanda Vale which they are happy to do. Peter then looks at the list and sees if there is any connection between these people.

At an unknown place in summer bay the unknown killer walks in and looks at a wall which has pictures of summer bay residents on it and the killer crosses out Amanda then puts a dot on Dan. Could Dan be the next victim of the summer bay killer?

Next time: Promo:

He has got so close to finding out who the killer is but as he is trying to find out who the killer is his brother is dealing with him or her.

Dan: Hello do you want to………………….(silence)

Next time on home and away………

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Because i finished writting another episode i decide to put it on the board. Next episode will be up soon.

Episode two: Developments:

Peter has been up all night reading over and over case notes about Amanda’s death then an alarm goes off to wake Peter up. He then goes to the front desk and says is there any mail for me. The constable then says there was a package that came for you and Peter takes it into his office. What can it be?

In the diner Colleen, Leah and Irene are gossiping about the killer and there suspicions on whom the killer could be. Colleen says there are people who have got tempers in this town and some that would want to kill Amanda but I think Beth would be the killer. Leah and Irene sigh at her because Leah and Irene do not think the killer is Beth. As Colleen is speaking about Beth she walks in and Colleen only just realises that she has walked in. Beth then stands up for herself and says that she wished she killed Amanda a lot of people would but I did not kill Amanda Vale. Beth then storms out and Colleen mutters to her self im only saying.

Peter is in his office and opens the package. He is shocked to find a briefcase saying top secret on the front of the briefcase. Peter then opens the briefcase and is shocked to find a letter and a knife in the briefcase. Peter then reads the letter out loud it says this:

Dear Detective Baker,

You will never be able to solve this mystery because you are so stupid. I am the one who killed Amanda and do you know why? To make people aware of what I could do make them fear me and now my plan is really going to work. I want revenge on summer bay and I do not care how I get it I just want it anyway about the knife it is a clue to the next murder but I will give you a clue “Leah does not love you it is Dan she loves you wish you could get revenge on your brother well guess what I am first.”


The Killer

Peter then rushes to Dan’s house before it is too late.

Dan is washing up when there is a knock at the door. Dan then dries his hands and goes to the door. Dan then opens the door and says hello do you want to. Then it happened Dan covered in blood on the doorstep and the killer walking away.

Beth and Tony are walking down the road with Matilda and Lucas when they all hear a chilling scream coming over from Leah and Dan’s house. They rush over there and seeing Dan lying on the floor bleeding to death and Leah screaming. Rachel is also trying to control the bleeding then he sadly dies. Leah screams. Peter rushes in and says I’m too late. Leah says you knew that he was going to get killed. Leah then attacks Peter and she has to be dragged off by Tony and Lucas. The killer has got his revenge but has he or she got more planned?

Next time: Promo:

As a favourite return’s there’s another package and with another mystery and clue and as the bay grieve for Dan’s death could another one be planned by the killer?

Peter: If we don’t stop this now, we got a major serial killer on our hands.

Next time on home and away………

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