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The Return of Eve Jacobson

Guest Stuart2006

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I have used thoughts out of a Zoe's back forum for starting ideas

Please Enjoy.

Episode one

The discovery

When Peter got a phone call from a suspected dead Zoe she said quietly"Are you ready to comfront the bay?". Peter said back"i will gather them in two minutes" Zoe cut the phone off. Peter pressed the fire alarm on the surf club and everybody rushed out of the club. Peter said i have a important message for you all. All of the members of the bay kept quiet exept Colleen who was incharge of the club buted in and demanded to know what was going on.

Meanwhile in the surf club there standing was Eve with her hooded jacket puting timing bombs under table S and L then quickly run out of the club.

Peter then said"I forgot what i was going to say" and the members of the bay went inside. Inside Alf found two bombs and cut them off.

Eve and Pete met up at a cliff and they waited for the surf club to explode but it never so Eve gave up on the surf club.


Flynn woke up and went for a cup off tea when he heard a welder outside so flynn un-locked the door and to his surprise there was a message on a piece of paper saying GO TO THE FRONT DOOR so Flynn did and seen Eve welding a stick of metel and after Eve shuts the door there is a scream AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Next time

Is flynn dead?

Amanda has a fight with Eve.

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Warning:This may be sad and could get scary when flynn dies so i will put a * at the start of flynns death and one of these at the end of his death*

Note from the fun patrol:Please enjoy the story i have worked hard on it.

Episode 2

*Sally woke up early in the morning to see blood everywhere she shouted Flynn dear are you here?

There was silence. Sally looked out of the door and seen eve stabbed and flynn punched in the face. Sally said Flynn have you done this and flynn said yes it was self-defence. well you better get her to hospital said sally so flynn took her to hospital and a new nurse called Emma Tipton helped her. Flynn called peter and said we found Eve and peter said i will be there ASAP. Soon after peter came running in and said Flynn have you done this and flynn noded. Peter threw a punch and hurt flynn then pete got the metal stick and knocked flynn dead instintly*

As Rachel took flynn to her office and she came out and said he died from his cancer then peter made it harder to get him to come alive when he hit him across the head with the metal stick. Just as Peter thought he would get away the police came and the believers came and surrounded him he was arrested for murder and put in jail.

Amanda has a fight with eve

There is a serial killer in the bay.

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Episode 2 Remake

Early on Saturday morning Sally woke up to see blood everywhere. She shouted Where are you Flynn? There was no answer. Sally opened the door and seen Eve stabbed with a metal stick and flynn bleeding because Eve Punched him. Did you do this to Eve said Sally. Yes said flynn quietly. We better get her to hospital Said Sally in a panic. In the car when the three people were going to hospital Sally said Why did you do this? Flynn said I had no choice it was self-defence. When the reached the hospital a new nurse called Emma Tipton took control over Eve. Flynn got checked out aswel and he was ok but eve was still un-consious. Emma Said Eve should be ok for time being. Flynn was happy. He called Peter and told him that Eve was at NDH. Peter was there ASAP. Once Peter visited Eve he said did you do this? Flynn noded. Peter Threw a punch at him then got the metal stick that flynn stabbed eve with and knocked him on the head with it and killed flynn instantly.

As Rachel brought Flynn out of her office she said that the cancer was just about to kill him when Peter punched him which pushed Flynn the extra little bit then when Peter knocked him on the head it killed him instantly.

Just as Peter thought he would get away Sarah Lewis,The believers,Ken harper,jack and corey who was in jail gathered around him and sarah said going somewhere Peter? Corey gave him a cup of tea with poisen in it. Peter splatered it around corey.


The peter bit will be finished in Episode 3.

Amanda went in to see Eve and Eve came awake and started arguing with her.

Next Time

Why is the people of the bay surrounded Peter.

There is a carival in town but is not fun

And A ghost town off flynn apears.

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Sorry for it being so long.

Sarah approached peter and said you will pay for what you just done. Peter rubbed his eyes and everybody was away exept corey who is trying to poisen peter. He said Do you want a cup of tea peter noded. Just as corey took a drink of his juice he seen irene with a gun and all the jury from his dad's case with weapons aswell as his dad. He was shocked :o. He wasrubbed his eyes and everybody gone. When Peter went into the Surf club he was aarrested for murder of Flynn Saunders nd then he got taken to jail. When alf got back from jail he seen a poster saying THE SCARYEST CARNIVAL IS IN SUMMER BAY. The time for it was 5.30AM and it was 5AM then. I will go and then coleen said she would go the leah aggreeed then Amanda and Ryan.

They went to the place where it was and arrived. The gates locked and the rides begun. The big flipper trains collided and an explosion blew that ride up. Everybody was terrified. The people went on the ghost train and in surprise there was Flynn. He held everybody at gunpoint and said if you move i will kill you.Ryan a match and threw it at Flynn then the face fell of and it was Eve. If i were you Ryan i would watch out she said. Ryan looked scared but he wasen't. Amanda said Son are you ok and ryan replyed saying yes. Ryan said i'm going to the toilet and walked away. He went through a door and seen Eve he said Are you ok eve Yes she replyed saying. Now here is a instruction sheet do what it tells you to do. Now ryan you will need some matchs to start the disaster. OK he replyed saying. Now the members think your good because your 8 year old but you arent your a bad person said Eve. Ryan smiled. He went back with the group of people. Ryan seen gun powder so he lit it and it exploded. Ryan also un-screwed a ride and somebody seen him doing it but kept quiet. She followed him around but when she seen him with a lighter she was a little bit angry with him. He found a pile of ash and ciggarette ends so he looked through the pile until he found £1000 and then lit the pile with his lighter. In his bag there was a gun so he took it out and held the gang of people at gun point. He then shot Colleen because she was yapping to much. He let everybody away then. He went and seen Eve who was happy with him. He then said to Eve Where did you get the ash and everything from? Well the ash just burn things. Th ciggarette ends from smoking them and guns and everything else from shops. He said so Eve you are a smoker? Yes she replyed in her soft voice. The two people talked until Eve said Do you want a ciggarette He said I'm only 8 Ryan said. ok said eve. Eve lit one and then she killed him. She said I never liked you . You just done my work thats all. Eve ran away. All the gang that went to the carnival went into a room and found Ryan dead. The people never cared because he tried killing them.

When the people got home Colleen who was supposed to be dead was working at the surf club.

Meanwhile Sally went into a new shop in the bay But she found nothing. She went outside and seen a world of Flynn. She was scared.

Next time

It is time for project 56 and project 002 to be revealed.

A big Fire gets the bay but before that a sea trip goes totally wrong

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